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Every once in a while, I take a look at the various Kimberlin websites to see what, if any, influence he may be having. I noticed this at the Velvet Revolution US site.VRUScomments20150530No one has made any comments to the featured posts. Indeed, scrolling down the front page, I found that none of the posts had any comments.

It seems that the Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is having about as much success in the marketplace of ideas as he is in the courts of law.


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    • I have had at least one post relating to Brett Kimberlin or one of his associates every day since 23 May, 2012. The first post titled Team Kimberlin Post of the Day went up on 22 February, 2013.

      • And I believe that every one of them has at least one comment. It does not appear that TK has followers that engage in lively, often ribald, commentary, unlike Team Good Guys, where the commentary is brisk and exceedingly ribald at times.
        I wonder just how many posts here have 0 comments and what the ratio is between commented posts and uncommented posts as it seems BK has a 0: ratio!

  1. Kinda makes you wonder what his “REAL” job is, since we know its not activism using his all-but-defunct website(s). I’ve read when other endeavors fail, its often easiest to fall back on what we know the best. For TK, that’s lying, stealing and dealing. But I’m only making a guess and espousing my *opinion since I don’t really know any of the TK players.

    *see what I did there. lol

    • My theory is that he’s basically retired (from drug smuggling, which was his primary vocation), and spends his time hiding his assets and laundering them. A basic store selling organic crap would be a good way to do that (and I think that was an early version of this that had to go away due to his dodging of a judgment), but under my theory he is using donations to a myriad of causes now. I’d love to see where the donations to his charities come from as it’s apparent very very few actual people are interested.

      If I’m right, his mistake was getting his ego wrapped up in it and making enough attention that a few people really did start donating and affiliating with his velvet revolution. Enough that he began to attract true believers and nuts to both donate and attempt to take an active role in what they didn’t realize is a criminal enterprise. Naturally he can’t do that as he has to keep the inner workings of a laundering operation under the radar from anyone he doesn’t really know. Sure, some of the new friends will be political fixer scumbags like Neal R, with politicians who need ruthless help once in a while when they tweet the wrong thing to a high schooler or a co-ed. But sometimes they run into a paranoid zealot who is almost as happy burning down the whole show as they would be leading it, just to get attention. That’s the thing about the internet, it’s all about getting attention, which is why no matter how accurate my theory is, Kimberlin was destined to lose as all people have to do is talk about his accurate history. The best reaction to his behavior in court has always been to stubbornly keep talking about him.

      • Retired? Probably.

        But has anyone gotten an understanding of where that site selling dubiously sourced pharmaceuticals that was running on the same host as a bunch of the Team Kimberland sites came from?

  2. Too bad BK can’t have “Mark in MD” comment. Even BS uses him… err, gets him, totally independent of BS, of course… to opine once in a while.

    • And the world famous lawyer RogerS who has been so wrong on every legal prediction he’s ever made that now he’s resorted to commenting about what his lawyer friends of his say about various BK cases.

  3. Roger Shuler should spend less time sharing his crazy opinions on the internet and more time working to pay off the $3.5 million he owes to his victims.

  4. LOL it seems obsessive cyber-harasser Thomas A Mix of Vero Beach Fla has just noticed this blog and old comments about him harassing me. Apparently Mix has been going to the Kimberlin/Schmalfeldt school of law and is demanding that his name never be mention and he is going SUE all those blogs that document his harassment of me. Today he retweeted that I was a pedophile.

    I swear they all share the same damaged brain cell

    • Good grief. That Mix character is a piece of work. These attention whores climb all over social media trying their damnedest to gain attention, and then when they do? They squeal and whine that others have taken notice of their attention whoring, and actually have the audacity to comment on it. *SMH*

      And, how he gets from “a few comments on a blog he had to go in search of” to “harassment” is beyond me. Just another little fascist leftist who desires to shut up those with whom he disagrees.

      BTW — Thomas Mix and his freaky sidekick Nicole Bonnet are two of the last people on social media who should be crying about being harassed and abused. Their treatment of Jeanette Runyon has been beyond the pale — and, They. Just. Won’t. Stop.

