An Email for Mrs. Hoge

This arrived in Mrs. Hoge’s inbox today.

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Your husband is being criminally charged with stalking a teenage girl. That’s some sick stuff. Imagine what everyone at the Forestry Board is thinking when they read the newest article about your husband’s perversions. So embarrassing. Finally people at Goddard are taking an interest in John’s mental depravity and he will more than likely be suspended, if not let go totally. You have your own insurance, don’t you? I hope so. Remember what happened when John was responsible for his own mother’s care. He had to be taken to court twice to pay her bills. Sorry that you are suffering through a disease and a terrible marriage to a perverted man with a deteriorating mental capacity. The more your friends are made aware, the more support you will receive…. right?

[link to Breitbart Unmasked redacted]

129 thoughts on “An Email for Mrs. Hoge

    • Ummm, no, Billy, that does not mean that. Obviously you don’t get the significance, so STFU and quit bloviating about it. Before someone drops a house on you.

    • Let me get this straight… the same creature who is raging all over his Twitter timeline and threatening others concerning using an image of his wife as an avatar that: (1) his wife will NEVER see (unless he shows her); and, (2) he wouldn’t even see if he wasn’t such a stalking sociopath — is not only cheering the fact another man’s wife is DIRECTLY receiving disgusting emails, but he is hoping that more are sent.

      That tweet right there did it for me. Oh, well.

  1. Neil is sick and should be in jail for more things than just being the criminal he is.

    I wonder how the real activists with Anonymous feel about having this guy use their infrastructure to conceal his activities. If they knew him better, they would not provide services to either him or his twerp mate DPK. That they are associated via close proxy to one of those whom they desire to expose for crimes like under-age international child sex offences should make them understand that NR is using them to hide his own activities.

  2. Team Kimberlin is freaking out. Something bad must be on the horizon for Team Kimberlin.

    • Team Kimberlin might be worried that they have been earned all expenses paid vacations at club Fed.

      • As a former resident of Club Fed, they should be so lucky. I hope they all go to either medium or high security prisons instead of the minimum security, unfenced, dormitory style work camp that is FPC Pensacola, A.K.A. ‘Club Fed’.
        It has a fairly good chow hall, a great library, an extensive law library with subscriptions to both Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw, a very well equipped music room/studio, TV’s everywhere, a high-priced canteen, very nice visitors center and a new ‘worship’ center. Softball fields, football/soccer field. When I left on 4Jan2010, there was a new cinema in the works.
        Higher security facilities in the BOP not so much …

      • @Father Paul Lemmen
        I busted a guy in the navy, and at his general court he was awarded 20 years at hard labour to be served at a Marine brig. When the nay was really pissed at you and could not give you life, they sent you to a Marine brig.

        Oh the major charge was tampering with the U.S. Mail

  3. Oh, dear, now he’s talking about bill payments. Perhaps he should look up his own family name in the Maryland case search regarding non-payment of bills.

  4. So, we’re not supposed to “F*** with” a man “who’s just been told his wife is terminal”, something he’s been telling the entire world on twitter and his blog for weeks now.

    And because he’s just suddenly realized that something he’s been telling us for weeks as the truth actuall is the truth (I seem to recall the almost identical phrasing some time back about not f***ing with someone with a dying wife) we’re just supposed to give him a pass on anything and everything he does, no matter how harassing or stalkerish? I don’t think so.

    The world doesn’t work that way.

  5. The Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt believes it makes him sound like a less violent psycho because he adds the word “legally” to his violent and threatening tweets sharing his deepest desires.

    Doesn’t work.

    And, it was just a few days ago he was threatening physical violence against someone he is currently suing. Oh. And, he didn’t add the word “legally” to that violent threat.

    • And for what? For quoting him, and for referencing legal proceedings. That is what earns a threat of physical harm from Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • And nearly 100 tweets in less than 12 hours. Including time off to take his “beloved” to the doctor’s (or more precisely to tag along as someone else takes her). But he’s too physically debilitated by his disease to write. Right.

        I think the reason they let (made?) him retire was his mental deterioration as well as that wonderful pro-woman, pro-gay attitutde, which must have gone down just a treat in the halls of the NIH.

    • Hmm. It sounds like Mr. Schmalfeldt has received some very disturbing news, and might be in such a frame of mind that he poses a danger to himself or others.

      Perhaps someone residing nearby could communicate to the proper authorities that what can only be interpreted as a desperate cry for help has been made by Mr. Schmalfeldt.

      What’s a number between 5149 and 5151? I’m asking for a friend.

      • If I were trying to tweak his nose, I’d mention:
        a. I live nearby
        b. Check your mail

        But as that coincided with a dose of his nuttery pointed in my direction last time, I’ll refrain.

  6. Maybe it’s just me, but if I were as distraught as Bill claims to be over a bad diagnosis of a loved one, the last thing I’d be doing is spewing invective on Twitter at a rate of 4 tweets a minute. But hey, that’s just me. “Beloved”, indeed.

