Sex, Grammar, and Microagression

The recent brouhaha over Bruce Jenner has led me to want to explain the use of English language pronouns on this blog—

Feminine pronouns (she/her/hers) are used for human beings lacking Y-chromosomes, other female biological entities, and for certain inanimate objects such as ships.

Masculine pronouns (he/him/his) are used for human beings possessing Y-chromosomes and other male biological entities.

Indefinite pronouns (he/him/his) are used for human beings whose possession of Y-chromosomes is unknown and may be used for other biological entities. One/one/one’s may be used for any human being regardless of Y-choromosome status when the subjunctive mood is used.

Neuter pronouns (it/it/its) are used for inanimate objects and may be used for non-human biological entities.

The plural pronouns (they/them/their) should only be used for groups of person or things.

These rules are not microagression. They’re science-based, clear-thinking, real-world grammar punching back twice as hard.

16 thoughts on “Sex, Grammar, and Microagression

  1. Is there a safe space somewhere on this blog to where one can retreat when they unintentionally read a microaggressively misspelled wrod?

  2. This reads like something that Alan Highers might have written. Not that there is anything wrong with it, though. It would be milder than many bits in Spiritual Sword. 😊


  3. So you’re a hateful bigot, imposing the heteronormative patriarchy upon some guy who is alternately poor and rich, oppressed and ridiculously privileged, white genetically male who is confused about his genitalia on any given day?

    Frankly, I don’t care if Jenner wears skirts or pants tomorrow. In fact, I don’t want to know anything Jenner does tomorrow or today. I don’t care. Dress up as a pumpkin or turkey. Just don’t parade around demanding my approbation for your obvious mental problems. . Nobody gets to tell me what I have to think or approve of. Nobody.

  4. Back in college, I suggested as a new pronoun by compounding She, He, and IT. My idea gained little traction.

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