Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Speaking of batting a thousand at failure …

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt files his Schmalfeldt v. Johnson, et al. LOLsuit in U. S. District Court. On my motion to dismiss it is thrown out for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, that is, the Cabin Boy™ filed suit in the wrong court. Strike One!

TDPS files his Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al. LOLsuit2 in the Circuit Court for Howard County. On my motion to dismiss it is thrown out for improper venue, that is, the Cabin Boy™ filed suit in the wrong court. Again. Strike Two!

And now the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go,
And now the air is shattered …

Stay tuned.

32 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Given his history, it may be that he won’t even try coming to the plate in Westminster for a third attempt.

      • That is a real possibility. Sort of like his performance on The Price Is Right. “Oh, it must be Baltimore because it can’t be Annapolis.”

    • “22 Crush a fool in a mortar with a pestle
      along with crushed grain,
      yet his folly will not depart from him.”
      His foolishness would not be removed. Just like leavening (yeast), once present, cannot be removed, thus, like leaven, the flour must be burned as unsuitable ue to it’s nature.

  2. The problem Bill is having is that he can’t spin he most recent losses as anything but his fault. HE didn’t fill out the correct paperwork. HE chose the wrong venue….TWICE! He can’t claim anyone lied, the judge was in love with a lawyer, or any of the myriad of excuses he usually tries to cover his mistakes.

    • The problem Bildo has is his sorry existence, and it is all of his own making. If he would just stop filing lawsuits, and forgot that WJJ Hoge even existed, he’d be better off.

      (Of course, he’d then have no reason to exist, would he?)

    • “The problem Bill is having is that he can’t spin he most recent losses as anything but his fault” <– A trailer park somewhere just heard a bellowing "Challenge accepted".

      • They don’t *file* papers at that level, or even fill them out. They may design forms, that’s about it.

        However, realize that, except for the “gimme” levels he got for his service and disability, he’d have never gone past GS-7. A GS-13, unless they posses particular skills, or are someone’s goon/right hand man, will have *years* of supervisory experience before they are promoted to that level. So says a friend of mine at HUD, a GS-12, who has 150 people under him.

        Bill was a walking, talking exemplar of the “Peter Principle”, day one of the job.

        Can you imagine Dear Cousin Bill supervising people? He has no such skills, and has made it quite clear.

        Management takes understanding, selflessness, and vision.

      • Actually Roy, I have a pretty good idea what a GS 13 does: my wife made that grade before she was 30 and started having babies. But I see that my attempted joke was screwed up by punctuation. I should have said GS minus 13 rather than GS – 13.

        But I am glad to know what accounts for Witless Willie’s position, brief as it was.

        And no. In my most fevered dreams, I cannot imagine your cousin supervising people. There would have been a riot.

      • Bill was a GS-05 Step 1 “Writer-Editor” in 1985 out of Naval Air Rework Facility Alameda right after he got out of the Navy and resigned shortly thereafter.

        In 2005 he started working at DHHS in Bethesda as an “Information Development Specialist” and as a GS-12 Step 1 (Career Conditional Appointment) and then GS-12 Step 2.

        He was then promoted to GS-13 Step 1 before termination in 2007 and movement to Department of Agriculture.

        He was then a “Writer-Editor” GS-13 Step 2 at the Farm Services Agency (he had a probationary period at the FSA) until October 2008 when he was terminated and returned to DHHS.

        At DHHS he was a “Writer-Editor” GS-13 Step 2 until December 2008 when it was increased to GS-13 Step 3. He would remain a GS-13 Step 3 until December 2009 when it was increased to GS-13 Step 4. He would remain at that grade and step until retirement in 2011.

        It is interesting to note that if you go to and look at the education requirements for “Writer-Editors” or “Information Development Specialists” you will note that to hold a high grade would require either college education or extensive work experience.

        We have previously documented the sporadic nature of Bill’s work experience including the lack of concrete evidence some of his employers ever existed and the fact that he fails to mention employers we know he worked for. Some of his sheenanigans (for a honyock) go so far as to list employment half way across the country when he was employed by the federal government on the West Coast.

        Strange that.

      • A GS9 librarian position requires a master’s degree. To get a position any higher up the ladder requires years of work experience. With over a decade of experience running a one-person library, I was barely qualified to apply for a GS12.

        BS’s GS13 position with no college and essentially no prior experience has always made me wonder.

      • Some thankfully rare experiences taught me what to think when someone’s work history doesn’t make sense. A person who outright lied to get a job is, almost guaranteed, constantly behaving unethically in lots of ways at the job he has. He also likely faked more things in his credentials than just the one you thought. Also since he usually lacks good skills that the job calls for, he gets by using lies, trickery, abuse, blame shifting instead. It’s quite a thing to realize an employee doesn’t actually perform the duties everyone thinks he does. Also when you discover the credential faking, suddenly a lot of previously hard to understand incidents make sense.

        Conversely, if you find an employee who lies, cheats, steals, and gets by on scams rather than on work ability, there are especially high odds you could also have a credential faker. Such people have below normal amounts of shame so they will not guiltily shy away from discussing the supposed details of their made up backgrounds. In fact they may seem to actively enjoy bragging about completely fabricated experiences.

        Such people should simply be fired. Period. For their co-workers who can’t make that happen, the task is to carefully document and mitigate the damage. Do not tip off the scammer about what you are doing. He cannot be trusted. He is not on your team. You wouldn’t want him on your team. You cannot let him know your true beliefs or the facts you have gathered. He can only use those against you. He has made his whole job to outsmart you when he was supposed to be helping you instead.

        The othet 95+% of coworkers, even the troublesome ones and ones we don’t like, we should try to be fairly generous and forgiving when feasible and expect them to return the favor. Brazen credential fakers are not so likely to be in this 95%.

      • Disability retirement after 5-6 years of Federal service?

        Removal of a Federal employee for not being able to do their job requires tons of documentation. The supervisor has to do and document a performance improvement plan which the employee fails.

        Removing someone after 3-4 years for lying about having a college degree would be hard because the question arises whether they could do their job. If not, why didn’t you do a performance improvement plan?

        The supervisor gets in this fix by not doing adequate reference checks before hiring the person. Of course, the prior supervisor who wants to get rid of the loser might give a glowing reference just to get rid of the loser.

        Helping an loser get disability retirement is a great way to get rid of the dolt.

        That’s how the bureaucracy works.

      • I’ve wondered myself just how the heck he got that pay-grade. My personal, evidence-free speculation is that one of the very few fans of his lefty political bloviation on XM [as opposed to the folks who wanted to hear show tunes, not politics, on the show tunes channel] sought him out when XM fired him.

        But that’s just spit-balling. I don’t know a damned thing for a fact.

      • I dunno; it seems to me that there wouldn’t have to be a statute of limitations, so to speak, on terminating someone for lying on an employment application. Some companies even make an explicit statement to this effect, to cover just this eventuality. FedGov could be different in this regard, though, I guess.

      • AJ,

        XM didn’t fire him, he QUIT. Because, as he says, he was offered a nationally syndicated show. How did that work out? Well, he toppled Howard Stern. Right, he was unemployed. So Bill lied? Hmmmmmmm

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