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  1. May the 4th be with you!

    Today has all kinds of meaning for me. Oldest son born 20 years ago today. My family is full of science-fiction geeks and the Star Wars movies are part of that. Also, my surname resembles Star Wars.

    Hope today is a good day for everyone!

  2. Off-topic, but TK-related – is there going to be a post about Kimberlin’s motion to strike Aaron Walker’s MTD? I’m really curious as to what’s in said motion.

    • Aaron filed his motion on April 28th, and, posted its text on April 30th. Brett Kimberlin filed a motion to strike on May 1st. Whether he received the text by 2-day mail on 30th, read it online on the 30th, or went to the court house to obtain a copy on the 29th, that was a fast turnaround. Clearly, he was rattled, and rattled rather badly.

      Maybe he tried to strike this paragraph:

      [In Kimberlin vs Walker et al Plaintiff Brett Kimberlin was given the opportunity to]
      prove that he was defamed or put in a false light by any of the following categories of assertions that the Plaintiff cost Mr. Walker his job+ that Mr. Walker didn’t batter the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff attempted to frame Mr. Walker for that crime+ that the Plaintiff is a pedophile+ that the Plaintiff seduced his future wife when she was fourteen years old and he was in his forties and continued that sexual relationship until she became of age+ and that he attempted to seduce Mrs. Kimberlin’s then twelve year old cousin….

      The Plaintiff failed to prove he had been defamed or put in a false light for the most substantive reason possible. [though the defendants freely admitted to making them] the court found that there was not one scintilla of evidence in this case that the statements that were made by these individuals were false…”

      That left a mark!

      • This line in the MTD for sure made BK see red pock-a-dots before his eys.

        “This almost seems too obvious to say, but in order to claim that the Defendants have publicized private facts, the Plaintiff must first admit they are true:”

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