Yet Another LOLsuit

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed state law claims from his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County. He’s named the following defendants: National Bloggers Club, Ali Akbar, Patrick Frey, Erick Erickson, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Aaron Walker, Yours Truly, Lee Stranahan, Mandy Nagy, (sic), DB Capitol Strategies, Dan Backer, Mercury Radio Arts, Blaze (sic), Ace of Spade (the blog), Ace of Spades (the blogger), RedState, and Twitchy.

The suit claims are for Defamation of Character, Invasion of Privacy (mentioned twice), Interference with Business Relations, Interference (with what is unspecified), Battery, Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Conspiracy.

That’s as much as I can gather from the Maryland Judiciary Case Search online database. I can’t make any further substantive comment about this LOLsuit until I’ve reviewed the complaint with counsel.

Comments are open, and suggestions for a working name for this LOLsuit are solicited. Please keep it clean.

UPDATE—TDPK forgot to add Mopery with Intent to Lurk again.

82 thoughts on “Yet Another LOLsuit

    • LOLSuit III — Revenge of the Turd

      Oh. Wait. That title would probably be far more appropriate for a certain tincasa-dwelling, deranged, cyberstalking coprophiliac.

      • That is exactly why I proposed the name I did. I think of all the motions etc that got thrown around during the RICO case, RSMs were the ones that really stung BK. And the judge, while not acting explicitly on them, never called McCain out for them either, as some other defendants were.

        I think that BK realized that he was getting it wrong with RSM. The process was not the punishment. In fact, RSM seemed to revel in it. Not to mention that his costs and time involved were minimal.

        Having McCain on the stand was a net negative for BK, and he knows it.

  1. He’s learning! This time he remembered to sue both the blog and the blogger. Of course, he’ll have made a whole raft of other mistakes (I see at least two in just this list of defendants).

  2. Wait, waaaaiiiiittt! Battery? You mean the battery he’s tried to have Aaron nailed with how many times now? Really? Really? Bwahahahahhaaaaaaaaa!

    • The battery that has been adjudicated not to have happened. This sounds…vexatious. It also sounds like The Diddler is a pussy.

      • There IS a reason some guys prefer younger woman you know. They can’t keep up physically or mentally with a real woman. Of course some men just go the boy scout route too IYKWIMAITYD

      • I hear tell someone dropped another podcast today that involved not only the butt stuff, but Boy Scouts, too.

      • Well, that someone is one sick-and-twisted creature for sure.

        I hear tell that same someone stated something like “I will murder that man.” on his podcast, too. *SMH*

  3. “Your Honor, the Plaintiff planted a bomb at a high school basketball game. He has refused to pay court-ordered restitution to the victims of that bomb. There is nothing I could say that could defame him more than that.”

    • Objection, Your Honor! The plaintiff never planted a bomb at a high school basketball game! It was a football game!

  4. Let’s see: (liberties are taken with the truth, deal with it.)

    Brett Kimberlin and the Source of (Quayle getting) Stoned
    Brett Kimberlin and the Probation of Secret (Commutation)s
    Brett Kimberlin and the Prisoner of GoesKaboom
    Brett Kimberlin and the Goblet of Wine Coolers for Teenaged Girls
    Brett Kimberlin and the Order to Show Cause
    Brett Kimberlin and the Half-Pint Perjury
    Brett Kimberlin and the Deathly Murder of Julia Scyphers

    • Ashterah awarded me the Internet earlier, but I’m turning over the keys to Dr_Mike.

      After my first thought, I wanted to chase a Harry Potter theme, but came up dry.

      This is brilliant. I bow and give respect.

      • I feel, however, a more detailed, more Goggle-bombed edit is worth the effort.

        Brett Kimberlin and the Source of (Quayle getting) Stoned (per Doonesbury Trudeau Lies Bullshit)

        Brett Kimberlin and the Probation of Secret (Commutation)s (Brett Lies No Surprise)

        Brett Kimberlin and the Prisoner of GoesKaboom (Speedway? It’s the Bomb!)

        Brett Kimberlin and the Goblet of Wine Coolers for Teenaged Girls (and allegedly future wives)

        Brett Kimberlin and the Order to Show Cause (for sending false documents on behalf of a court, the ultimate stupid because what’s your best case scenario: they show up and the court says “why?” And we call Bill stupid. (OK, he asked us to, in the past day or two.)

        Brett Kimberlin and the Half-Pint Perjury (’nuff said. Not like he can testify against it…) (I admit, shoulda been the Half-Pint Pedophile)

        Brett Kimberlin and the Deathly Murder of Julia Scyphers (unproven, true. So’s gravity. How’s that working for ya?)

      • I second your turning them over. Loved the Indy reference, but this? This is priceless!

        Still, mad zombie love dear. Mmmmmwah!

