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  1. Ha! This just proves that Grady is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGEEEEEE!!!!!! You’ve indicted yourself John. Game over. Give up! “Repent Harlequin”, said the Ticktockman.


      In all seriousness — from over here in the cheap seats — a very well-pled MTD. These pro se Lickspittle defendants are very worthy opponents, indeed. BS has been in, and remains in, waaaaay over his fat head.

      Whereas, the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin engages in order for the process to be the punishment — IMO, the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is engaging in hopes of winning a big payout. Even IF the Stalking Sociopath were to be successful in the least, he would be well-served to keep in mind that his master’s reputation was worth a whopping $100.00. A decade+ worth of BS’s internet footprint easily and readily denotes the demented liar is operating in the negative as far as a “sterling reputation” is concerned.

      Gotta wonder what value BS would place on spending time with his dying “beloved.” Twitter, Hate Blogs, Podcasts, and LOLsuits are all very time-consuming endeavors. Nice to see he has his priorities straight. *SMH*

      • Careful Grace. Calling him “demented” and “liar” are both defamation! 🙂

        Apparently he’s forgotten that he himself has admitted he suffers from dementia, and Lord knows the lies are easy enough to prove too.

      • I think you’ve got the Blob down pat, Grace. All he wants is money. He’s obviously not upset over being mocked. He’s said that about eleventy billion times already. He’s just all about the benjamins and how he will OWN everyone’s wife, house, car, dog, septic tank…. Oh wait. Sorry about that last bit there.

      • It can not be said enough: “Bill Schmalfeldt is a demented liar.”

        Grace, Bill would be in over his head arguing with a 5 year old.

      • You could very well be right, Aaron. I base my opinion solely on the fact the DEMENTED LIAR (for years now!) always brings money into his arguments, threats, and extortion — houses, wives, his $75,000/defendant reputation, WJJHIV’s inheritance, WJJH’s employment, WJJH spending money on lawsuits vs healthcare expenses, wives being angry at defendants because “WINNING,” Team Good Guys raising money via blogs because Schmalfeldt, Team Good Guys paying $35,000 each to use his name/likeness, blah, blah, blah.

        I agree the DEMENTED LIAR has no chance of recovery from this suit, but I do believe he has high hopes of eventually securing a very large, monetary judgment because people dared speak the truth about him (the majority of which is simply quoting the Demented Liar), and mocked him and his sociopathic behavior — all of which has resulted in major butthurt for the DEMENTED LIAR.

        There is no denying the DEMENTED LIAR is one obsessed kook when it comes to money, and others’ financial situations. I have no doubt the DEMENTED LIAR is majorly getting off on the legalized harassment aspect of all of his hate-filled, vexatious bullshit… but, I also believe that he believes he is going to eventually “strike it rich” when he finally manages to make others pay because they dare speak the DEMENTED LIAR’S name, and they dare to discuss the DEMENTED LIAR’S past and present antics.

      • So if calling him a DEMENTED LIAR is defamation, what is it if you call him a RICO RACKETEER or a member of the DEFAMATORY FIVE…


      • Don’t forget repeatedly accusing WJJH of being a FORGER and a PERJURER.

        And, I won’t even get into the DEMENTED LIAR’S defamation concerning BK’s psychopathic attempts at acquiring a bogus Peace Order.

  2. Say… He’s making an interesting point about jurisdiction… I wonder if anyone else might use these arguments…?

    *cough* *twitchy* *cough* *erickson* *cough* *many others* *cough*

    sorry about that… My allergies are terrible…

    • The weird thing is this. In the Schmalfedlt v. Hoge state case, the fat one said he doesn’t know who Krendler is. In the Schmalfeldt v. Grady federal case, going on at the same time, he swears he is certain it is Grady. Meanwhile, in the criminal case against John & I, they claim Krendler is John.

      Its like as if they have no idea, and they keep lying or something.

    • According to Schmalfeldt rules that means that since Brett drives him to each of his numerous court appearances, he has VERY close ties to Brett yet Bill continues to deny that fact. I wonder why Bill would lie about that? Hmmmmmm

    • “Yer Honor, if he doesn’t have ties to this state, how did he file anything in response here, huh? Huh?”

      Bloody genius, Blob. Don’t give up your day job.

    • I guess this legal theory applies to plaintiffs’ wives, who file and/or mail briefs, and put their names on envelopes instead of that of their husbands.

    • The counterclaims are going to be epic.

      As much as I believe Messrs. Hoge, Grady, Walker, et al. deserve to be compensated for the time and money spent defending against this vexatious, vindictive lawfare… I sincerely hope this LOLsuit never advances to that point.

      • Even though this is Maryland, yadda, yadda, I doubt it will advance. Courts love to be able to dismiss a case of incomprehensible gibberish based on jurisdiction. No need to touch the substance of the claims, such as they can be interpreted with a secret decoder ring.

      • Counterclaims? Not unless there’s a hefty life insurance payout in the offing. I am entirely suffused with doubt.

    • Question: he does know that Hoge was a defendant in his previous federal suit, and it got sh*tcanned, right? He does remember what happened?

  3. Do I have this right?

    Acme Law says that if a resident of Illinois, A, has a friend who is resident in Maryland, B, and B does a trivial favor for A, then Maryland’s long arm statute applies to A.

    And Acme Law also says that if a lawyer licensed in Virginia, C, discusses a federal case with A, who remember is resident in Illinois, then Maryland’s long arm statute applies to C.

    An amazingly broad long arm statute. I wonder if it passes constitutional muster.

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