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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is scurrying about trying to put together a case against Patterico to keep the remnant of the RICO Madness LOLsuit alive. He’s asked the court to issue these subpoenas.

I may have more to say about this in a day or two.

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    • Gaaa! Kimberlin has finally found out that Mr. Hoge, in addition to being a quantum mechanic and a rocket scientist, is the “Super-Secret Director of Nefarious Activity” for both the LA County DA’s office and the LA County Sheriff’s department. All is lost.

    • Why would he subpoena Hoge? I think the answer to that is perfectly clear: because he can. He’s been trying to get Hoge for a while, and probably thinks he can use the discovery process to do so.

      Does Hoge have information relevant to TDPK’s claim? Probably not. But it’s at least one of the subpoena’s I see that isn’t flawed on its face.

  1. Reminds me of the subpoenas he filed in the Virginia case. Then, Brett Kimberlin asked for any information concerning Aaron Walker’s SWAT-ting. That resulted in a Motion to Quash that, if my recollection is correct, pointed out that police investigations into ongoing investigations are privileged. Here we are three years later and Brett Kimberlin is asking for the same information for another SWAT-ting.

    • I’m guessing that finding out information about police procedure when they investigate swattings might be useful for future reference. Just guessing.

  2. Hmm… on Our Host’s subpoena, it’s for “related to Patrick Frey and his swatting incident.”

    On the LA County Sheriffs Department, it’s “regarding the alleged ‘swatting’ incident.”

    On the LA DA’s office, it’s “an alleged swatting of him.”

    In the first, it’s an established fact.

    In the second, it’s alleged and has quotes around it.

    In the third, it’s alleged and no quotes.

    A sensible person would pick one usage and stick to it.

    And yes, it certainly looks like JTMP is an active participant in this matter… Brett is, once again, using his “non-profit” to carry out his lawfare. That makes things even more interesting.

    (If this is too close to “educating the troll,” feel free to edit or delete this. Just leave this disclaimer so it’s clear that I didn’t mind to having my comment redacted.)

    • Personally, Joe Nobody, I think it would be hilarious if the only paragraph Mr. Hoge redacted was your last disclaimer 😀 This is probably why I’ll never get to moderate comments on anyone’s blog…

  3. Brett is determined to walk right into court and fuck himself. I’d like to think this will end up with him going down in flames, but….Maryland.

  4. Is one simply allowed to cross off dates and write in new ones like that? Seems VERY fishy

  5. Meanwhile Schmalfeldt thinks he can amend the complain while a MTD is pending. Frcp 15 makes it clear he can’t.

    • He’s also under the delusion that he can sue the entire universe based on one comment made by one individual.

      And, nope. I’m still not Jeanette. *SMH*

      • One remark by one person on some obscure blog, and Schmalfeldt goes off bonkers. There must be something in that statement that hit home.

      • Thank you, Father Paul.

        Who knows what the heck caused BS to run off on his Grace = Jeanette Runyon tangent. BS has been threatening to d0x me (Grace) for a looooong time now, but JUST NOW! — THIS WEEK! — has convinced himself that he tripped over some damning evidence that JUST PROVES I am Jeanette. *smh*

        And, I had forgotten all about this until it just now popped into my head — but, it wasn’t all that long ago on Twitter that BS was CONVINCED Jeanette Runyon was Lynn Thomas (she’s not, of course).

        #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL

      • Charles – everyone committed the tort of “not telling Bill what he wanted to know RIGHT NOW!!!!!!”

        In this case, not telling him, paraphrased, “who Roy Schmalfeldt is, and how to locate him for service!”

        The “who” is easy, “Roy Schmalfeldt” is…

        (*Drum roll*)

        Roy Schmalfeldt. It’s my given name. Has been since the day I was born, will be until the day I die.

        The locating for service, well, that’s the trick, now, isn’t it? I like my privacy quite a bit, thank you very much, and nobody here knows how to find me. I just show up from time to time…

    • “[S]ome obscure blog…”. Charles Hudson, we at Billy Sez are cut to the quick.

      Err… We prefer “microblog.” Yeah! “We may be tiny, but we’re kickin’ Bill’s hiney.”

      • My wording was worded in a really bad way of wording. Sorry about that. I have no excuse. I consumed much popcorn yesterday evening watching the Schmalfeldt logic at work on your blog. Schmalfeldt’s work was fascinating, as Spock would say. Thanks for your blog. And your place looks lovely, by the way.

  6. Bill upset about comments accusing him of rape hmmm just a day or so ago on a blog far far to the left…..

    Bill Schmalfeldt > EPWJ • 3 days ago

    Why did you do all that, Eric? Do you like bald pussy? Is that it? That’s something you need to discuss with your therapist. Now, do not contact me any further. I have no interest in discussing anything with an adjudicated daughter diddler. (Is that why they went to Indonesia? To escape your nightly “tuck in’s”?

    Fuck off Eric. You are playing with dynamite and it is ready to explode.

    • I particularly like the way Cousin Bill Schmalfeldt levers the diddler bomber’s infamy with the “playing with dynamite” sub-text. He thinks he clever and frightening, when, in fact, he’s dull and clearly bombastic. 😉

      Hey, Brett Coleman Kimberlin:

      Are you happy about your “excellent friend” reminding everyone that you are a convicted domestic terrorist who used bombs to blow people to pieces? Would you ever place a device to shut him up? If not, why not?

    • Bill Schmalfeldt is a perverted, deranged, black-hearted, soulless snake.

      He even went so far as accusing you of being adjudicated of such a vile, evil act.

      Even Hell may be too good for the likes of a Bill Schmalfeldt.

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