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Here’s one of the allegations The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin makes against me in his Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit.RICO2 ECF-76Now, it may be that the Gentle Reader is wondering whether or not that allegation is true. It isn’t. Convicted perjurer Brett Kimberlin is lying, and here’s how you can be sure. If that allegation were true, TPDK could say it without fear of being sued for defamation. He will only make such statements in privileged settings such as court filings. Until he makes an allegation in an unprivileged venue, it won’t be unreasonable to assume that Brett Kimberlin isn’t telling the truth.

51 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. “selling merchandise”.

    That would be the merchandise celebrating the fact that Kimberlin filed a lawsuit and lost because he didn’t bother to back up his claims.

    So he’s filing a lawsuit to stop someone selling stuff celebrating the fact the seller won a lawsuit against him.

    That’s not trading on his name. That’s trading on his stupidity.

    • *snort*

      And nevermind that not a single shred of Hogewash swag has “Brett” or “Kimberlin” upon it. Unless we are playing at anagrams now.

  2. This has given me an idea for a new money-making scheme.

    Brett Kimberlin replica (non-operative) pipe bombs!

    Brett Kimberlin underage love dolls!

    Brett Kimberlin fake federal IDs!

    Brett Kimberlin prison jumpsuits! (Available in sizes XXXS-S only)

    Brett Kimberlin US Seal cookies! (Gluten-free, of course)

    Hell, if he’s going to accuse people of trading on his name and infamy for profit, why not actually do it?

    • Who’d buy that crap?

      I admit I like the accusation of ‘fraudulent financial scams’. Bomber Boy really is throwing everything he can in the hopes something will stick, isn’t he?

      • Hey, who knows more about ‘fraudulent financial scams’ then the man who had to return to prison for running one to avoid paying the widow DeLong what he owes her for causing her husbands death by setting a pipe bomb at a high school football game?

      • There might be a market for US seal cookies, gluten free or not. If nothing else than for election night parties and stuff. And of course if they are really good cookies, people will eat them all year round because “Cookies!”.

  3. The boy has a talent for thinking up lies that he can’t prove.

    As a parent, I taught all my kids that lying was a failing strategy, and that they should avoid it. I taught them how to recognize lies, and liars.

    However, being able to lie well is a survival tactic, so I taught them how to lie, and lie well, as soon as they had the moral compass to know when it was appropriate. I reinforced this by doubling the punishment when they were caught out in a bad lie.

    Now, either they are very truthful, or are very accomplished liars, as many people have complemented me on what great, honest, truthful kids they are, and I haven’t caught any of them in a lie in nearly a decade.

    Brett Coleman Kimberlin is a crappy, careless, habitual liar. Nothing he says or does should be trusted. He lies like he breathes – constantly.

  4. This and the other allegations in the vexatious LOLsuits make more sense when read as a confession.

    The members of Team Kimberlin project their own evil onto others.

    • “…a writer of very minor renown.” Not exactly the way I’d put it. How about “…a guy whose recent typing has gotten him into serious copyright issues, and whose body of work features virtual porn sex fantasies about Boy Scouts, which he says is very funny. Including the part about the counselor watching.”

      • Not even GOOD porn. When you consider that 50 Shades of Grey originally spawned from Twilight fan fiction…

    • Alternate ice and heat, and after it doesn’t hurt as much, start with short exposure to Liberal Grouch tweets to try to get them back in shape for what will surely be a need for them this weekend.

    • Good grief. Where in the world does BS get off thinking he’s all that? Clearly superior? In every way?

      “Let’s go to the videotape.” 😂

      * Adultery
      * Failed marriages
      * A trail of destroyed, familial relationships
      * Decades worth of bouncing from one job to another
      * Very little financial proof he ever worked a single day
      * Years worth of documented abuse of others
      * Numerous court orders/civil and criminal charges
      * Unsuccessful blogs, podcasts, books, CDs
      * Etc., etc., etc.

      And, THIS is Bill Schmalfeldt’s definition of “clearly superior in every way?” The dude is clearly wack.

      • Perhaps this is an example of the “better class of idiots” that bedevil engineers attempting to make something foolproof.

    • I love what youv’e done with the gun! And so would both my daughters. For that matter I’d be happy to cart it around just as it is. Only without my finger on the bang switch./smh We all have better trigger discipline.

      How many people will he shoot when he gets shaky fingers doing this? When he does send a round through the next house or two, I wonder what he’d do? Try to pretend that there is no gun in his house? I certainly don’t see him manning up to his stupidity. And I don’t think “Parkinsons!” or “Diminished Mental Capacity” will keep him out of jail or a long term hospital in that case.

      • Oh, I can’t take credit for that photoshop, since I have no idea how to do that. Another artiste deserves the credit. For someone just tuning in, BS posted the photo himself, breaking all four rules of proper firearm handling. Someone else photoshopped the “bang.”

      • A Reader,

        I count six primary rules being violated.

        1) Assume the gun is loaded and functional at all time.

        2) Keep your safety on until preparing to fire.

        3) Keep your finger off the trigger until preparing to fire.

        4) Keep the barrel pointing down, or, alternately, up, when not preparing to fire.

        5) Be aware of your line of sight at all times your finger is on the trigger.

        6) Don’t operate firearms when drunk.

      • I saw the Carl DeLong “Justice Through Photoshop” one earlier today.

        Excellent work, Stogie. Perfectly illustrates the soulless and evil nature of the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

    • Bill should know that his opinion of “personality types” is much the same as his
      opinion of everything else – utter bull pucky. Very stinky bull pucky.

    • I remembered that he had posted the photo, but I didn’t remember it being a lovely Hello Kitty version. Which I’d be very happy to have, although it would clash terribly with my “electrolyte” green car and cell phone case.

      Even if you didn’t do it, you brought it to my attention, so I still thank you!

    • Whereas, Bill Schmalfeldt is the type of idiot who murders himself, and, then his family because of life’s injustices.

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