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Just before midnight, I received this comment.TK201505290343Z

It came in just a few minutes after I reported these tweets to Twitter as abusive.Grouchcast604014306334765056Grouchcast604056811185000449GrouchyOldLib603710859186044930After I got that comment, I took a look at the Cabin Boy’s™ timelines, and those tweets were gone.


UPDATE—The tweets do not show up when I am logged into Twitter under my account, but they are visible to other accounts.TwitterTrick

Interesting …

52 thoughts on “On the Twitterz

  1. BS has far too much time on his hands. Maybe someday soon he’ll accidentally glue all of his fingertips together.

  2. Brett doesn’t like having his obvious incompetence pointed out. So Team Kimberlin responds with insults. What a bunch of children.

    • Possibly, since he did say that he going to lay in some supplies, earlier in the week. Maybe the list contained more than foot longs and mayo.

  3. It looks like time for Schmalfeldt to have another Peace Order against him. Although in his own words, they don’t really mean anything.

    He sure didn’t wait long to start harassing you again, huh?

  4. I think I have the solution, these people are crying out for help 🙂 they are saying I have to much time on my hands and really want a JOB.

  5. Witless Willie likes to make noise about how awful it is that some people insult a sick woman. Yet Hoge has not been one of those people. Nevertheless, Willie is at least encouraging others to insult Hoge’s sick wife.

    What is a reasonable conclusion to be drawnfrom this illogical behavior. What seems obvious to me is that Willie really gets off on obscene but unimaginatively puerile invective, particularly of the homoerotic or misogynistic variety, and is disgustingly avid for more of it. I for one do not believe he is annoyed in the slightest by any insults involving his wife because he really, really likes insults against women.

    • Yes, he is a weapons grade misogynist. This has become a proxy flame war. Bill is losing badly as none of his sock puppets can sustain any engagement. Bill is simply incapable of reasoned thought. He has the emotional maturity of an abused four year old.

      • I wonder what sick, twisted thing happened to Bill in th summer of 1959 to cause him to forever remain at the emotional maturity he had achieved by then, to forever make him an emotional toddler? I fondly remember our summer at the cabin on Harsen’s Island that year … three months of swimming, boating and fishing along with my brother ans five sisters … sunburns, fish frys, walks all over the island, first fish caught alone, learning to put worms on the hook myself, family friends occupying the other two cabins on the islet … Ah, memories of a full, loving childhood!

    • I have not seen any comments by our host about CB’s wife. For that matter, there are very few post directly about CB. Now CB thinks that it’s all about him. It’s like in high school when somebody yells “Hey stupid!”, he is the one who turns around to see who is talking to him.

  6. It should be all thumbs down to Cabin Boy and his scumbag tweets and blog comments.

    Unfortunately, the permanently deranged need to be a danger to themselves or a danger to others before they can be committed to a psychiatric hospital.

    There are a lot of homeless wackos. Others live in trailers in Elkridge.

  7. So the “IM WINNING BITCH” is an admission that these offensive tweets and blog comments are coming directly from Bill.Statement against interest and all that.

  8. I wonder how BS’s dogs are doing. He doesn’t write about them much since Shiloh ran away and was found, which I was glad about.

    • Let’s not forget that last year one of his dogs was “dying”. Remarkable recoveries seem to run in the Schmalfeldt household. Bill lost his voice now he’s doing multiple podcasts. He lost his ability to walk and claimed he was “wheelchair bound” but he’s now the one going out with the dogs and running errands. KOOKY huh?

  9. Does he really not understand that gravitar images are independent of blog comments are is he just trying to be a jerk?

  10. The guy lives in a trailer. How can he consider himself “winning” at anything? No offense to people living in trailers, but that isn’t exactly evidence of success in life.

  11. Some of his tweets yesterday were, yet again, head scratchers. He accuses everyone of claiming his wife is “faking it,” but what I saw were comments by SOME people that doubted his veracity on the topic, since a year ago he kept calling himself a dying man, implying that he had but a short time left on this earth, as in weeks or months. I didn’t see anyone say she was faking it, and for the record, I do believe that she is seriously ill. He posted an audio of what he called her “testimony,” but, legally, that is not testimony – not given under oath and not transcribed or video-recorded by a certified court reporter. In the end, I am left with the suspicion that he is trying to create some sort of narrative to “impute” behavior that did not occur, and we all know how dangerous and actionable “imputing false narratives” can be.

    • You mean like when he decided to drop his first LOLsuit because he and his doctor agreed it was going to kill him an had already made him terribly ill? And like how he now bangs out rage screeds at a miraculous rate?

      I can’t imagine why people would doubt him.

      • And shortly after he dropped the lawsuit that was killing him, he announced on twitter that the fight was making him strong?

        The man can’t keep his stories straight to save his life. Some day, I hope soon, one of his victims will come after him demanding his money and his house. Unlike Bill, they won’t demand the spouse too.

      • Oh BS has been “dying” and milking up his “whoa-is-me” pity party at least as far back as his second enlistment in the US Navy (1981 – 1985). He spent more time from 1981 to 1985 as a “patient” or “under treatment” or on “light limited duty” then he did actually out doing his job.

      • Oh Reallllly, AB? Go figure. You know, when our best friend screwed up his knee he made sure once it was known that he would never be truly fit for duty again, he got himself out of the service right quick, instead of lingering on and on and on. Makes me wonder how much of what Billy does is to get as many benefits as he can – milking the system dry.

    • “Honey, tell the Internet how sick you are, so I can act offended on your behalf.”

      I think we can all agree the sickest person in that trailer is Cabin Boy himself.

      • He’s trying to lay the groundwork for a malpractice suit. So sorry Bill. It won’t work because your wife was being seen by multiple doctors at that time. Because, you know, actual cancer that could kill you will screw you up physically quicker than scleroderma.

  12. Well that’s interesting…. it would seem that the twitter accounts for The Liberal Grouch and @grouchcast are both unavailable right now.

    He must be taking a break from the internet.

    • What a coincidence considering that he was just recently so elated that two other accounts were suspended. I wonder if CB believes that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • So, let’s see. @GrouchyOldLib? @grouchcast? And the beauty part is, I had nothing to go with it. #Karma is a #Bitch

    • That’s a curious message. Not ‘activity possibly in violation of our ToS’ but ‘strange activity’?

  13. My first thought was that Kimberlin attracts the dregs of humanity. Then I realized that was unfair to dregs.

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