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On June 11, 1980 petitioner was sentenced to four years following his conviction in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana.

On November 3, 1980 petitioner received a consecutive 12 year sentence following his conviction in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana for possession and illegal use of Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Seal of the President of the United States, and impersonation of a federal officer.

On June 4, 1981 petitioner received a consecutive five year sentence following his conviction in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana for receipt of explosives by a convicted felon.

On December 30, 1981 petitioner received a 50-year concurrent sentence from the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana for possession of an unregistered destructive device, unlawful manufacturing of a destructive device, malicious damage by means of explosives, and malicious damage by means of explosives involving personal injury. As set forth in his presentence report, during a six day period in September, 1978 eight bombs made of Tovex 200 dynamite were detonated in the Speedway, Indiana area. One bomb, placed in a gym bag in the Speedway High School parking lot, detonated on September 6, 1978, when it was picked up by Carl and Sandra DeLong after a high school football game. Sandra DeLong received permanent nerve damage caused by bomb fragments in her leg. Her husband Carl lost his right leg and two fingers. Carl DeLong received additional injuries to his inner ear, stomach, chest, neck and arm due to bomb fragments, and endured a series of operations. On February 23, 1983 Carl DeLong committed suicide at the age of 44.

On October 23, 1983 a Marion County, Indiana jury awarded $360,000 to Sandra DeLong for her injuries, and $1,250,000 for the wrongful death of Carl DeLong. The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed the wrongful death judgment, holding that Carl DeLong’s suicide was, as a matter of law, an intervening cause. The Supreme Court of Indiana reinstated the wrongful death judgment on June 13, 1994, finding that Carl DeLong’s death “was within the scope of harm intended by Kimberlin’s intentional criminal conduct.”

Sandra DeLong attempted to collect on her judgment by obtaining a writ of attachment against petitioner’s prison commissary account after a United States Probation Officer informed her that petitioner regularly transferred money to someone outside the prison. Petitioner promptly sued Mrs. DeLong, her lawyer, the probation officer, and various Bureau of Prisons and Department of Justice officials for money damages. Petitioner’s action was not successful. See Kimberlin v. U.S. Department of Justice, 788 F.2d 434 (7th Cir.1986).

Kimberlin v. Dewalt, 12 F.Supp.2d 487, 489-490 (D.Md. 1998).

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    • Also, if I ever came up in court, any attempt to minimize his offending would have me call out “Objection, 2031 is when his sentence is up”.

      I recon it’s sort of hard to argue your offending wasn’t serious when you’ve been given 50 years.

  1. Pilot episode of… Acme Law

    Pro Se Terrorist: “I tire of people telling the truth about me.”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “They don’t fear you, oh diddler bomber. What will you do?”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “I will sue everyone and take all of their assets. Profit!”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “We’re gonna be rich!”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “But first you must harass them until they quiver in fear.”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “My favorite and only talent.”
    … one year later…
    Pro Se Terrorist: “What happened? Each day more people are mocking me!”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “They think my threats are a comedy routine.”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “You idiot! You were supposed to scare them away!”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “Someone sent me this nice box of horseshit. Yum!”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “You moron! They’re all fighting back, and they’re winning!”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “The nice policeman said they have chamber pots in jail. Yum!”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “This guy has lost it. Bunny Boy! Help me out here!”
    Pro Se Bunny Boy: “Uh… my parents said not to play with you.”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “Puppy Boy! Do something!”
    Pro Se Puppy Boy: “Uh… I must retreat to my studio.”
    Pro Se Terrorist: “Why are my only supporters a bunch of morons?”
    Pro Se Hacker: “Hey, some of us are deadbeat dads evading arrest warrants.”
    Pro Se Dumbass: “We’re all gonna be rich, right?”

  2. The court failed to note that he is a disgusting pedophile who murders a suburban grandma for stepping in the way of his pedophilic affairs with little girls. There is every reason to believe Brett Kimberlin continues to have strong pedophilic inclinations, and as he is about 10 years younger than Jerry Sandusky, it’s reasonable to fear that he acts on them or will act on them in the future.

    Kimberlin v. Dewalt is a nice summary of SOME of Brett Kimberlin’s worse misdeeds, but it is valuable for us as a community to remind people of the rest, too.

  3. Do we know what the current state of the judgment is and is there any way we as a community could help Sandra collect what she is owed?

    I find it rather strange that Mr. Kimberlin has been able to not pay what he’s legally required to, but there are students out there with loans that not even bankruptcy can touch…

    • As I think you’re implying, Kimberlin has every ability to pay his surviving bombing victim. He also was able to pay in the 1990s when he had three Mercedes parked at his wealthy DC suburb home and jetting back and forth to Ukraine for trysts with 14 year old girls, but he chose to frivolously sue and harass his bombing victim instead.

