The Cabin Boy™ Gets Off

Judge Ellinghaus-Jones found that Bill Schmalfeldt did contact me in violation of the current peace order, but because she because she believed his story about his intent to offer help for Mrs. Hoge’s cancer treatment, she found him not guilty.

She also sternly warned him to never contact me again.

Aaron Walker was present and will have a more detailed analysis of the trial posted at Allergic to Bull later.

When last seen, the Cabin Boy™ was headed to the Commissioners’ Office to try to file some sort of criminal charge against me.

UPDATE—A few things did go well during the trial.

The Cabin Boy™ was not permitted to bring up non-related topics.

UPDATE 2—Judge Ellinghuas-Jones made no ruling as to the validity of the current peace order. She informed Schmalfeldt that, even if she agreed with him, the District Court cannot overturn an order of a higher court, in this case, the Circuit Court.

UPDATE 3—Aaron Walker’s post is up at Allergic to Bull.

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      • Back on ’07 there was a Brit film called “Outlaw”. I haven’t seen it, and the user reviews are mixed, but the concept?

        A group of people who feel betrayed by their government and let down by their police force form a modern-day outlaw posse in order to right what they see as the wrongs of society.

        Any wonder as many people as did gave it good reviews (especially Brits)? And a lot of the negatives seem to be because a) it’s violent and/or b) it’s “not realistic” although the writer/director “based the screenplay on newspaper stories and anecdotes he’s been told by people all over the UK. The narrative is fictional, but many of the incidents portrayed are based on fact.” But then our little leftie wall flowers in this country don’t think it’s realistic for folks to start thinking they have to take things into their own hands to get justice either.

        Court outcomes like today’s just help speed us along to that place, though no one sane wants that, since Admiral Painter has it right, if we go there, “It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.” [my stress]

    • An observation obvious to anyone reading the numerous accounts of murders committed after the victim successfully obtained a Protective Order against their assailant.

  1. Seriously, he’s trying to file criminal charges? Butthurt is no more a crime than it’s a tort.

    • William can try all he wants. The police found probable cause to lay charges against Schmalfeldt and the state’s attorney agreed. There’s no basis for a charge against WJJH there.

  2. So, as per Team Kimberlin Judicial Analysis, the judge is sleeping with Bill Schmalfeldt.


    Maryland seems like a nice state to get the hell out of.

      • Awww. Look at the teeny-tiny, creepy, obsessed Team Kimberlin goon use an image of our Gentle Host as its avatar. Aren’t images of young girls more to the TK freaks’ liking?

        As I mentioned over at TMZ, courtesy of the state of Maryland being unwilling to enforce their own laws and orders, I am of the opinion that the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is going to have to die for his abuse of others to cease. I don’t believe he will ever willingly leave our Gentle Host and his family alone, and after what was (once again!) demonstrated today, judges in Maryland intend to do nothing about it.

        Wonder how Judge Ellinghaus-Jones would handle the situation were her and her family on the receiving end of the same years-long harassment, stalking, abuse, threats, and extortion Bill Schmalfeldt has afforded the Stranahan and Hoge families (not to mention all of the others). What a pathetic excuse for an arbiter of the law. The state of Maryland, and its sorry excuse for a legal system, are entirely complicit in the harassment and abuse this evil, demented freak will continue to inflict upon others.

        I extend my sympathy to John and his beautiful family. This decision handed down today is nothing short of a travesty. Justice took a huge hit, and that should disturb and righteously anger all good and decent people.

  3. Unbelievable! Peace order says specifically NO CONTACT. What part of that didn’t the judge understand?

    BTW did the pedo and his body guard drive Bill to court again?

    • Oh, the judge understood. It’s crystal clear. And if you’re receiving this much stalking, imagine what would make you the most outraged… probably when the creep references your loved ones. Especially if it’s a wife who is battling a difficult cancer. That is the contact that was acceptable?

      Sad. I’m not even mad. Maryland’s crazy has been too consistent to be anything but something deeply wrong there. It’s just sad.

  4. The judge thinks she’s being kind. She’s not. This is (mistaken) soft bigotry. She apparently thinks that Bill is too stupid to realize that “no” means “no”. Unfortunately we know Bill. We know Bill by his words and his deeds. We know that Bill is a worm. We know that Bill is semi-sentient pond scum. What Bill is not, is innocent; and Heronnor is only enabling his self-destruction.

    The field has been defined. I do hope Bill is ready to defend it. If he were wise, he would take what he can consider a victory, crow and move on. But we know Bill can’t move on. We know Bill is obsessed with Mr. Hoge. We know he will escalate.

