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  1. https://twitter.com/EndTimesTribune/status/589816199149674496

    That’s a pretty impressive level of hubristic nonsense there, William. Or as you so quaintly put it, “SCOREBOARD.”

    State case? Directed verdict against your boy.

    RICO? Dismissed.

    Peace order? Dismissed.

    Home Depot? Moved to federal court where the diminutive chauffeur is going to get butchered like a hog.

    RICO 2: Electric Bugaloo? WJJH is going to dismissed from it on multiple grounds, leaving Boom Boom Kimberlin to get buried alive by both the federal government and a firm of 800 monstrous barristers.

    Not everyone gets a pass in life because they’re stupid, sick and crazy, William. And I suspect that your days of defending actions are far from over.

    • Why yes he has! Appeals are not allowed in his little world because they only come from lying. Interesting, that.

  2. Speaking of the diminutive chauffeur, do all of his little hobby groups have the same employer identification number? Is he paid $19,000 a year from each of them, or is that an umbrella salary?

    The IRS might be interested in how he affords all of those $400 filing fees, although I doubt that they’d respond to a query from a foreigner.

    Pity that no American citizen wants to ask ….

  3. I might be being a tad pedantic here, but I’m thinking that the fundamental strategic error made was engaging in “brass-knuckle reputation management” in the first place. A strategic error parallel to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor.

    I’d characterize any mistakes from more recent times as tactical, like Japan’s errors for the Battle of Midway: “Assume our codes are unbreakable.” “Expect the enemy to do exactly what they want them to do.” “Split our forces up for diversionary attacks.” “Make overly complicated plans where everything has to work just right, at the right times.”

    That said, I have no idea what sort of mistakes were made last week. And as curious as I am, I would feel better finding out after they’ve blown up in Kimberlin’s face. (If you’ll pardon the expression.) Or, even, as they blow up. That’d be even better. I don’t feel I’ve earned the degree of trust to be invited into the inner cadre, and quite frankly I don’t want that responsibility.

    However, since it’s now moot, if anyone would like to share the address of that wonderfully delicious honeypot that has already served its purpose, I’d love to sample it…

    • The adjudicated stalker and harasser has posted the link to his recreation of it on his Twitter feed. You can find it there.

      • Oh, man… do NOT make me wade through CBBS’ Twitter feed, dude! That’s downright inhumane!

  4. Another point. Over at Breitbart Unmaksed, Brett and Schmalfeldt were claiming that the dismissal was a victory because they really only wanted the “big fish” Patterico. they argued long and hard that the dismissal was a victory for team midget pedophile bomber.

    But, if that is so, why the attempt at an appeal? Who appeals their own victory? I guess they can’t keep track of all their claims and lies anymore – if they ever could.

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