      • Wife, Son, House w/o wheels, job (at NASA), well read blog, lawyer friends, patents; yup totally mockworthy (p.s. not a word)

  7. The Cabin Boy is the perfect interaction of “dumb as dirt” and “predictable as the rising sun.” And of course, a deranged, adjudicated harasser.


      “In fact, when is your Jedi Master going to produce PROOF that I said what he is lying about my saying? – Bill Schmalfeldt, 5/20/2015”

      Isn’t it just precious how the stalking sociopath truly believes that our Gentle Host hasn’t done so? He does understand that there are actually places on the intertoobz that he has no ability to access, right?

      • No, because he wants everything done where HE CAN SEE! BECAUSE!!! ITS NOT FAIR!


        What a bloviating idiot.

  8. The most perplexing thing to me is that they claim that they don’t want people to blog about them… but then they do stuff like this.

    How’s the old joke go… “doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this.” “Then don’t do that.”

      • Earlier I was going to reply and point out that Bill Schmalfeldt is a known liar, but that would have been a wasted effort because everyone already knows so.

    • Also, what “sexually charged” crime? He must be thinking of Craig Gillette, who went to jail for possession of child p0rn. Yeah, that’s it.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt is just doing his usual psychological projecting. He can’t help it. It’s what he is.

  9. BS is rolling around singing to himself:
    I’m workin’ on three hots and cot o’yeah!
    I’m workin’ on three hots and cot o’yeah!
    down at club fed.
    three hots and cot o’yeah!

    • BS would never end up in Club Fed. Due to his Parkinson’s disease, he would be assigned to a BOP medical center (probably in North Carolina) which, by necessity is a high security Prison. Not a very congenial place to go … no sandy beeches, living in a dorm on a Naval Air Station, fresh air and no fences or guard towers … instead he will spend his time in a cell with a cellie, behind brick walls topped with razor wire, recycled air smelling of unwashed bodies, farts, feet and sour food all underlaid by the sweet, rank smell of fermenting ‘buck’ and cigarette smoke.

      • I’m pretty sure the Feds took the ciggies away for health and safety issues. So, a nicotine deprived cell mate…

        • Tobacco is still used as a medium of exchange since the BOP limited the possession of stamps to 5 about 10 years ago. The going rate when I left five years ago was $10 per cigarette, traded for commissary items … or for goods smuggled in by inmates who worked outside Saufley Field. Those who worked at NAS Pensacola were able to walk into any of the shoppettes and buy anything, often meeting up with girlfriends to buy cellphones, cigs, booze, anything they could either try to smuggle in or have the girlfriend stash on the grounds of Saufley Field, near one of the hangers usually.

  10. So Schmalfeldt wrote a harassing email, tried to pass it off as anonymous and then makes himself mad because no one finds the letter upsetting, including the intended victim?

    What’s the matter Billy? Everyone is now on to you and Team Kimberlin and you can’t seem to get rise out of team good guys anymore?


    Listen Twinkletwat, best you run along and just let all this go..


  11. These people are so vile and debased and monstrous that you almost want to wish bad things upon them.

    And then you realize who and what they actually are. And then you realize that there is very little worse you might wish upon them than is the reality of being them!

    I hope, before the very end, they come to the fullest possible understanding of how vile and debased and monstrous the truly are. That would be justice….

    • Are you sure your mommy will let you out of the basement to attempt such a thing, Wee Wee Willie? Here’s a thought… why don’t you go back to writing crappy music no one listens to? Making inane posts about things you would never have the [radio edit] to do ….

      Ninja, pleeze….

      • Dummy — Buy a dictionary*. At the very beginning of that book are words that start with the letter “A.” Look up the word “anonymity.”

        You’re welcome.

        * A dictionary (book) is a rectangular type item consisting of pages glued together that have different words and the definitions of those words printed on them. They even make dictionaries with colorful pictures in them for young children and dummies.

  12. With the chemo does Connie still get wet or do you gotta lube her up to get your peepee in that stanky hole that your idiot manchild erupted from? Asking for a friend.

    • The Viagra commercials always say, “Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.” John Hoge has had four heart attacks. I find it interesting that your image of John Hoge is of a vital, vigorous man whose wife, due perhaps to age or infirmity, is finding it difficult to keep up with him. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that he has #&$!$^ the folks on TK quite hard?

      • “Perhaps, this is due to the fact that he has #&$!$^ the folks on TK quite hard?”

        Heh. Heh.

  13. There is not a whit of maturity in the entire team. All grade school mentality. Perfect examples of arrested development. Perpetual children, incapable of maturity, they are doomed to go from where the are to the grave without an increase in maturity.

    • A theory I’ve held for a while now is that one of the steps in maturity is recognizing and accepting one’s own fallibility. The idea that no matter how good your work is, you can still be wrong. Learn to deal with it, repair any issues, and move onward.

      There’s an echoing lack of this understanding in Team Bomberman. It never seems to occur to them that their reasoning is in error, that repeated legal battles will only solidify opposition, that their misbehavior will simply draw more attention down on them (Streisand Effect). No, they have to win at any cost — but for them there can be no victory.

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