  5. Heh. You got his attention Mr. H. Bill wouldn’t be able to stop with giving just you the down twinkle.

  6. Suing Mandy Nagy, the stroke victim, who is frankly poor and being cared for by her mom, is truly pure evil.

    He dropped RSM but left Mandy on there? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good he dropped RSM, but if he’s dropping some folks, why wouldn’t he drop her? He knows he can’t collect. He knows the suit isn’t even making a difference to her. She can’t blog about him, so he isn’t stopping anything.

    IMO, he must be so evil that Satan himself would be ashamed. Maybe he’s hoping for a default judgment, but he knows Ron Coleman will never abandon Mandy. I pray for justice.

    • Satan has no shame and neither does his son Brett Coleman Kimberlin. Unlike God who has only one Son, Satan has millions of sons and daughters to achieve the same net amount of evil as God’s only Son achieves good.

      • I am not an expert on the devil, perhaps unlike someone who would cheat our troops in afghanistan, smear the targets of kimberlin, then pose as friend to those targets.

        • Not Afghanistan, Iraq. Never cheated the troops, in fact paid money out of my own pocket TO troops who had been cheated by the man who started Blue Iraq. Paid over $4,500 to one units troops to prevent them from beating him bloody for taking their money and turning off their internet. Perhaps I should have let them beat Ryan Lackey instead of making them whole. Other than that, you were right on target.

      • “you were right on target.”

        i know. i’ve paid attention.

        so as someone who just admitted to smearing kimberlin’s targets and lying about what ‘side’ he is on, you have a certain lack of credibility when presenting yourself as an authority on Christian values. someone who lied as passionately as you did about kimberlin’s foes cannot then talk his way into a position of trust. especially when he starts donning props like ‘father’. Odd sounding religiosity is something of a tell for those who are alert to con men.

        as for this story about troops you bribed with the money you stole from their supply chain… it sounds like one of those weirdo stories a con man would say. so in this story where you’re yet again the hero and the money you stole was somehow yours to pay troops off with, these troops caught a true bad guy but were willing to overlook this evil because they cared about your money more than justice. as a veteran, i am offended you think that’s plausible.

        in your defense, after looking into your history i am convinced you have some sort of compulsive disorder. you can’t resist. and if you’re just conning a few commenters on the internet i guess that’s better than stealing what our troops need to survive, so i probably should have held my keyboard tongue and ignored you, oh father of the church and authority on matters of shamelessness.

      • potaytoh


        proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt

        your opinion

        it’s funny how many of you guys have some ‘former’ association with that rauhauser guy. just a coincidence of course. God has blessed me with a good memory. He asks us to forgive because he retains ultimate judgment. I realize that means little to someone who doesn’t actually believe in him.

      • I don’t think it is productive to start a circular firing squad. The target is BK and the Pirate crew .

        I myself was wary of Paul, especially since I am an ex correctional officer with over a decades experience in a max security institution. I have dealt with more actual cons than most people .

        However I have learned that he has provided Team Free Speech a trove of information on the crew and has John’s trust .That was enough for me to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        His deeds spoke louder than his words.

      • Elephant, seeing as how Father Paul is the FIRST to admit to his transgressions (and all of the ones you are detailing are skewed from the truth – you know the truth that’s in the court records and easily proveable), your blame and shame game has no place on this blog and regular commenters here will not countenance your harassment of him.

        Take it elsewhere because it’s not wanted here.

      • Elephant, while I support your initial comment concerning Mandy Nagy, your friendly fire on Father Paul is off the mark and ill advised.

        I have faith in Father Paul. He has openly stated his past errors and mistakes, asked for forgiveness and taken action to remediate his sins. And he continues to work toward compensating those affected by his past. Con men do not do these things. (Think about it.)

        Mr. Hoge said Father Paul assisted him in his efforts against Team Kimberlin. He also stated that prior to this, while Father Paul was under supervised parole, Team Kimberlin threatened him with false reports to his supervisor unless he assisted them. I don’t know what changed Father Paul to go against them, but he gained Mr. Hoge’s trust and that was good enough for me.

        I would also say that Father Paul has been kind, generous and helpful to myself and other commenters when some of us first started to comment on Team Kimberlin. I have been remiss for not thanking him for this.

        Father Paul, I count you in my prayers, thank you for your help and hope you continue to increase your “account” with G-d.

      • When Father Paul asks for something other than to be part of the conversation (and prayer), then I might worry about whether I should trust him.

    • It is worse than that. He deemed her mother Mandy’s “representative,” and, sent the summons to her.

      • Yeah. I was good friends with Mandy for years and it’s a very sore spot to me, even though I’ve never met her family. I know it’s probably just psychological warfare. Bringing her family into it horrifies the remaining good guys. It doesn’t weaken their resolve or convey any tactical advantage, but it’s really troubling, and potentially able to provoke a mistake (like an outraged threat that could be leveraged into a PO or something). I think I first encountered any of this horde of liars when I read RSM’s report about beandogs talking about how $&%@able someone’s kids were, all to generate the reaction they needed to strip out of context.

        That poor family. fortunately Mandy had a lot of friends who care about her.

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