      I also wish to know how to make him quit his conman, pedophile, DC playboy lifestyle and recompense his bombing victim. The justice system has lost sight of this goal. They had the goal in mind when they put him back in jail in the 90s, but it’s frustrating that they managed to punish him without doing anything to help his bombing victim.

      • It wouldn’t be so infuriating if he was still rotting in prison. Preferably with a ‘vexatious litigant’ tag. But he gets to wander around, refusing to pay Mrs. DeLong a dime, while her husband is still dead.

        People wonder what might drive a person to outright vigilantism. This is one cause.

      • Vigilantism? No. But exposure, every time he tries to wear a false mask, telling the truth, never letting him Vaseline up the lens about his past crimes and suspected crimes….that’s everyone’s positive moral obligation.

      • And that’s because he’s still a threat to others, as con man (perhaps to some people who deserve to get took, or who approve of cheating to win), as an abuser of the courts, as self serving, self aggrandizing psychopath, a danger even within his own family…if his wife is believed, and I believe her,he treated her cruelly and threatened her. (“you will see what I will do”.). I think he’s always traded on his criminal past, one one hand protesting, falsely, a “political prisoner” per scrutiny, on the other hand, using that cache of malignity to intimidate and control, and prosper.

  4. What kind of an evil prick sues the victim of his bombing, who he made a widow? You have some seriously screwed up morals….oh right. It’s Kimby. He has NO morals.

    • Correct. His soul is even blacker and shriveled than Bill’s and his is awful damned black and as shriveled as a four year old apple in a dehydrator.
      Like calls to like and I believe most of us here understand that all of Team Kimberlin are foot soldiers in the Army of the Evil One, Satan. They have willfully and knowingly engaged in sin and evil, and they revel in it.
      They are damned to Hell and are enjoying the ride.

    • What kind of justice system allows this scumbag to sue his victim, avoid his obligation to her and walk the streets free while continuously suing others? That’s pretty screwed up too.

  5. The “woman” sent the commissary money is never identified. I know he sent at least one or two presents – flowers at least, to the teen working hard to get her life together at Boys Town. Or was this fund transfer to someone stashing away money for him so he could use it for purposes not allowed, or to some other junior miss?

  6. See, here again;

    “…detonated … when it was picked up …”

    This is either bad writing or the monster rigged an anti-tamper to what should have been a diversionary device. Further evidence of his sociopathy, he fully intended to hurt people; and he’s NEVER apologized for it. Ipso Facto he’s proud of his work.

  7. “Kimberlin was convicted in 1981 for detonating an explosive device and is currently residing at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC). In 1983, Sandra DeLong won a civil judgment against Kimberlin on behalf of her husband Carl, subsequently deceased, in the amount of 1.61 million dollars for injuries he suffered in the explosion. Thomas Gahl, the probation officer assigned to Kimberlin, sent a letter to the warden of the MCC to inform him of the civil judgment. Kimberlin’s prison case manager, Patrick Leddy, in turn informed Gahl that Kimberlin was regularly sending funds from his prisoner commissary account to someone outside the prison. Gahl informed Mrs. DeLong and her attorney, Paula Kight, of the transfers. DeLong then obtained a writ of attachment against the plaintiff’s commissary account based on an affidavit alleging that Kimberlin was sending $125 a month to a civilian outside the prison.”

  8. Well, duh. Citizen K goes into the commisary attachment and his failed lawsuits, and a couple of VERY young women, one a teen, who received and or funneled money out of the prison for him. Singer’s habit is to use pseudonyms, but I think he uses the real name of Debra Irey, a college-aged girl living with her mom, who served on a Kimberlin Jury..(Singer gives a full name “Debra Jane Irey”.p 198)
    According to Kimberlin, via Singer, she wanted to marry and apparently he disappointed her.
    He was sending her money regularly.

    He then seemed to work around the commissary issue as he worked around rules against having a business venture in prison. “the money was there to be made, and this situation offered the piquant intrigue of surreptitiously earning and concealing it [ed. sociopaths gotta sociopath, I guess]. The trick was to route the money through a trustworthy third party on the outside”

    His minion mistress, p 200 was a little girl Singer calls ” Shelly Connor” who first came in contact with kimberlin during his early stay at the Marion County Jail. (Or so his sory went) who grew up slavishly championing her poor dear Kimby.

    She later had “sold t-shirts, and gathered signatures” for the “Brett kimberlin Freedom Committee”

    She served as a sort of personal secretary and Kimberlin, to Singer, hugged himself for giving her something to do that was interesting”. Kimberlin was perfectly convinced that she had gotten more from him than vice versa.

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