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Back in March, Breitbart Unmasked published several post that made multiple false statements about me, including that I had engaged in stalking and suborned perjury. An honest publication would retract such false statement and publish a correction.

OTOH, this involves Breitbart Unmasked, so I have no expectation of honest, fair dealing from that website or any of the people associated with it. Still, it would be wise for a retraction, correction, and apology for the false information published about me last March to appear on that site—especially now that three judges have ruled that I didn’t engage in stalking, and two have ruled that I didn’t engage in harassment. It should happen soon. Very soon.

21 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I suppose, in theory, they could have until about 11 months and 29 days after the initial post to make such retractions, but I imagine that there’s a anxious ram who has other things in mind, now that he’s touched the wall. (Yes, I know, other kind of ram)

    • It should, but that would be an admission they’ve done something wrong. I don’t recall ever seeing such an admission from any of this pirate crew gang of losers so I don’t think it’s gonna happen here either.

      OTOH, FUN will be had by Team Free Speech.

  2. But child porn producers get it wrong all the time, saw it on cop show once, oh and the don’t care about their wives or family, otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much effort trying to make child porn, saw that also on some cop show

  3. Team Pedo-Bomber likes to double down on stupid… I’m sure they will do something extremely foolish in the very near future.


  4. Especially since they put forward information that could only be the result of malice, and I don’t mean ill will. I mean they knew it was false when they published it.

    • Yep. For Team Kimberlin, lying and cheating are a means to an end. Anyone who believes different than them are “others”, so lying and cheating are perfectly acceptable. Spoiled little brats who never grew up to accept the social responsibilities of being an adult.

  5. Rattling a saber is a noisy warning.

    Drawing a saber, done properly, is silent.

    Our Host is being very quiet about this…

  6. I’m going to do you the service of saving you a trip, Mr. Hoge, and tell you personally that there’s no way in hell the articles published about you on BU are coming down, being altered or retracted.

    Nor will you be getting an apology or correction.

    False information about you? Prove it.

    • 2 down votes. Brett and Bill, I presume….

      … Duck season!
      Rabbit season!…. Oho. PRONOUN Trouble. Let’s try that from the top, shall we?

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