27 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Ohhh. The post is referring to the LOLsuit2 being really most sincerely dead. I got really, really, really excited there for a second thinking it was about… oh, forget it. *heavy sigh*

    But, this is really great news, too. Chalk up yet another loss for the fat fail whale.

  2. Gotta say this though…the line has definitely been drawn.

    I will be impressed when DUMBFUCK

    A) files a lawsuit–ANY LAWSUIT–that survives a motion to dismiss;
    B) manages to get somebody–ANYBODY–arrested because he can’t remember that he wrote and mailed a letter to John;
    C) gets a news outlet–ANY NEWS OUTLET–to publish a story about a Lickspittle Zombie;
    D) causes somebody–ANYBODY–to quiver with fear (well, maybe we could say “annoyance?” How about “mild apprehension?” Oh, f*ck it, let’s just go with LAUGHTER) as a result of his empty, toothless threats promises.

    Because the next time any of those things happens will be the FIRST TIME any of those thing happens.

      • “Can’t,” “won’t,” what’s the difference? Anyway, WE don’t KNOW who wrote it: Willie could have dictated it for all we know.

    • How about the next time his threats actually get someone to give him information he’s looking for without gaslighting him?

      That would be a new one too, DOUG!

      • “BS is to shmart to fall for gaslighting.” — DesertFox

        “BS is to shmart to fall for gaslighting, again.” — Petty Officer Robert “Bob” Albee

        “BS is to shmart to fall for gaslighting, redux.” — Andrew Ballard

        “Bwahahahaha.” — Nubian Princess

  3. Is anyone at all concerned that Bill Schmalfeldt seems to be increasingly cray-cray? Is this just an act by Schmalfeldt?

  4. As opposed to the Kimby v the Universe suit which is just mostly dead. If it were completely dead we could check the pockets for loose change.

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