I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

The Cabin Boy™ says that he put this in the mail to the Circuit Court today. I hope so.

The embedded material is the document The Dreaded Pro-Se Schmalfeldt posted on Scribd. I don’t plan to make any public comment on it until I finish laughing.

46 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Shorter Schmalfeldt: I’ve won in court more times than Hoge, ergo, therefore, and thusly, my motions are well-pleaded and I win all my claims by default. Come to think of it, why did I even have to file this lolsuit. Don’t you silly judges know I already won?

    Hoge am not law. Schmalfeldt am law.

      • I am even less convinced every time he states he wins for some nonsense … all what victories Bill? How about you post every decision where you ‘won’? the actual contents of the court’s record Bill, not anyones interpretation … that includes the arbitration agreement in the copyright case: in full, unedited. If you want to be taken seriously, post the unvarnished documents, no spin, explanation, lies, half-truths or interpretation. As Sgt. Friday was wont to say: “Just the facts Ma’am”

  2. That is stunning in it’s stupidity. Please no one educate him on what he has done.

    God, my lulz muscles can’t take much more. I might need to see Howard about some exercises.

    • I find Pilate’s roll downs are a good strength enhancing start. The I read some old Pat McManus stories – Grogan’s War Surplus is a favorite – as a warm up.

    Heee! Hah!

      • I have long maintained that it is not educateable, but it’s funnier to just let the most (blindingly) obvious points loose as tidbits, just because EVERY OTHER TIME it has proved too stupid to learn doesn’t mean it won’t learn this time, I mean, doesn’t mean the HOT STOVE STILL IS NOT HOT.

  4. Cabin Boy should spend some time with his wife — caring for her, not having her run errands — rather than exercising his butt hurt.

  5. And Bill is laughing because he’s caught John “misrepresenting case law” and “lying on a brief”.


    I do not think many things mean what he thinks they mean.

    • OK, deep breath, he may not have been that stupid.

      But if he was, he has several days to wonder what the judges will be laughing at, before the judges start laughing at it.

      First hint, Bill – look in a mirror. That is _who_ they are laughing at. When you truly understand _who_ you will, well, frankly still not have a glimmer on why, because you still do not understand _who_ we see in that picture, that other sentient beings also see.

  6. I damn near fell out of my chair on that one…WOW!…The Pro Se never ceases to amaze! What a putz!

    • Not exactly. Here’s a Play by Play:

      1. Bill Schmalfeldt published his motion to dismiss for improper venue on his website only – nothing was filed with the court.
      2. Mr. Hoge says in a Hogewash! post that he’ll reserve comment until after it’s filed. A wise and reasonable course of action given how frequently Schmalfeldt lies.
      3. Schmalfeldt has a feldtdown immediately afterwards saying Mr. Hoge is the liar and that Mr. Hoge is implying that he, Bill Schmalfeldt, is a liar (and how dare he!).
      4. A little over an hour later Schmalfeldt changes his mind. He decides he will not file the motion with the court and will continue the case out of spite.
      5. After cursing Mr. Hoge in a tweet, Schmalfeldt posts an angry rage-y* screed on his blog that clearly demonstrates his diminished mental capacity and general overall sociopathy.

      * Grace3g for the word rage-y
      Avenger Watcher and SammyD for the timeline

    • In one iteration, he did; considering that he made the same claim in re Mr. Hoge’s Peace Order Petition. But, since Mr. Hoge is filing it, he is compelled by the demons voices to oppose. That he does so so very poorly is also a matter of compulsion.

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