  5. My personal barnacle Thomas A Mix of Vero Beach Fl has noticed some posts on this blog about his and others harassment of me. He’s upset that his name is being mentioned. It seems he has been going to the Kimberlin/Schmalfeldt shool of law. He’s going to SUE every blog that mentioned his name! Mean while he has retweeted that I am a probably like pedophile Lisa Biron

  6. HAHAHA!!!eleventy You’re a loser!

    Oh, wait, it’s the OTHER guy who can’t get anyone to comment on his musings he feel are important enough to highlight.


  7. If a convicted domestic terrorist gets hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding for a website that nobody reads, does the IRS give a s**t?

      • I assume it’s as hard to get a lefty chucked off Tumblr as it is off Twitter. SammyD, you hit the nub of a complaint to Tumblr right on the head.

    • What an evil thing to do. WJJH’s wife is seriously ill. LG is having surgery and has been in pain for months. The Lemmens are very ill. I just spent three days at the hospital, watching over a family member in kidney and heart failure. Aaron Walker has had family in the hospital in the past year.

      Why do something like this? Why send an email to a guy who has asked you repeatedly to leave him alone, whose wife you have insulted with glee, a man who is not taking part in any ongoing Schmalfeldt flame wars? Why? I believe he emailed Aaron to bug him, in hopes of getting a response like this so he could claim victimhood. Aaron is not John, Grady, Krendler, Eric, Howard or any other of the other white whales that BS goes after. Aaron ignores BS 99% of the time. I can tell you, that while I’ve been sitting in the hospital, the last thing I was thinking about was BS and whether or not he was calling me names again.

      When he does crap like this, I feel like a genuine idiot for taking the high road, and praying for his family.

      • This latest action of Bill Schmalfeldt’s is not grief. It is not the rational act of a rational human being.

        It is hatred; pure unadulterated hatred symptomatic of the disease that permeates Team Kimberlin and especially one of its less mentally capable members.

        Above all, it is decidedly criminal!

        This is the act of a man who needs professional mental help now in an institution that can protect us from him, STAT!!

        Book ‘im, Dano!

    • Come on Reader, you must know that everything Bill does is good and legal, and anything anyone else does which he doesn’t like is evil and illegal?

      Oh well, with a bit of luck the folks on tumblr who like chewtoys will find him.

  8. I scribbled some drivel tonight about this at the “tiniest blog in the world.” My question: Did anyone else get the same message? I didn’t, and Bill has my email and he has comment rights on my blog. (For now.) Why send this to Aaron?

    He is a habitual oversharer. Instead of getting to the hospital, he got to the internet. That’s just wrong.

    • Because he hadn’t heard from Aaron in a while, and didn’t want to leave him out of his harassment?

      Because he has a harassment quota to fill?

      • I’m sure Bill Schmalfeldt acted purposely. First, in his own mind, he was setting a trap for Aaron Walker. His intention may very well have been to bait Aaron into filing a Protective Order against him under the twin assumptions that he could portray Aaron as a jerk in the short run, and, insulate himself against any future Protective Orders in the long run by “beating the rap” through claiming yet again that an unwritten humanitarian exception to the Protective Order statute privileged his actions. The second was taking perverse delight in achieving indirect contact with John Hoge yet again if his provocation was ignored.

      • BSB

        respectfully, I don’t think he thinks that deeply. He was hoping ppl would make fun of his wife or something and then play victim because mean old Aaron could have stopped him and didn’t. He’s not smart enough to play that far ahead.

        Hey, btw, does tumbler have terms of service, that might be violated by his posting? do they have a method of reporting abuse? hmm…

      • Asking the wrong question tends to result in the deducing the wrong answer. The right question to ask is, “Does Bill Schmalfeldt think this shallowly?” What I am suggesting is merely what his thinking was when he penned John Hoge that note. Now, you know, I know, and the judge told him that he dodged the bullet on that one, but, does Bill Schmalfeldt know it? I don’t think he does. If he didn’t, it is merely the continuation of his pattern.

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