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We had a bit of concern trolling in the comment section over the last couple of days with lots of advice on how I should deal with various legal matters. I believe I will stick with the advice I’ve been given by real world lawyers.

OTOH, I suppose I can let the Gentle Readers (and the Team Kimberlin lurkers) in on the basic principle of my strategy: winning.

Meanwhile, everything is pro … oh, you know the rest.

52 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Leftist heads exploded with indignation, and the American MSM press couldn’t figure out what he meant.

  1. If we were ever visited by a sock engaging in concern trolling it might be illustrative to publish the body of his work here. That way we could look for patterns of behavior. It could be they tend to say things like, “Kimberlin sure is an asshole!,” rather than more specific remarks such as, “A man in his forties singing about having sex with teenage girls is really creepy.”

  2. “I believe I will stick with the advice I’ve been given by real world lawyers.”
    wait s its a bad Idea to take free legal advice from strangers on the internet ?

    • “Think first, then post…”

      If only BS had some self-awareness, he’d take that to heart. If nothing else, it would save him time trying to memory hole some of his more unhinged moments. Deleting and purging has to account for what, at least 20% of his online activity by my rough estimate?

  3. Hoge, I am very pleased that you could spot the concern troll as well as I could. Of course , I’m sure you had an easier time with ip addresses and all.

    • I also noticed some poor spelling, grammar and syntax in MT’s comments, although that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be a lawyer (no offense to lawyers.)😜
      But, his comments did seem a bit suspect.

      • Well he was always digging for what Hoge et al .were going to do. A real lawyer would know that people involved in law suits keep things silent.

  4. It would be interesting if the IP was the same as from a known TK poster.

    As for myself, the issue he raised was not unreasonable. I disagree with it, but it wasn’t unreasonable. And I myself has wondered if the state of Maryland would ever get around to enforcing it’s own laws. BS openly admitted he violated the PO and the judge still refused to enforce it. I’m not very optimistic on that front.

    PO obtained, BS violates it = Nothing

    PO obtained, even if BS honors it until it expires, then starts again = ??? Another PO?

    Maybe he honors it until it expires, then starts yet again = ??? From a prior post, a PO can be extended from 6 months to 1 year. Can it be extended to 18 months, 2 years, 3 years?

    How long does Hoge have to go around this circle? Until the dementia erases the memory of the web address and twitter handles?

    Winning looks more like getting Maryland’s stalking/harrassment laws changed.

    • Nope, it actually wasn’t. It was trolling for a particular response,(a little use as it would. Conceding the facially plausible remarks/questions, which all “reasonable guy” methods of trolling use, extended discussion was really because of trolls frustration when what he was expecting didn’t even occur to people who participated or played along.

      Fwiw, There was a “tell” in an early post, succeeded by others, so I skipped interaction, Didn’t want to cause an “is this a troll” time waster argument, either.

      • Perhaps so. And identity/history goes a long way towards establishing that.

        That being said, the line between addressing actual weaknesses and/or bad tactics and “concern trolling” is fuzzy. I had “concerns” about Mitt Romney’s big government Rebublicanism and lack of core principles trying to immitate Tea Party conservatism (as evidenced by his completely correct but badly handled “47%” comment). Turns out I was right.

        That wasn’t concern trolling, but a concern troll could exploit that.
        In either case, the issue doesn’t go away because of who the messenger is.

        The answer to MT seems to be similar to Aaron’s response. Hoge is in a secure enough position to weather the storm (and thus stand on principle over practical), whereas the next target (say a 25 year old with two toddlers living paycheck-to-paycheck) may not.

        Many (most?) people would, in fact, be well advised to take MT’s advice. Thank God there are those who can afford not to.

      • There is another factor that seems to have been overlooked in that discussion, and it is this: Have you seen that monkey dance? Holy shit, it’s hilarious!

        You have to take lulz like that where you can get them.

  5. A question: Should people at a school be concerned that someone with a history of planting a bomb at another school is in their neighborhood? A certain principal thinks yes. What do you think?

  6. child porn producers usually have very bad days in court, sometimes they underestimate their self congratulatory legal arguments. Worse yet they compound their problems by calling 14 year old females sexually explicit names on Twitter……

    Saw it on a radio podcast somewhere.

  7. June 3, 2015: “On another point, I plan to get back to podcasting. I just don’t have the heart for it at the moment.” – Bill Schmalfeldt
    That didn’t last long, did it? An hour or two?

  8. Cripes! Blow the leg off ONE guy. ONE guy, and forever everybody treats you like a “pariah.” Sing pervy songs, have a mysterious relationship w/a teen, marry a girl at lets say “sixteen-ish” and sing one, maybe two songs about older men having sex with young chics and suddenly everybody figures you for a perv. A fella just can’t catch a break.

      • I must say, my faith in his diagnostic abilities has been shattered, just shattered.

        • It’s like he thinks she’s got Parvo and he’s going to have her put down. I have never seen such a combination of sociopathy and STUPID!

    • Heck, I’m stage 5 chronic kidney disease which is more properly called “End Stage Renal Disease”. Does this idiot think all diseases use the Ann Arbor staging scale?
      What a faker. I have no doubt Gail is ill, but I doubt her physicians are clueless as to her disease and it’s processes. I am of the belief that Bill is a Google diagnostician. Pick a symptom and Google it! sounds like what an evil version of Sheldon Cooper would do …

    • I have to say, who could possibly be a better expert on extending her suffering than Bill Schmalfeldt?

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