An Open Letter to Twitter

Dear Twitter:

You have suspended @wjjhoge, @hogewash, and @wjj_hoge allegedly for engaging in targeted abuse. You have been asked to provide examples of any abusive tweets, and you have failed to do so. We both know why you haven’t done so; there are none. Your failure to deal fairly with me in this matter has had the appearance of bad faith.

This afternoon, I received a call from my son saying that his Twitter account had been suspended. When he asked why, you sent him an email saying that he had permanently suspended for creating accounts with “disruptive or abusive purposes.” His account was several years old, and he had not tweeted for about two years. He had been using it to follow other accounts. You suspended an account for being disruptive or abusive that had not sent a tweet for two years.

I believe that you suspended his account because of the false complaints that you have received against me. I believe that, as with the complaints against me, you did not properly investigate the matter. I am not surprised. Most of the complaints I have filed against abusive and/or threatening tweets directed at me have been found not to violate your Rules. I have no reason to expect a fair dealing from Twitter.

Shortly after one of my complaints, you “selected” me to participate in a survey about my perceptions of safety on Twitter. I gave you a bad review. I received emails from you, suggesting that I find friends for my suspended accounts or use Twitter Business to help promote them. Until today, I assumed that was simply the right hand of a big company not knowing what the left hand had done. No more. Not after what you did to my son’s account.

I believe that you have not acted in good faith in your treatment of me and certainly not in your treatment of my son. I sincerely doubt that Twitter is willing to do the right thing and treat us fairly.

Very truly yours,
W. J. J. Hoge

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  1. The problem is that there’s no forum in which to bring public scrutiny to Twitter’s abuses. Even though it is very much akin to a public utility, there’s no oversight- nobody to complain to. It is pretty much impossible to challenge in the courts. I hate to sound defeatist, but this may well be a lost cause, however worthy.

    • Twitter is probably relying on 47 USC 230(c)(2) to shield them from liability for taking down the Hoges’ accounts. However, that protection only applies to action taken in good faith. A showing of bad faith might open Twitter up to corrective action by a court.

    • They might as well federalize the damn thing. At least if it is run by the federal government we will know that our complaints will go absolutely nowhere and have a proper expectation.

  2. Twitter is in a huge financial hole at the moment, losing $150 Million pa. Other services are rising up to replace them due to their failure to accurately respond when SJW blanket banning occurs. If they acknowledge that they are unable to respond against the use of sockpuppet accounts controlled by bots to provide a massive number of complaints against a single account regardless of activity then they will lose more business.

    That they can easily identify the activity is known, you just do not have 350 simultaneous complaints occur, yet they let this happen because the code to identify the sock puppets would also identify the millions of false and fake accounts that make up their business profile. If they removed the over 30% of accounts (some rumours place the fake accounts at closer to 70%) that are known to be false a number of celebrities and politicians would have their fame level damaged.

    So they have a weak mechanism to interact with complaints with and they are not able to afford staff to deal with sideshows and unfortunately for our Graceful host, to them that is what this is. Twitter will soon die, These little bot battles are killing it and unless you have the profile of Adam Baldwin or similar, you will not even get past their auto-moderation. They are the number one carrier of porn stars for solicitation, they are never blocked, Al Qaeda and ISIS also get slow treatment, but they will close you down after an automated attack, knowing you will have to either go through their adjudication or attempt to rebuild with a different account. They are pathetic and they do not care.

  3. As you know know I have been the target of an obsessive group harassment campaign for over two years on Twitter yet Twitter suspends my accounts repeatedly. Thomas A Mix aka ‏@__Lazarus__ and cowardly anon cyber-stalker @NicoleBonnet1 can post that I am a felon, convicted human trafficker, a criminal stalker, a pedo etc steal copyright photos from me, my church and my voice coach’s Facebook page and that is all fine by Twitter. Merely posting a link to their multi-year harassment gets me suspended. They are even reporting accounts that aren’t me but who they think is me because we have a similar friends list.

    Twitter is wholly controlled by deranged progressive psychopaths just Google Alison Shea (a.k.a. Del Harvey) and Perverted Justice

    • I believe your anonymous stalker/harasser is not only a pedophile-supporting pervert, but a paid operative. I would not be surprised to find that her/its heavy Twitter presence is financed by progressive non profits, IYKWIMAITYD.

