Another Data Breach

The Office of Personnel Management has announced that government computers were hacked resulting in the breach of personal identifying information for around 4,000,000 current and former federal employees. Given the recent IRS hack and other federal data breaches that have been in the news (and the one that have been kept quiet), one wonders if Hillary Clinton’s emails weren’t more secure on a private server after all.



9 thoughts on “Another Data Breach

  1. Nothing to worry about here, folks. Inside sources who asked not to be named have informed this reporter that the database that was “breached” was actually a honeypot established by U.S. Cyber Command. What the Chinese actually obtained was 4,000,000 copies of the personnel record of a GS-13 writer-editor who retired from the National Institutes of Health in 2011.

  2. So our humble host is one of the people possibly at risk I’d guess. Any thoughts?
    My guess is the government exempted themselves from reporting requirements so who knows how long until people (like several I know) are told if they were compromised and what was stolen.

    Dear heavens if they got any direct deposit information, people could be totally screwed.

    • I’ve been a ‘victim’ of something like this twice now. In both cases, the government was reasonably forthcoming and offered all of the monitoring and so forth that I’ve gotten when a victim (once or twice, can’t recall) of similar private breaches.

      FWIW, I thought this breach was limited to employment data, and not the contents of the SF86. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t even count this as my third time being victimized.

      This breach does explain a few things about my personal situation though. And ongoing problems explain some things I’ve noticed in the trades regarding the contracts and contracts who do most of the work.

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