Thermodynamics and Health Care

Megan McArdle has a post up on Sticker Shock for Some Obamacare Customers. Now that real world cost data is available, insurers are asking for rates that allow them to at least break even on Obamacare coverage. Maryland’s largest insurer is asking for a 30 percent increase.

It’s a basic principle of Thermodynamics that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. That applies to health care too.

That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

23 thoughts on “Thermodynamics and Health Care

  1. The unintended real-world consequences of an ideological feel-good program.

    Here’s another:

    And then there’s the feel-good minimum wage laws. I think minimum wage should be set at $50 an hour. We’ll all be rich!

    I’m getting ready to write up a law proposal wherein John gives me half his money, and Grace gives Howarddearl half of her money, and I give Krendler half of my money, and so on. That way no one will ever have to actually work. What can go wrong?

    • Several studies have shown that the one of the better family policies is just to allow maternity or paternity leave.
      But if you say that feminazis get all crazy.
      Of course, the wife and I made things work by saving up sick time and vacation (or in my case just being a grad student.) People seem to think that’s horrific, making people think ahead and be prepared for life.

      • That’s crazy talk. You’re supposed to let politicians do your thinking for you.

      • Being prepared for life? The heck? You mean we have to PLAN? ZOMG! That means I won’t get to fulfill my density and be a world-famous rapper/rockstar/novelist/sports player/actor. You HATER!

      • Sure you can Ash, just import and sell a bunch of marijuana, eat a presidential seal, chase after little girls, leave bombs at high school football games and presto…
        He’s still a loser?

    • Unintended consequences? Sounds like some radical right-wingers sabotaged the perfect policies of the left.

      Obviously there are no radical right-wingers identified in the article (probably because they were driven out of Europe over the past 50 years), but it’s the only plausible explanation. Liberals always tell us that their feel-good policies will work because they feel good about them.

  2. Reblogged this on Truth Before Dishonor and commented:
    Hey, Democrats! We told you so! Maryland insurer is asking for a 30 percent increase in premiums just so they can break even. We have spiking health insurance rates, spiking deductibles, severely restricted options and service providers, all forecast by Conservatives and all poopooed away by Leftists who were all gaga about Socialized Health Care because that’s what European Socialists were doing. ObamaCare is an unmitigated disaster and what it replaced was far better than anything Socialists can offer.

    • Bears are more important than the lower classes (Democrat voters). Plus there are immediate, frequently lethal consequences for stupid behavior around them.

      • Sadly, there seem to often be immediate and frequently lethal consequences for stupid behaviour around certain lower class neighborhoods in Democrat controlled cities too.

    • You know, maybe that’s what the right wing zombie nut jobs need to step up and accept responsibility for: we’ve been very slack at wholesale terror and slaughter.

      We can do better.

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