Things Will Stay on Schedule

Bill Schmalfeldt filed a motion asking for a delay in the Circuit Court hearing for my peace order petition scheduled for next week.

<sarc>When I received the copy of the motion he sent me, I was concerned that it might be a forgery because the envelope bore the postmark of the same post office used to mail me the January letter he has been going on and on about.</sarc>M4D EnvelopeTo be on the safe side I filed an opposition to the motion, …

… and when the situation changed, I filed this addendum also.

It turned out that I didn’t need to file the opposition. The court rejected the motion on technical grounds the day before I filed my opposition.

The case will proceed on schedule.

37 thoughts on “Things Will Stay on Schedule

  1. and yet somehow this is going to be all HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!’s fault, even though Dumbass didn’t file the paperwork properly…


    • As I posted at Billy Sez: “My only public comment since I publicly prayed for the repose of her soul is that I will only believe in her death when he posts an unredacted scan of the county death certificate — long form with verifiable serial number. Same as any bank, financial institution, court, etc., would (and will be) doing.”
      Bill set the standard when demanding the same from the Stranahans. He set the standard, I’m just holding him to it, you know sauce for the goose and all … watch him cry that he’s a victim now, all butthurt we hold him to the standards he demands of others …

      • Harsh, but his actions have brought things to this. Considering the kindness offered by many posters at BillySez, it would be a horrendous thing if it turned out she was in good health.

      • I think it would only be fitting and right if we ALL prayed for Gail. I certainly will.

        Now, something is bothering me here. In Bill’s petition he says that Gail suffered from Chronic Kidney disease, has 28% kidney function, and is not expected to live much longer.

        This cannot be the case. My best buddy Johnny, who is a DIALYSIS nurse, tells me most people function quite well up until they have between 5% and 10% kidney function. After that, they can live on dialysis indefinitely as long as they dialyzers regularly, take their medications, see their doctors, etc.

        Why didn’t Gail go to Dialysis?

        This doesn’t smell right.

        • I do pray for Gail. It also doesn’t smell right to me, a dialysis patient. First dialysis on new catheter was yesterday. Your nurse friend told you correctly.

      • “This doesn’t smell right.”

        Keep in mind that Cabin Boy is the definition of the Unreliable Narrator.

  2. Proposed order not attached? Didn’t Blob once tell us that submitting proposed orders was essentially telling the judge how to do law? LOL!

  3. If, according to him, he can barely sign his name, how is it he can legibly write Mr. Hoge’s address on the envelope? It’s almost as if we should question the truthfulness of everything he writes and says…

  4. Hope Connie dies a painful death, you fuck. That cunt should suffer for being married to a piece of shite wanker twat like you. Fuck you, your cunt wife and your idiot son. Hope Kimberland bombs the fuck out of your house, you ugly rot

    • I see another graduate of the Schmalfeldt School of Law, Medicine, Divinity, Philosophy and Diplomacy has managed to learn how to type. The wording seems to be so…….well, Schmalfeldtian.

  5. Grief? Outrage?

    The day after she passed away:

    That same day, a podcast, which included a song about having anal sex with all the male Republican candidates for President:

    Yesterday? Check his comments and behavior on this thread, just two days after her death. TWO DAYS.

    His behavior, and other events surrounding her last months, are what outrage me.

  6. Sad to hear about Gail’s passing. It’s unfortunate her husband was unable to fully attend to her during her illness.

    Prayers for her in the next life.

  7. Point of fact, William requested a hearing in the Grady case mere days before he request an indefinite delay in your peace order petitions. If I’m not mistaken, that request was filed after the state court hearing that he was pondering not showing up for.

    Apparently, Gail was well enough for him to be dragging someone to Maryland from halfway across the country, but not well enough to go to the appeal in his own county.

    It isn’t William being a scumbag that amuses me so. It’s his being such a transparent scumbag.

    But there’s good news! William might not be a pauper anymore! I do hope that he reports any life insurance policy payout or other inheritance to the federal court. The judge will be most interested if he doesn’t.

  8. The best thing about Gail’s demise is that the guy who has suffered from PD for over 12 years shall spend every waking moment tearing you and your little pussy posse to Pieces.
    Have Fun with That!

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