The Ties That Bind

My friend and codefendant Stacy McCain has a essay up that expands on a post by Megan McArdle that explains the collective hate that joins people into groups such as Team Kimberlin. Stacy writes:

It was that phrase — “people who are joined in collective hate” — which caught my eye in McArdle’s piece, for this reason: Most conservatives cannot comprehend the intensity of hatred that motivates and unites the Left. Any attempt to out-hate them is futile.

Read the whole thing.

Note: Any attempt to outcrazy Stacy is futile.


6 thoughts on “The Ties That Bind

  1. I have neither the desire nor the talent to out-crazy Stacy McCain.

    One day I hope to ply him with alcohol and learn to match him.

  2. I’m always hopeful that traditional liberals will begin to dissociate the leftists from their ranks. Why true liberals stand by and allowed leftists to usurp their mantle is baffling. Liberals worked through the 60’s and 70’s to be a force for civil liberties. Now liberals stand aside while their name is used to commit fascist acts against citizens in a supposedly free republic, such as what the “progressive” prosecutors did in the Doe cases in Wisconsin – pure fascist tactics. Any “liberal” who can stand by while such a thing happens is gutless and not a true liberal.

    • Why true liberals stand by and allowed leftists to usurp their mantle is baffling.

      Not really. One of themes of Stacy’s many interruptions in his essay is the notion that once you come to an understanding of the motivations of a behavior, what follows makes much more sense.

      The answer to your question above is rather simple within that framework.


      Retention, consolidation and increase of political power. Simple.

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