35 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Under the “New York Times Co. v. Sullivan” standard Bill is a public figure–karma is a bitch.

  2. When I saw that, I immediately went to the Hogewash store because I wanted to make sure to stock up on the various “Bill Schmalfeldt” merchandise that must have been there, or at least those items that had endorsements so attributed, but you were so quick I couldn’t find any.

    Well, either that, or the Pustule has made an illiterate, baseless assertion about what a law means.

    Could that really happen? He looked so smart, over there, poking at his own turds.

  3. Gee, I guess I should go down and file for a peace order against Bill for using my name and address in his book. You know, the one he’s selling on Amazon. He’s blatantly trying to make money off of me (and Kyle the felon, and and a few others).

    Is there such a thing as a class action peace order?

  4. Damn do these folks all get their law degree from the same Cracker Jack box? My barnacle believes just liking the Vero Beach Facebook page let alone painting out his PUBLIC harassment of me is stalking him

    • I’d trust a Cracker Jack degree much more than I would these chuckleheads. Team Kimberlin is as stupid as the day is long. A

      And holy crap, Jeanette. That’s just a box full of wrong. Seems to be a disease in this modern era, isn’t it? SMH

  5. Just when I think Cabin Boy has reached peak stupid, he teaches me there is so much further he can go. If he wasn’t such a vexatious sociopath, I’d be impressed. But instead, I just want him held accountable for his harassment and stalking (well, further beyond the already adjudicated cases and peace orders).

  6. Yep. And, he was screeching the exact same thing about Patrick Grady (even though the Stalking No-Contact Order Grady acquired against BS clearly states BS can’t even write ABOUT him) just a couple of weeks back.

    “I can write ABOUT Grady. I just can’t write TO Grady. You stupid (insert vile name calling here). Blah. Blah. Blah.”

    So, BS wants to be able to talk about others, post images of others, post altered images of others, splatter people’s private information all over his Twitter timeline (complete with images of their children) — but, when BS decides to call it quits — SCHMALFELDT AM LAW, or some such crap.

    “I will reciprocate by removing all reference to you, all likenesses of you, from my website.” (Bill Schmalfeldt)

    So what exactly is he saying there? Is he admitting that he’s been in violation and guilty of the same things he now accuses Hoge of doing? Or, is he saying he’s beyond butthurt, and he’s not having his sick fun anymore, and he now just wants a situation of his own making to go away BECAUSE HE SAID SO?

    Oh. And, is BS going to go after every blog host who dares mention his name and/or uses an image of him, or an image he has freely shared on Twitter? If so — he’s going to be a busy boy. And, if he doesn’t? Then all of this latest nonsense of his will even more clearly be shown for precisely what it is…

    … more unrelenting harassment of John Hoge.

    • Is he going to take down all his books where he appropriates Lickspittle names, photos, and addresses? We’re each one of us far less of a “public figure” than he is.

      I can guess the answer to that one. 😀

  7. Was it just a couple days ago that everyone was free to use any image that they chose, just Not. His. Wife?

    How are we to keep up with his ever-shifting demands?

    Hmmm. I think I shall ignore them!

    Serenity achieved!

    • “Was it just a couple days ago that everyone was free to use any image that they chose, just Not. His. Wife?”

      Up to yesterday. And, now *poof*. He’s changed his mind again. No images and no mention of him are allowed according to Schmalfeldt Law. And, it is difficult to keep up with his ever-shifting demands. Is his latest demand solely targeting Hogewash!? If so… why?

      I wonder how far Schmalfeldt Law goes? Does it affect all blogs? Twitter timelines? Does it affect all private citizens — like Grady, Krendler, and any and all Lickspittles he has called out by name and posted images of?

      Schmalfeldt Law is very, very confusing.

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