      • “Nicole Bonnet” (@NicoleBonnet1) and Thomas Mix (@__Lazarus__) are not simply obsessed with Twitter (as evidenced by the fact they LIVE on the social media platform), they are obsessed with the stalking and harassment of individuals with which they disagree — especially and specifically Jeanette Runyon. These two freaks are still trying to find a way to salve their butthurt of being called out and ridiculed for their deranged support of a pedophile going back to 2012. They are two of the most vile, hate-filled, obsessed liars many of us have had the misfortune to run across. The stalking and harassment and libel they relentlessly inflict upon Jeanette is beyond the pale, and undeniably criminal in nature.

        What gives them the major butthurt, and what they despise more than anything, is having a big, bright light focused upon their sociopathic words and behavior. For example (and, aside from the #FreeKate saga), “Nicole Bonnet” and its fellow goons were calling for and cheering for the beheading of Pamela Geller last week. WND (and, a few other publications) picked up on their tweets, and highlighted their idiocy and evil for all to see. “Nicole Bonnet” was enraged. The spawn of satan behind that NB account refuses to learn that if one supports something/someone criminal, anti-social, and psychopathic — and, splashes their opinion and support all over SOCIAL media — others just may take notice, and take the time to comment on it and expose the evil.


        Nicole Bonnet and Mob/Pamela Geller Twitter Thread:

        And, the NB monster’s go-to response? Filing bogus and deceitful Twitter reports claiming others are engaging in “targeted abuse” because they dared to openly mention/discuss NB’s lunacy and evil. That “Nicole Bonnet” creature is solely on Twitter to (1) harass, stalk, and libel Jeanette Runyon; and, (2) suspend the accounts of those it hates, and those who support a different political ideology. That NB timeline is one of the most obsessed and hateful timelines I have ever read. Oh. And, juvenile. So, so juvenile. It can barely make a tweet without invoking “RWNJ” this and “Tea Trash” that and “Tea Turds” blah, blah, blah. “Nicole Bonnet” is one sad, disgusting, pathetic, and hateful freak.

        And, that Thomas Mix kook? Firstly, he is beyond willing to let that NB beast lead him around by a ring in his nose. He serves as nothing more than NB’s anklebiter. Secondly, he is truly ignorant — as in really, really stupid. Much like the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, Thomas Mix scours the interwebz daily for any mention of his name, and then squeals “HARASSMENT ELEVENTY!!1!!1!” because (after he went out and had to search it down) someone dared to mention his name (wrote ABOUT not TO) and remark on something crazy/evil/moronic he posted (Hi, Mix, you sniveling idiot, you.). What part of “that’s not harassment” do these thin-skinned, clueless, rabid leftists fail to understand? Thirdly, Mix is always carrying on about how he is going to sue Jeanette for something or other. He would be another one well-served by learning that “Butthurt” is not a tort.

        I would not be surprised to learn that @NicoleBonnet1 and possibly @__Lazarus__ (Thomas Mix) have been playing some role in John’s Twitter accounts being suspended. “Nicole Bonnet” specifically has many times (not only repeatedly followed) but interacted with BS, @WhoIsNumberNone, and Team Kimberlin in general.

        Sociopathic birds of a feather…

      • Oops. This was the Twitter thread I intended to embed above:

        And, “Nicole Bonnet” carried on for days about the WND article, and tweeps that were pointing and laughing at its hateful idiocy. Heaven only knows how many Twitter reports NB filed hoping to suspend anyone who dared to discuss it and its support of a Pamela Geller beheading. NB sure has some nice friends. *SMH*

        Oh. And, “Nicole Bonnet” claimed that ISIS would behead them before Pamela Geller. Who knows what the justification was behind that kooky assertion. Based on NB’s tweets, it was pretty obvious that initially NB didn’t even know Pamela Geller was Jewish. 😂 But, NB was eventually clued in because then it went out of its way to be “more Jewish” than Geller. One look at that ridiculous timeline tells the whole story… “Nicole Bonnet” is the “Most Jewish Jew” EVAH, donchaknow? *eyeroll*

    • Oh, wow. Jeanette’s obsessive cyber stalker, Thomas Mix, accuses her of – gasp! – mentioning him BY NAME, as he mentions her BY NAME. Doesn’t he have anything better to do than harass senior citizens? Or does he hate them too?
      (Safe link)

      • “Thomas A Mix of Vero Beach is a crazed psycho stalker, let me repeat
        Thomas A Mix of Vero Beach is a crazed psycho stalker”

        What’s that you say? Thomas A. Mix of Vero Beach is a crazed psycho stalker?

        Ya don’t say. 😉

      • He won’t delete his lies nor will he ever stop lying, Jeanette. He’s an attention whore. He thrives on all of it. And, he’s evil. Truth never need enter into the equation with the likes of a Thomas Mix.

