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This is from the Kimberlin v Team Themis, et al. RICO2 Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit.Themis ECF 1-58Brett Kimberlin knows that nothing in that paragraph is true, and he knows that I can prove that it is all false. Court filings are privileged against defamation claims, but saying or writing the same words in any other context would leave him wide open for a libel suit.

popcorn4bkThe Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin won’t publish those words in anything other than one of his vexatious LOLsuits, and members of Team Kimberlin who have been less careful may soon have a reason to be more concerned about …

Stay tuned.

50 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Acme Law… Dumbass Tries Pro Se

    Pro Se Dumbass: “I too shall file vexatious civil lawsuits pro se.”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “It takes money to file lawsuits.”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “I shall start an internet fund-me account.”
    … one year later…
    Pro Se Terrorist: “Dumbass, it’s time for you to file harassing lawsuits.”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “But there’s only five dollars in my lawsuit fund.”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “I know. I put it there for appearances.”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “How much will it cost to file a civil suit?”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “More than five bucks. And I need it back.”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “I spent it on mayonnaise.”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “You dumbass!”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “We’re all gonna be rich, right Boss?”

  2. Every word, including “and” and “the”….

    This is so bad, it doesn’t even rise to the level of being merely false.

  3. I have three theories about that “brutal attack.”

    1) Aaron is a ninja master, who timed his strikes _perfectly_ in sync with the frames of the camera recording it, so it looks in video like they are just standing there. How he kept Brett from flinching is beyond me.

    2) Aaron is telekinetic and attacked Brett with the sheer power of his mind.

    3) Brett had someone beat him up later.

    Would it be possible to find out what time he was treated at the hospital? As in, did he go there directly or was there a several hour gap? Not that that should be necessary, the “attack” was caught on court video, and the matter has already been ruled on in court. As a matter of law (and as a matter of truth) Aaron did not strike Brett.

    If Brett says Hoge is Krendler, does that mean Bill thinks Hoge is Grady?

  4. Statements in a lawsuit may be protected against defamation, but they’re not protected against perjury and contempt.

    • Any psych majors? Is he fantasizing about raping another man here, or his mother? Please note the tattoo on the victim.

  5. Bill is a boon to mental health and a positive self-image (for others). That’s the worst, and most psychologically disturbing photoshop I’ve ever seen. I could teach my dog to do a better job in an afternoon.

    • He actually spent time photoshopping. Has there been a medical miracle in Elkridge, such that time is no longer precious?

  6. I crossed posted this over at TMZ, works here also.

    1. We have BK claiming in court filings that PK is WJJH.
    2. We have BS claiming in court filings that PK is Howard Earl.
    3 . We have BS claiming all over the internet that PK is Patrick Grady.
    4. BS or BK is lying.
    5. BS is delusional.
    6. All of the above.

  7. BK has made the ER records relevant to this lawsuit.

    He has to deliver copies in response to a Rule 34, Request to Produce.

    Also part of the request to produce should be a request for a signed Suburban Hospital medical release authorizing Hoge access to those particular records,

    Then Hoge can subpoena the records directly from the hospital.

    • Oh, please, SLP; Kimberlin comply with discovery? You should try open mike night; that’s hilarious.

      • But that’s the point, he isn’t “telling” anyone anything. He’s just tweeting to his 15 followers and a few people out for the LULZ. He’s so removed from reality he actually thinks that tweeting something makes it something that has some sort of importance to it.

      • It does bring up an interesting point. Without these blogs, nothing he says would be noticed by anybody.

    • Sometimes I look at my computer screen and say, “Schmalfeldt, I command you to stop being a dumbass.”

      That doesn’t work, either.

      • This is King Canute territory.

        Anyway, what would Krendler do if Witless Willie stopped being a dumbass? (I know: I have hypothesized the impossible.)

      • I’m pretty sure Krendler has a life that doesn’t involve F5F5F5F5 or mayonnaise. He’d be just fine.

  8. When you file youe 2nd ridiculously frivolous lawsuit you get exclusive access to the Prius Gold Club…..

      • That’s on odd-numbered days. On even-numbered days Kimberlin is his best friend who drives him to court hearings. Or it’s whatever Kimberlin tells him to be that day.

      • Objection; I don’t think it’s a talent. I’m unconvinced he actually impresses them. The man ran drugs for years. Do the math.

    • Bill believes he has successfully doxed someone. His efforts have been reduced to chasing down old online school photos of someone he dislikes, then proclaiming, “Ah ha! I’ve got you now!”. I can’t figure out what he thinks he has accomplished, but it’s kind of sad. It’s like watching a fish flopping around on the ground just before it expires.

      • Best I can tell, it seems to be Patrick Grady’s college yearbook photo. Then again, when it comes to d0xxing, Blob could have videotape of someone’s life from birth to present and still screw it up.

      • Schmalfeldt was able to evade ramifications for PO violations in Maryland. Maybe he thinks he’s now free to do whatever he wants.

  9. Sociopaths and psychopaths always double down on their lies, no matter how brazen and how patently ridiculous. Especially after being caught out.

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