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Now that so many other people are archiving his blogging, I no longer regularly read the Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt meanderings on his blog du jour. I’m told that he wants to charge me a license fee for using his name and and image in my reporting about him and his buddies with Team Kimberlin.


Before making such a foolish assertion, he should have talked to a lawyer who could have explained case law such as Lawrence v. A. S. Abell Co., 299 Md. 697 (1984) to him.

And in other news concerning the Cabin Boy™ …

Yesterday, I mailed a reply to his opposition to my motion to dismiss his current LOLsuit for improper venue to the court. I also served the Cabin Boy™ by mail.

The reply speaks for itself, and I do not intend to make any further substantive public statements about the motion until the court has ruled on it.

78 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I was kinda wondering why Maryland wouldn’t insist you sue the sole defendant who resides in Maryland in his home county?

    • Yawn.

      Creating new twitter accounts is so easy, even Bill Schmalfedt can do it.

      Has done it.

      Over and over again.

      Twitter is a $hit-strewn wasteland, beloved by libtards because their intellect can seldom encompass concepts too complex to express in 140 characters.

      Meanwhile, Bill Schmalfeldt is still a creepy adjudicated harasser. Brett Kimberlin is still a convicted bomber, perjuror, devourer of official seals, diddler of girls less than half his age, etc.


    • How many of your 100+ Twitter accounts have been suspended, Bill? I’m guessing it’s over 30…

  2. What kind of idiot gets that excited over a Twitter suspension? It’s Twitter — as significant as a thimble of water against the oceans. And getting someone suspended is so hard the fascist left has turned it into their first reflex — we’re not talking about a technically challenging feat, or even about persuasive social engineering, it’s just abusing an automated process.

    • Communists, Leninists, Marxists and Maoists… oh hell… the Left in general considers it a victory when they shut down someone else’s speech. As they used to say in the old country “The person who a Leftist is trying to silence is a person the Leftist fears.”

    • Well you know when you are too stupid to argue facts just abuse the twitter process. Hell,even a brain dead raper of little girls and his band of even stupider deadbeat dad wife abusers, horrible musicians, and really stupid guys that fantasize about raping boy scouts can push a button on twitter.

      • I thought his wife was dying? Then again a year or so ago, he was dying, couldn’t walk, couldn’t speak… Blah blah blah…

        Bill and the rest of Kimby’s pedo party need to grow the heck up, or drop dead; don’t matter to me.

  3. Serial stalker WJJ Hoge. Banned from Twitter, facing charges of harassing underage girl, hides behind frivolous lawsuits against a scawwwwwy disabled man.


      • Hmmmm, good question VV. I can’t see any lawsuit currently on the docket that Our Gracious Host has filed against BS. And, as we all know, peace orders are not lawsuits. Or maybe some people don’t realize that….

      • When Mr. Bill loses a suit, or it becomes so obvious that even he can’t deny it’s doomed, it becomes someone else’s suit, just like it’s someone else’s fault.


    • Shhhh, best not to interrupt the stupid. When stupid hits a fact it comes to a sudden halt that can cause brain damage. Just ask Neal, Fergie, Bill or the Tiny Terrorist, they all exhibit the signs. Just take the comments showing up here today as evidence of their brain damage.

    • Meanwhile you hide behind fake names because you’re too cowardly to use your real one and too weak to stay away.

      How spineless and ashamed of yourself do you have to be to obsess over what a bunch of strangers are saying about you?

  4. Heh. The troll comments from Team Kimberlin seem to increase whenever one of their legal shenanigans is about to go down in flames. Again. What a bunch of children. Grown adults who never grew up, living out their lives in their parents’ basements flaming the interwebz. Except for Bill – he still needs to dig a basement under his trailer so he can be just like Brett.

  5. Matt B. Osborne: He is angry at life because he spent 1993 – 2003 in the US Army and Alabama Army National Guard and never got higher than E-4 (Specialist). Keep in mind that promotion from E-1 to E-4 in the Army is AUTOMATIC so his claim to fame is that in nearly 9+ years of service he never got busted down and was never good enough to be promoted to be an NCO or Officer. He had served with some distinction as both a 98G (Cryptologic Linguist – Arabic) in the Big Army and a 31F (Network Switching Systems Operator) in the ALARNG. Oh and when he was in the ALARNG he did try out for Officer Candidate School (OCS) in 2001 but washed out… maybe that’s where he gets jealous of Mr. Hoge who actually was an Army officer. Currently living it up in his parents basement and using rabbits as an excuse for the smell.

    William A. Ferguson: Still upset that he didn’t have that chance to serve in Afghanistan (even though he sent a tweet to Keith Olbermann saying he WAS in Afghanistan). His twitter feed from that time is full of his concerns to friends and family about not making it home alive from combat and the dangers he would face over there. Oh… until you find out he was an Information Systems Technician (US Navy) and would be maintaining the internet at Bagram and never leave the wire. He would have made it to Afghanistan too but at the last possible moment (the day prior to leaving) he failed his cholesterol level test (too high) and they dropped him from the deployment. Still bitter and upset about his first Filipina wife banging other guys on her birthday he divorced her and then imported (Team Kimberlin phrasing) his second Asian wife from Indonesia. So far he has yet to find a reason to “send her back from where he bought her” (again TK phrasing).

    • A.B. – I thought BS had run you off the net? I guess not. Are you attending Tufts these days?

    • 10 years to make E4? Shit, I made E5 in less then 3 in arguably a much tougher unit then being a desk jockey. No wonder he hides in momma’s basement.

      • I was Nuclear Navy, so I was an E3 out of boot camp, made E4 when I completed my A-school (4 months service but a 6 year commitment), E5 at about 3 years and made E6 before getting out after 6 years of service and almost 4 years of sea duty on a LA-class fast attack submarine.


    Oh poor, poor Bill. After multiple, multiple fail doxes of me he would rather just claim I’m not real. take his ball and go home. His google-fu has revealed I’m not a video game playing teenager, or Petty Officer Robert “Bob” Albee (with a WHOLE WEBSITE devoted to me), nor was I Andrew Ballard of Middle Tennessee State University. And because google can’t tell Bill who I am then I must be fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Phake!

    But Bill… I am real! I am real and I am female, and I am black… bust most of all I am B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and that is what throws you for a loop! So go ahead and pout all you want but me? I’m dancing!

    • Ever notice that nobody comments on Blob’s eleventy frillion blogs? He has to go looking for insults, which he does regularly because he’s a psycho dumbass.

      • Exactly. – those who harass WJJH tweet him, email him, and leave comments here. They seek HIM out.

      • Bill has comments disabled on his blogs. He can’t stand being faced with facts so he hides. You know, like he ran and hid from Grady….twice!

    • So winning for you = going to another person’s blog and posting a vile and disgusting comment?

      Looks more like losing and desperation to me, with a lot of immaturity thrown in for good measure.

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