      • He won’t sue her, either, for several reasons, one being that she could counterclaim and get access to info that he, and particularly others, do not want exposed. I also believe that there are key paid players involved in many Twitter suspensions, NB1 being one of them. NicoleBonet1 and Mix supported the so-called “lesbian” rapist of a minor girl in the Free Kate saga, because having sex in a bathroom stall at school is true love.

      • I agree, AReader. He won’t sue. He has NO claim. Someone said some mean things about me and posted examples of my relentless stalking and harassment of a 60+yo woman on the Internet does not a claim make.

        All bark. No bite. Just more lame attempts at trying to intimidate.

        Aww. Down twinkles. Did Thing 1 and/or Thing 2 get their fee-fees hurt because others dare to post the truth about them on a blog? Knowing that lying freak “Nicole Bonnet” — it will probably try submitting reports to Twitter claiming “targeted abuse” over blog comments. *SMH*

      • He’s at it again. Jeanette mentioned my name! I sense something Schmalfeldtian about him, meaning that he loves being the center of attention, preferably when he’s pretending to be a victim.

      • What a pathetic loon he is. And, he and his fellow goons have the gall to call Jeanette the stalker. *SMH*

        Thomas Mix is OBSESSED with Jeanette Runyon. OBSESSED! It is beyond creepy and disturbing.

  4. It’s nothing more then Shutuppery. Twitter doesn’t give a shit if you tweet harassing things or not. If you are not one of the tribe (progressives, feminists, SJW, Democrat Operatives, etc) you get the ban hammer without any oversight whatsoever. They will soon find that their service is filled with nothing but far left partisans that will soon turn on each other and the whole enterprise will go down the tubes.

    • Isn’t there a cable “news” network that uses the same failed business model? MSDNC or something like that?

  5. Conservatives targeted by liberals on Twitter have a lot in common with Republicans signing on to primary debates with liberal moderators. Even odds you’ll get hit in the head with a 2×4 at some point and quickly realize that was set up from the start. Twitter is in financial decline and is well on the way to becoming a tool for crushing speech considered unacceptable by the SJW. As long as the moderators control the content the outcome is inevitable.

      • If it is Senor Blob (and let’s face it, it probably is) either he’s a computer hacking genius (probably not) or there is a good chance Hoge can prove it’s him (right here on this page I see more similarites to the tremulous turd burglar’s writing style than his evidence that Grady = Krendler) which begs the question:

        Can someone appealing a PO rejection, introduce new evidence in the 30 day period prior to his appeal hearing? Asking for a friend.

        • Not to prove the conduct justifying the order, but it can be used to show that the order is needed because the conduct is likely to continue.

  6. I think if you follow someone it means you want to hear what they have to say. It’s a private transaction, like e-mailing each other. I can’t imagine an e-mail provider reading people’s messages interferring like that and throwing them off because they don’t like what was said.

    Just because you happen to be driving by and see a tweet you don’t like shouldn’t give you the right to have the account deleted, depriving others of hearing what the person has to say. If you follow them and you don’t like what they say, block them.
    I don’t understand why blocking is not sufficient for these people, why they feel they must take the ball away.

    It’s just not right. It’s not fair dealing. It’s not how they present themselves. Build your business on Twitter until “we” decide “we” don’t like you anymore.

    Maybe if you paid Twitter a fee you could stay without being blocked. Purchase the right to say what you want.
    If it’s a free service, they can do what they want.
    If you are paying them for it, you could have certain implied rights, I would think. Otherwise, why risk it? Who would actually pay to be on it if the rug can be jerked out from under them on a whim?

    I know I haven’t thought this out fully, but I’m really disturbed by Twitter’s actions in banning being political or personal. Why would anyone spend the time to build a reputation on Twitter when the relationship can be cut without due process? What are we reduced to when we submit to this? Dupes.

  7. Those last four are using a name similar to Bill’s ex to supposedly make snide comments about Mr. Hoge. While they don’t reapply apply to our host, I think they actually capture Bill quite well.

      • Worse… They’re such window-lickers that they think those posts make him FEEL bad.


        Oh, well. When you’re a sociopath whose only remaining source of sexual gratification is the harassment of your betters, I suppose you have to settle for what you can get.

    • I appreciate that it shows the crap Mr. Hoge has to wade through to actually monitor his comments; however, I find wading through it tedious. I’m perfectly aware of how juvenile and sociopathic Bill is.

      No, I don’t think it’s any other member of Team Kimberlin, they seem much more articulate and amazingly more reasonable. This childish insanity is purely the work of the pathetic Bill Schmalfeldt.

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