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One of the Gentle Readers suggested that I do a Top 10 list of the biggest mistakes Team Kimberlin have made in their lawfare. That sounds like a good idea, so unless something big happens over the next ten days, we’ll be looking at The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s and The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s biggest goofs to date.

10. Brett Kimberlin Sues Seth Allen This is the lawsuit that started things rolling. Seth Allen is a left-wing blogger who began writing about Brett Kimberlin because he thought it hurt the Left’s brand identity to have a convicted terrorist fronting organizations such as Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution US. Kimberlin sued for defamation seeking $2,250,000 in damages. After diddling with service, Kimberlin managed to get a default judgment of a hundred bucks. Although it was launched for the purpose of shutuppery, this suit was the beginning of the Internet becoming more aware of Kimberlin and his background. Also, it was this suit that attracted right-wing bloggers and lawyers to Seth Allen’s support. One of those lawyers was Aaron Walker, who Kimberlin sought to punish for helping Allen.

One more thing … although Seth Allen never referred to Brett Kimberlin as a pedophile, that was one of the allegedly defamatory things that Kimberlin claimed to have been said about him. That will be significant as we move up the list.

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    • I agree with Dave. I look forward to the rest of the top 10. (But if any interesting filings or orders come in in any of BK’s cases, please feel free to interrupt the top 10 in favor of the breaking news.)

  1. I’m not personally persuaded by the brand of voting fraud conspiracy theory that Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman use to gain fame and following. But if I were part of that activism scene, NEVER would I want Brett Kimberlin claiming to represent me or my movement. Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile, perjurer, bomber, murderer of Julia Scyphers, abuser of the legal system, and can’t be trusted with power or other peoples’ money. An analogy: as I wrote elsewhere, I believe marijuana shouldn’t be prohibited by law, and it would greatly trouble me if my fellow travelers selected someone like Brett Kimberlin to represent us. And I would have to completely break ranks with my movement if they hired Neal Rauhauser to illegally harass, dox, SWAT, and dishonestly smear opponents simply because those opponents held different opinions.

    Whatever you think of the causes Brett tries to use as vehicles for self-promotion: when you warn the people in those causes to avoid his “charity” scams, you do those causes a favor. And it says a lot about the character and judgment of people like Brad Friedman and Kevin B. Zeese that they do not see the problem with a man like Brett vying for leadership in their circles. Even after they learn the full truth, they do nothing to fix the problem. I think many of those who are OK with Kimberlin are not OK with him because they think it’s acceptable that he cheats his surviving bombing victim out of her judgment, that he raped a 15 year old he flew to the US from Ukraine; that he set off 8 bombs in Speedway after he realized the Speedway cops had him as their prime suspect in the Julia Scyphers murder. Some people value Brett Kimberlin anyway because they realize he can do any terrible deed, say any awful lie, in service of his current interests. They want someone on their side who will play dirty and harm the people on the other side.

    • they wrote about it, don’t think they had anything to do with uncovering anything -when democrat talks about voter fraud its like someone who talks about ethical journalism and love of a spouse

      • I believe the way Brett Kimberlin chooses his political causes is that he believes he sees weakness and gullibility in the movement. This is parallel to Neal’s interest in Anonymous, where he sought to exploit the most dysfunctional things about the movement.

        All organizations, whether a political movement or a business, need self-imposed internal hygiene to avoid being exploited by con-men and criminals. This doesn’t mean we exile everyone with a sketchy past to Antarctica. It does mean we ask them to step aside from the most sensitive leadership and publicity positions, we impose strong expectations on them to repent and atone, and we probably don’t allow them to come in charge of millions of dollars worth of quite vaguely “accounted” for donation flows. Brett’s dupes have failed to achieve any single one of those points, and I believe it shows not just a deficit in judgment, but character. They all owe a big apology to Brett’s victims for what they’ve allowed him to do.

  2. It’s telling that Brett’s “go to” defamation claim is that he is a pedo.Even when the person he’s suing has never referred to him that way. Kind of points to a guilty conscious.

  3. I see Bill has surfaced long enough to issue a threat to Hoge about writing about him and his lolsuits. I guess quoting Bill Schmalfeldt is libel according to Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • There are two mutually exclusive possibilities (so power of “and” does not apply).

      Either Willie is so witless that he does not know that the business of the courts is open to public discussion because that business is public business.

      Or else he does know, but is witless enough to assume that Hoge does not know.

      Of course, in either case, he shows up as witless.

      • I believe that the notion that Schmalfeldt is a dumbass is supported by the content of his legal filings.

      • We would call it redundant.

        It would call it something which we have no word for but among it’s people is represented by an incredibly high-pitched girlish scream usually cut off abruptly in a Wilhelm fashion to emit some irrelevant slur before beginning the cycle again.

  4. Apparently it is now libel to make a general comment.

    Not my fault if someone feels they resemble my remarks.

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