And In Other Legal News

The Montgomery County State’s Attorney has entered a nolle prosequi on the bogus criminal charge filed against me.NolleProssed20160624That case is now resolved in my favor. The companion charge filed against Aaron Walker has received the same disposition.


66 thoughts on “And In Other Legal News

  1. You magnificent bastard, you. You must have paid off the prosecuting attorney, since this didn’t even make it to the judge!

    • What could John hope to recover? A couple of rabbits? Bunny boy is a loser living in mom’s basement sucking the teat still.

      • Wait, wait, wait. You were in court today, and none of the bailiffs, county sheriffs, or state police on site took you into custody for your multitude of crimes?

        On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 5:00 PM, hogewash wrote:

        > Army Vet commented: “What could John hope to recover? A couple of > rabbits? Bunny boy is a loser living in mom’s basement sucking the teat > still.”

      • Hasenpfeffer, rabbit stew … fur for mittens or perhaps a hat like mine but better because it is fur … there is value in small victories!

  2. But… but… butt… You and Aaron were going to be frogmarched off to jail, and the Grouch was going to liveblog it… and… and…


  3. Answered prayers, John. I shall continue to lift you and Connie in prayer until all is right …

      • How can I not repay your kindness and Christian brotherhood with the simplest (but most powerful) of things? Prayer is what an Orthodox Priest’s life is about. The Horologion and Liturgy consume 8 hours per day and my work as a chaplain takes another six plus two more for religious reading/study, another six for sleep and four for dialysis (I combine my religious reading and dialysis) Totals 26 hours per day but because of the overlap of 2 hours, it works out to 24. Idle hands are the Devil’s plaything, so keeping busy and on track helps. You’ll notice a marked decrease in posts/comments, I only get to read and reblog/comment in little scraps in between scheduled pryers/activities.

  4. Bwahahahaha…. they were claiming a legal tidal wave was coming and all I see is ripples around your toes.

    Well now since that mess is settled might it be time to go on the offensive against Bunny Boy (Editor) and a certain puerile website?

    • The other cases do seem to be rapidly ending, and, Mrs. Hoge does seem to be doing remarkable well. Bunny Boy showed a certain level of courage when he taunted John Hoge to sue him for defamation. John had more than a full plate then. Bunny Boy, apparently, didn’t consider that John could sue him anytime during the next two years. Turns out that the Bunny Boy, instead, was being fool hearty.

  5. What a day for legal news in the United Federal Governments of America.

    First, as suggested by my joke, we learn via the Supreme Court that the word “state” refers to the Federal Government. Which is complete bull. Kennedy already lost the right to claim that he is an impartial jurist, but now Roberts has, too, if there was any question on the subject.

    Then we get this res judicata crap from the Howard County Courthouse. Which is complete bull, too. Seriously, that phrase should never be uttered in a de novo hearing.

    And then this, which is obviously great. As a little insider information, I have a copy of the charge and it contained outright lies, as well as deceptions you would not believe. I am probably going to start talking in more detail about this starting Monday, but basically Brett used his wife to file charges.

    Why was it dismissed? Maybe I am wrong to take credit for this, but I did happen to file a motion to dismiss and I filed a request for a hearing last Monday. I discuss several dry legal principles, but peppered throughout I point out how utterly deceptive the criminal complaint was. So I feel reasonably confident that they read what I had to say and realized that their case as a house of cards. Seriously, what John and I wrote was nowhere near what is necessary to meet the statute. And their complaining witness has lost all of her credibility.

    I’ll probably share these now defunct charges Monday, fisk them thereafter, and then maybe release my motion to dismiss. In other words, stay tuned.

    • “In other words, stay tuned.”


      Kimberlin succeeded in harassing you and Mr. Hoge. Having criminal charges, obviously bogus though they may be, hanging over your heads is going to be at the very least annoying. Is he going to suffer sanctions? I’ll believe that when I see it happen, and I shan’t be holding my breath.

