4 thoughts on “The Science is Settled

  1. The most popular “future global crisis/calamity” by decade

    1960’s — Global Cooling, Nuclear Proliferation, Pollution
    1970’s — Global Warming, Population Explosion, Pollution, Energy Crisis
    1980’s — Global Warming, Population Explosion, Dangers of Nuclear Proliferation (weapons and power plants), Peak Oil, Pollution
    1990’s — Global Warming, Peak Oil, Renewable Energy
    2000’s — Global Warming, Carbon Footprint, Renewable Energy, GMO’s
    2010’s — “Climate Change”, Carbon Footprint, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Proliferation

    I’m sure I missed one or two so add to the list!

  2. Last month I saw the remnants of a snowbank and the work of the plows at my local supermarket. I screamed.

    Never had a snowy Passover before. Never want one again.

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