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An organization run by a convicted drug smuggler support the legalization of marijuana.JTMP20150504BTW, the case on the docket just before the Cabin Boy’s™ trial on 16 April was Carroll County’s first DUI prosecution of a stoned driver since small quantities of dope were legalized in Maryland. Previously, the kid would have been charged with possession rather than a traffic offense.

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  1. Off topic, but I shared Brett Kimberlin’s knowingly frivolous motion to strike, here.

    And on the docket later today (wednesday): my opposition to the same. I promise it will be popcorn-worthy.

    Then of course on Thursday it is K. Kimberlin v. Hoge, the de novo appeal of the peace order brett couldn’t get ostensibly on his daughter’s behalf.

    • Brett Kimberlin practically confesses to deliberately using dilatory tactics when he objects to your responding to his lawsuit against you. Was his intention to drag everything out as long as possible in an attempt to wear down the defendants in hopes that they would settle? Or, was he intending to serve you well after the deadline for the represented defendants to respond to the complaint? Another possibility is that he was intending to file abusive motions absent any effective opposition.

      • The courts aren’t stupid, so they can see these things just as well as the legal types that read this blog. When do they slam the door on this nonsense? Or does it not matter as long as they’re not the ones on the receiving end?

        If that’s the case, maybe the TK goons should be pointed at some government or legal officials in order to gore the right oxen. Somehow I think the petty stuff would quickly become important to deal with.

      • More likely, would later claim to have served on a timely basis, and that there was no response, so he wins.

    • Good read, with interesting analysis. Your thesis deserves consideration by more specialized analysts.

  2. Eh. I’m not fond of the way our war on some recreational substances has been designed and run. The damage to our Fourth Amendment rights, coupled with the hilarious misuse of civil forfeiture, is enough to make me want to say ‘OK, ENOUGH. Let’s try something else.’

    Still, TK’s help is nothing anyone should want. ‘Stop Helping Me’ seems appropriate here.

    • Civil forfeiture is what gets me hot under the collar. It’s theft, writ large, plain and simple. And I’m libertarian so I don’t care what drugs you do so long as you don’t hurt anyone else. And by that I mean by driving your car while high, stealing from people to support your habit, etc., etc.

      I agree that BK should just stop with the “help” he provides these organizations. Because it is soooo not help.

      • It’s not gonna stop until someone MAKES it stop. Ideal scenario is the DEA seizing someone’s cash or property, only to be promptly arrested and jailed by a county sheriff until they come up with a better reason for the seizure than ‘Uh, he looked suspicious.’

        Yeah, it’ll provoke a pissing match, but damn it, it beats the hell out of ‘if you try to take my stuff, I’ll blow your brains out all over the street.’

      • His political “charity” scam lifestyle is a con he uses to support his pretend traveling musician lifestyle in Nashville. Thus, you are doing the overall causes a favor by warning them off of him. Unfortunately, a lifelong devoted cheater and conman only needs to con a relatively small percentage of people in order to reward himself with a Prius, constant flights to Nashville studios, and frivolous lawsuits.

        By spreading the word that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile and that Brett Kimberlin murdered Julia Scyphers before bombing Speedway, we do such causes a favor by making it easier to find out. Likewise they need to know that this convicted perjurer shouldn’t be taken at face value. He will cheat supporters of causes just as he continues to cheat his surviving bombing victim out of his settlement – which needs to be FIXED, btw.

        From a tactical point of view, even if you do not agree with the causes he tries to insinuate himself into, you should still do the other people in the cause a favor by making sure everyone knows about Brett’s terrible crimes for which he is evidently not repentant.

      • @ Toastrider, The problem is that the local sheriff is complicit or “bought off” since the DEA/IRS bring them in as “Deputies” and offer a cut of the seizure.

      • I would add to the “etc” pile no gubmint handouts for stoners and druggies. Although, I guess this pretty much falls into the “stealing from people to support your habit” bucket.

        Take monthly piss tests. Don’t pass? *POOF* There go the hard-working, taxpayer dollars. Come see us again in six months to a year when you’ve come to the realization that a roof over your head, eating, and finding employment to supplement taxpayer dollars are more important than your recreational activities.

      • Grace, that’d be fine, but it costs more to administer such a testing regimen than you’d ever save by kicking people off benefits. Far more cost effective to use an incident-driven process.

  3. Heard on some cop show that child porn producers and pedophiles as well a drug dealer are large Dopes, eh I’m skeptical, they can be small Dopes

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