      The legalese and inside-baseball analysis is interesting at some level, but the bottom line is that the process has again been used by Kimberlin to punish his enemies. And no one in a position of authority seems to give a sh!t.

      BTW, I don’t think the rulings on Obamacare are partisan. I think that Roberts is flipping off the GOP, sending a clear if unwritten and unspoken message that if the GOP wanted Obamacare killed, they’ve had the opportunity to do so in the House and Senate… If they had the will to do so.

      Did anyone really think a squishy pseudo-conservative is going to take the “Man Who Killed Obamacare” bullet for the likes of McConnell and Boehner?

      As the saying goes, “You can’t go home again.” And there is no new frontier.

      F me.

      • Except that’s not true. The house and senate could have passed anything they wanted and it never would have survived a veto. Roberts throws out 500 years of jurisprudence by saying the plainly written law doesn’t matter, it is the intent. Now go guess what that intent is on any given day.

      • King v. Burwell wasn’t a case of “Obamacare — good or bad?” or “Obamacare — constitutional or unconstitutional?” It was a case of “Obamacare — what the Affordable Care Act itself says, or what the Obama administration wishes the Affordable Care Act said?”

        If the decision had come down the other way, that would still be upholding the law passed by Congress — it just wouldn’t be upholding what the administration wants the law to be.

      • Brainpimp, except it IS true.

        No, Congress couldn’t repeal the law without overriding a veto.

        They simply could have refused to fund it.

        Of course, while the media here in the EU pointed that out early and often, I suspect all you heard from the US MSM was shutdown fearmongering.

        Bottom line is that the GOP weren’t willing to do what it would take to kill Obamacare. Years ago I thought that was because they were taking a long-term view that principle is more important than short-term tactical victories. Nowadays, I’m convinced that they aren’t really any more interested in running the country conservatively than the Democrats. They’re more interested in waving conservative issues like a red shirt on the one hand, and exploiting it for personal and political gain on the other.

  6. So I guess all of Roger Shuler’s “friends” who were telling him that you and Aaron were dooooooooooooooooooooomed were really just the voices in his head.

    Shuler might be the biggest moron of the group.

  7. Says the guy who actually included These charges I a brief he filed against WJJH. Purposeful lying is purposeful.

  8. I’m losing track, is THIS the part where Schmalfeldt owns everyone’s money, homes & wives?

      • Gon’t forget every commenters IP address, Krendler’s identity, the supposedly forged letter (thus having everyone but Bill put in handcuffs and frog-marched out the side door, straight to Treblinka), having hoge also arrested for perjury for telling the truth… all in a trial de novo on a Peace Order that the court and LE will ignore and not enforce … what an active (if very wrong on everything) fantasy life Bill has. I wonder if it a side effect of his Parkinson’s Disease Dementia or if is such a cretin that he has always had an active fantasy life because he is so incompetent and a failure at everything …

  9. Can someone explain how TDPK convinced his wife (or is it former wife) to file charges against two of the men who helped her during her previous legal problems with TDPK? This just isn’t making any sense.

    • I have no knowledge, but a typical scenario would be “do this, or never see your kids again” or “do this, or you’ll be fitted for new sunglasses”.

      On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 9:43 PM, hogewash wrote:

      > WarEagle82 commented: “Can someone explain how TDPK convinced his wife > (or is it former wife) to file charges against two of the men who helped > her during her previous legal problems with TDPK? This just isn’t making > any sense.”

    • The ingratitude was puzzling. BK lies a lot, and plays dirty in every possible way, so who knows a: what he told her b: what she bought c: what arm-twisting he was willing to employ.

      • Let us be sure to include a prayer for TDPK’s wife. Despite signing the papers we are all certain she remains just another one of his victims. That young girl, seduced by a pedophile, lured into a basement with promises of love, eager to flee the detritus of the Soviet Empire to the hope of America.

        What a sad life he has given her.

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