Free-Range Kids

Ilya Somin weighs in on the harassment of a parents who practice raising free-range kids by Montgomery County.

The bottom line is that the CPS’ actions here seem to be the result of exactly the kind of “mere disagreement” with parental choices that the Supreme Court specifically barred as a basis for overriding parents’ constitutional right to direct their children’s upbringing.

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Somin believes that the parents have a strong basis for their lawsuit. I still favor tar and feathers.

6 thoughts on “Free-Range Kids

  1. Winning a lawsuit does not preclude tar and feathers as punishment, does it?
    According to the stories about the incident, the cops put the kids in the patrol car, then drove them somewhere. I wonder if the cops violated any “child seat” laws?

    • I wonder if the cops violated any “child seat” laws?

      Oh my, you think our State-employed betters are subject to such things? Child seat laws? That’s just precious!

  2. Lawsuit *and* tar and feathers. Sounds good.

    I would also guess that mer is correct and there are not appropriate child seats in the cruiser.

  3. When I was a kid you left the house in the summer when the sun came up and went home when the streetlights came on. You might go back home if you were hungry at lunchtime, or if you needed a glove and bat to play some baseball.

    We had a big old bell on a post in the backyard that would ring if the parents needed us at any other time.

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