20 thoughts on “In Re Kimberlin v. Home Depot

  1. in other news, Justice Through Music project tansportation cost to go through the roof for 2015.

  2. More time for lawfare. He can and I would suppose will file an opposition. That will take more time to process.

    • It would be futile. If there are like claims that are being consolidated and being heard in Georgia, Brett would have to show some unique and overriding reason to keep the case in Maryland. His inconvenience is not material.

      • >His inconvenience is not material.

        Lawfare is supposed to cause headaches for his targets and easy money for him, not the other way around. Oops.

  3. A great write-up over at Instapundit by Elizabeth Price Foley about the John Doe political persecution.

    From the Foley write-up:
    “Indeed, if it hadn’t been for the courage of Eric O’Keefe of the Wisconsin Club for Growth–who has defied the ridiculous gag order imposed on John Doe targets–the only knowledge the public would have today about the investigation would come from these one-sided, pro-investigation leaks. But getting the truth about an issue of such public importance shouldn’t depend upon the courage of one person.”

    Breitbart lives.

  4. Apologies for any disrespect that the court might find in my comment, but I must say that the Honorable Thomas W Thrash, Jr. is quite possibly the best name never.

      • Respectfully, I think you need to step away from the keyboard a while. The type-o fairy has apparently has sprinkled an extra dose on you.

    • http://judgethomaswthrash.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Thrash-Thomas-dailyreportonline-com.jpg
      Thrash, Thomas W. Jr.
      Born 1951 in Birmingham, AL

      Federal Judicial Service:
      Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia
      Nominated by William J. Clinton on January 7, 1997, to a seat vacated by Robert L. Vining, Jr.. Confirmed by the Senate on July 31, 1997, and received commission on August 1, 1997. Served as chief judge, 2014-present.

      University of Virginia, B.A., 1973
      Harvard Law School, J.D., 1976

      Professional Career:
      Private practice, Atlanta, Georgia, 1976-1977, 1981-1997
      Assistant district attorney, Fulton County, Georgia, 1977-1980
      Law professor, Georgia State University, 1986-1997

      Nominated to U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, May 15, 1996; no Senate vote

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