Thanks for Making My Point for Me

If the Gentle Reader scrolls through the comment section for I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, he will find a large number of off-color comments, many consisting of childishly done cut-and-paste memes. They are a marvelous example of the impotence of Team Kimberlin and its inability to control the narrative. They have no facts to back their stories. They are now reduced to middle school name calling.

They are welcome to continue posting such proof of their desperation. Since most of it gets caught by moderation, they should be patient with me. I have real world commitments that can delay my responding to comments in moderation for several hours.

18 thoughts on “Thanks for Making My Point for Me

  1. Based on those images which have made it through so far, I’m guessing a certain other person in Maryland has decided that he needs to give further that he is lying when he demands that family members be left out of it. Perhaps he should try to get it through his addled head that when he attacks other’s families, some of those he attacks may respond in kind.

  2. I have to say that I find Bill Schmalfeldt’s obsession with the details of the Hoges’ personal life quite odd. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that just because he has a horrible tendency to overshare, others don’t.

    That said, there is certain information upon which the reader can infer. By his own account, Bill Schmalfeldt was repeatedly cuckolded by multiple wives. It seems that the previous Mrs Schmalfeldts weren’t getting what they needed from Mr. Schmalfeldt. The Hoges, in contrast, have been happily married for decades. I can see why Bill Schmalfeldt is so focused on intimate details. The big picture is that he is a sexual failure.

    • When ones life is solely focused on pleasures of the flesh, what else would one expect? There is nothing else in life that matters to one so emotionally and psychologically crippled. Most people have other things in life that matter … involvement in community affairs, hobbies, etc. The failure in people focused solely on pleasure of the body extends to every area of their lives. They lose employment after a period of time when their focus is discovered by employers, their spouses react in negative ways and they are rejected in many ways by everyone they encounter … except for the company of others similarly crippled. This gives great insight into not only Mr. Schmalfeldt, but his companions in TK as well. Cripples the lot of them, deserving of disdain and prayer for their souls. They also deserve our pity, we pity them for becoming so obsessed that they have lost their humanity. They cannot fathom dignity in any person, mistaking it for weakness and in knowing that they do not possess it, attack it for it is foreign to them.
      So very sad, such a waste of what could have been effective, vibrant lives have instead become cesspools of every sin.

    • ” It seems that the previous Mrs Schmalfeldts weren’t getting what they needed from Mr. Schmalfeldt.”

      Apparently the horse in the barn was, though. Too much info?

  3. The really telling thing about how much of a miserable failure Bill Schalmfeldt is is his utter lack of friends/supporters. There is no one outside Team Kimberlin that posts favorably about him. He has no friends, no blog followers, no commenters, no twitter followers (who aren’t sock puppets or Lickspittles/Zombies). No one comes here or TMZ and tries to argue his points. No one sends wishes for his wife’s health. He is an utter failure at life. If he wasn’t such a complete ass at the same time, I would almost feel sorry for him. As it is, contempt is all I feel towards him.

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