I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has sent this to the judge in the Kimberlin v. Frey remnant of the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.


UPDATE—There are an amazing number of errors in this filing, but I’ll point out just two for now.

First, TDPK says he wants to add the Los Angeles DA’s Office and the FBI as defendants. Does he mean the City of LA or the County of LA? However, that question is moot, because, second, the court has ordered that TDPK may not make any further amendments to his LOLsuit.

56 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. I checked my calendar (the one with the zombie kittens) but I didn’t find a month labeled “Mary”……

  2. John, don’t you have better things to do than craft patently silly documents and ascribe them to Brett Kimberlin? Really, he’s bad enough on his own that there’s no need to craft something so mind boggingly simple-minded and ridiculous and have us believe someone stupid enough to file this with the court.

  3. So let me get this straight.

    A convicted bomber, drug dealer, perjurer, suspect in a murder, alleged pedophile (and other things I may have missed) is suing the FBI; an agency with the resources to investigate all of the unsolved crimes, as well as look into possible irregularities in the non-profits he controls.

    Yep. That should work out in his favour

  4. Further proof the simple-minded and perpetually butt-hurt Brett Coleman Kimberlin is convinced he can extort several very capably investigative agencies to be silent and fearful of him. All over butt-hurt that his shutuppery has failed and the Streisand Effect now rules the day. (in addition to the fact that all the real adults in the room are pointing and laughing at the petulant pipsqueak pedo.)

  5. Was there a declaration page stating that service was made on Patrick Frey of this letter and attachments?

      • You would think as part of this filing, he would attach copies of emails at least purporting to show his attempts at communication. I mean, all you’ve got is him insisting ‘I totally have been trying to talk to them and those meanie-heads won’t talk back!’

        I could be mistaken — I’m not a lawyer, after all — but documentation is an excellent device if you’re trying to show a pattern.

    • Hoge,

      Is this the complete filing?

      It appears to be: Document 286-1.

      No certificate of service for any of the three documents?

      I believe that with PACER, Patterico’s attorneys receive everything automatically, but I would assume lesson one at Acme Law is that you must include a certificate of service on everything so that the judge knows that the letter is not an ex parte communication.

  6. If I’m reading this mess correctly, Ace of Spades (the blogger) needs to be served with this. Has AoS _ever_ been served correctly in any of these cases?

  7. How on God’s green earth can he still add parties to the lawsuit? Is he delusional? And the FBI? Really? Bwahahahaaaaa!

  8. Brilliant comedy piece! Random incompetence that really escalated quickly at the end for the max laughs, surely…

    … I’m being informed this was not intended as a joke. Oh dear. That’s a shame.

  9. We keep laughing and the court keeps letting him get away with it. Just guessing the other side spends some time cackling with delight.

  10. Umm, Judge Grimm issued the case management order because the one plaintiff filed a series of abusive pleading. Perhaps, the best way to discredit this motion from Brett Kimberlin is to quote the previous motions by Brett Kimberlin.

  11. It is no good if Judge Hazel takes anything on the three page seriously.

    Y’all should rate the content on the basis of whether it is good or bad for Patterico, not some other rating system.

    As usually, there are no certificates of service as required by the last paragraph.

    • Mostly because Brett doesn’t believe in notice to anyone. He would prefer to never serve anyting and to have a pure star chamber trial … only his unsupported conclusory allegations heard and ruled on on the basis of no response from those he accuses. Really, he may be almost as heavily invested in a demented worldview and reality as Bill Schmalfeldt is …

  12. Wait…rule 26.. That’s witnesses, isn’t it?

    So is he trying to dox Ace by getting Patterico’s attorneys to give info?

  13. Is he even allowed to add parties at this stage of the lawsuit? His amendments are done; he won’t get any more. If I were the judge I would not grant permission for him to add anyone to the suit.

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