Prevarication Du Jour

@GrouchyOldLib201505202225ZThe Cabin Boy™ hears all sorts of things. Sometimes they’re from such questionable sources as The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. Other times, I’m not sure of the source of the voices he says he’s hearing.

BTW, if anyone does need to look up my contact information at Goddard, I’m listed as William J. Hoge.

I’m not sure what the Cabin Boy’s™ purpose is for spinning such outrageous stories, unless he is trying establish a sterling reputation for making it up as he goes along and a proven track record for being wrong.

UPDATE—Why make you have to search for the info? Here’s my current listing in the NASA Directory.Hoge NED

57 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • No pity! No mercy!

      What the Elkridge Horror so desperately needs is like the scene from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo wherein Lizbeth Salander imparts justice on the soliciter Bjurman.

      Rumor has it that Mony Python is soon coming to a certain trailer park tincasa……..

  1. Addled minds come up with all sorts of nonsense.

    I sometimes wonder if his “friends” screw with him on purpose just for laughs.

    • Of course they do. Who do you think talks him into most of the more stupid things he does? Oh I’m sure they get a big laugh out of making him dance. Bill has some great friends there.

    • His “friends” treat him far worse than his self-made enemies.

      I’ve given him far better advice than those of Team Kimberlin who are simply exploiting him for their own purposes.

      But, don’t worry Bill. You won’t be getting any more kind advice from me.

      Unkind advice? Plenty of it at

  2. So Cabin Boy is admitting that whoever the “person” was that looked up your information lacks real investigative skills?

    That says a lot about the Cabin Boy.. well, actually, it just adds more proof that the Cabin Boy and Team Kimbergarten just aren’t very smart people.

  3. The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed,
    but that he cannot believe anyone else.
    George Bernard Shaw

  4. Just curious: Does anyone else here think it’s a bad idea to take advice from a pedophile?

  5. Big BM logic: “Hoge has now implicated himself in hacking a NASA employee database! Just wait until the next court hearing!”

  6. Hey, he fell into a rut and typed 21 O’s in HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!!one!

    It can happen to the best of us, so it can happen to the worst as well, amiright?

  7. Must have had Bunny Boy do the checking … Checked one place, probably not even connected to NASA or Goddard, and declared that John lied. Rather like asking a denomination about the status of someone not affiliated with them and finding that they had no knowledge of the person be inquired about, promptly declaring that person a liar and a fraud.
    The usual non-proof proof of a lie. Just because we ask the wrong person for proof and they cannot furnish proof, you are automatically guilty of anything we think (and hope) you are doing. Reality does nor work that way. if you would accuse someone of crimes or lies, first you must have unquestionable proof of such, proof beyond any doubt, else you teeter on such pure assholery as this.

  8. Why disprove his fantasy? Wasn’t it Bill Schmalfeldt who was trying to dox you as working at Goddard? Just announce to him that he had been pawned. Just announce that you had never worked there, and, you are laughing at him for laboring under that delusion. When he triumphantly declares he has successfully doxed you it would be the Pawnage of the Century.

  9. BS has had an Internet presence for over ten years. He knows how blogs and avatars work. He knows that avatars change across the board, into past comments, when someone changes their avatar. He also knows that Hogewash commentators post on other blogs and also tweet, yet he is not sending cease and desist notices to those blogs, under the flimsy pretext of avatars being under Hoge’s control, just to have contact with the object of his obsession. He is a serial harasser and is looking for anything to give him cover to continue to harass.

  10. Bill is on notice to cease and desist any and all negative remarks about “Lickspittles.” It causes me to feel distressed. Knowing this, any further negative tweets or posts on his blog will constitute harassment of me under section 8675309-J.

  11. Simply unbelievable. Bill Schmalfeldt keeps setting his dumbass bar lower, and lower, and lower…

    • That’s because as you get fatter and fatter, your ass droops further and further toward the floor. It’s a law of nature.

  12. Reasons you’d want to say something this stupid:
    1) You want to be committed
    2) You need to be committed
    Yea, anything else I can come up with ultimately comes back to one of those.

    • That’s like a…Wait, don’t tell me…. Con…something.

      Constipation? We’ll probably, but that’s not it.
      Cons… Doggone it.

    • Thank you bs for that admission you are invoked in a conspiracy to commit Fed felonies.

  13. I think it’s clear no one else is involved, and this is one more fail to add to Bill’s “scoreboard”. (5 “I didn’t do it” tweets were overkill.) Won’t look too good in front of his jury he’s trying to convince of harassment. Well done, Billy Boy.

  14. Technically, he’s not wrong. There is no match for the literal string “WJJ Hoge” in the employee directory. Just as there wouldn’t be for “Will Hoge”, “J Hogg”, “Willam Hoge”, “Bill J Hoge” or a host of other misspellings.

    James Jamie, Richard Dick, Charles Charlie, etc. when searching by name.

    Smart people already know that.

  15. The HTML ate my formatting. Let’s try that again.

    James != Jamie, Richard != Dick, Charles != Charlie

  16. Me, I wouldn’t have put that email address out there… you know the trolls are just going to abuse it.

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