Just Passing By

The MESSENGER spacecraft ran out of maneuvering fuel some time ago, and on 30 April, it crashed into Mercury. It had been orbiting the planet for several years.

During it’s trip to Mercury, MESSENGER performed several gravity assist maneuvers, tacking on Earth, Venus, and, finally, Mercury before entering orbit around Mercury. It took these pictures during its flyby of Earth in 2005.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFDjAfwmWKM]

Video Credit: NASA

3 thoughts on “Just Passing By

  1. Very cool video. Almost everything from NASA looks fake these days — since we’re so used to grainy footage from space and excellent HD from Hollywood.

    On the other hand, NASA had a channel on cable when I unplugged it a year ago. The audio on EVERYTHING was terrible – even the Earth based stuff.

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