As I Was Saying Before I Was Interrupted …

I received this email from Twitter today.Twitter201507061813ZPreparationH96ctThe Gentle Reader may remember how The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin and his buddies made much of the suspension of that account. It now appears that Twitter has come to the same conclusion as the Circuit Court for Montgomery County and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office concerning the truth of Kimberlin’s claims of harassment.

I’m sure this will come as a disappointment to TDPK and his fans. I can offer this deal from Amazon to help soothe their pain.

22 thoughts on “As I Was Saying Before I Was Interrupted …

    • Twitter will start to “put thing right” when it seeks a restraining order against Bill Schmalfeldt from using its service. That would be a tentative first step.

  1. Wow that is awesome tell how did you do it I have half a dozen people,targets men me for harssment and Twitter ignore links show two years worth cyber abuse. I’m not onTwitter so they are harassing an innocent @tradwifey

  2. Lol this one is really bizarre as there are no judges orders NB1 followers are dumber than a box of rocks she is now claiming I was forced to take down my blogs. Does anyone ever check or do they take her lies at face value?

  3. Congrats, John! Another one in the win column, and big bag of Richards for Team Kimbergarten. (Blob, don’t eat them all yourself.)

  4. The outcome of the “detailed re-review,” in addition to the long-overdue restoration of our Gentle Host’s account, should include negative repercussions for the users whose malicious false reports led to the suspension in the first place. At minimum, I would hope it would include protection from any future such harassment campaigns.

    • Oh look, the down twilnkle fairy appears. TK is full of such thin skinned assholes.

      • To me any vexatious complaints or motions from the diddler or Jabba the Hut may be something to ridicule, but it is never something to celebrate.

        There is too time wasted responding to their garbage that it is a down arrow upon receipt.

  5. Justice delayed may not be justice denied, but it can be justice diminished. Nevertheless, congratulations Mr. Hoge.

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