    The only advice I would give Bill Schmalfeldt is the same that gensui kaigun-taishō Yamamoto Isoroku is purported to have given to the Imperial Admiralty in 1941. But like Adm. Yamamoto, I will be ignored.

  5. This is actually the worst-case scenario for Bill, now he will be ten times as bad, will think future actions also have no consequences.

  6. As for the criminal charges, every indication is that William is going to try to file a singularly ridiculous “death threat” charge against Patrick Grady. He’s been hinting heavily at that for at least a week.

    Of course, William will have to explain why he both abandoned his application for a peace order and stated repeatedly that he doesn’t feel physically threatened by anyone. Given that, I believe that our boy went directly from criminal court to file a false police report.

    Oh, and he tried to plead diminished capacity, which law enforcement should take into account in their dealings with William. The charge that he was just acquitted of, if I’m not mistaken, stays on his record.

    • And isn’t that “death threat” months old? Or do you have years to file in Maryland, even though you’ve said that you don’t believe it was serious and didn’t bother making a police report at the time?

      • The “Mr. Bill” picture was, I believe, about six months ago. I’d be surprised if Maryland had a criminal statute of limitations that short.

        However, William’s own words at the time make a prosecution of it a VERY high hurdle, especially since the defendant is resident in another state. He would have to prove that it’s threatening now, when it wasn’t then, and he’s been screaming about extracting vengeance from Grady for a week now. Obviously, criminal charges cannot be used for that purpose.

        My guess is that the Commissioner told him to piss up a rope.

        • It could well be, although I remember it being from around Halloween. In any event, it’s probably within any criminal statute of limitations.

          Another interesting legal question is jurisdiction. Let us suppose that a “death threat” is present (which in this case, it likely isn’t.) Would the crime occur where it was sent, or where it was received. If it’s the latter, would a state go to the time, trouble and expense of extraditing for what would almost certainly be a misdemeanor in one or both of the states in question.

          That, combined with the fact that the complaint came from someone who might very well have tried pleading diminished capacity in criminal court minutes earlier, suggests that William won’t get what he’s looking for.

          And if the police actually do investigate, it could be worse for him, based on the abandoned peace order and his twitter activity.

      • Doesn’t Grady’s Illinois No Stalking order include prohibitions against Bill even mentioning Grady? I wonder how IL is going to feel about having their authorit-ahy challenged? I wonder if Bill is prepared to make a jaunt across 1/3 of the continent to explain that he was a-skeered by a play-doh doll.

    • Under the Fifth Amendment, it can’t, which is for the best.

      In my country, the government can appeal acquittals, including those delivered by a jury. It isn’t pretty.

    • I don’t think they can; double jeopardy and all that.

      I’m bemused, to be honest. Oddly, the return of ‘criminal intent’ actually cheers me, as I detest the way the law is often used to bludgeon people who have no way of knowing what the law is. But that usually applies to regulatory bullshit, not to a peace order that’s been specifically filed on you.

      I honestly did not expect BS to go to jail. Probation, certainly, and a public apology before reinstatement of the order would have been nice. But I’m completely dumbfounded by the judge’s reasoning. Someone in the prosecutor’s office didn’t do their job, methinks — I await Aaron’s play by play of how things rolled out.

  7. I don’t see how any impression of benign motive could have survived an aggressive presentation of his contemporaneous behavior. Did the prosecution seem half hearted in that respect?

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        • Heh. Like here in Florida. He would be in jail right now, sentenced to 11 mo., 29 days in county lock-up. NO days off for good behavior. You serve 100% of your time. Probably with a year of probation tacked on the end … without computers.
          Florida may be a purple state but those southern laws and southern sheriffs make a big difference in enforcement.

      • Dave: the Stranahan’s live in Texas, and as of what, three years ago, Lee still had to try filing in MD, because there were no laws on the books in Texas that he could use for cyberstalking and cyberharassment. Hopefully, Texas law has caught up with the times, but I wouldn’t bet on it, as plenty of other states haven’t either.

        Now if Bill were to visit Texas and violate Texas law while he was there…..

  9. There is a bright side to this.

    If our boy even attempted to plead diminished capacity, not only is that on the record, it effectively blows up a large chunk of his latest lulzsuit. To do otherwise would be for him sue on the grounds of “I’m crazy enough to not be responsible for my own actions, but not that crazy”, which would be an interesting argument, indeed.

    • This, to me, is one of the next steps. File counter claims tomorrow, and, then, move to have him declared incompetent, perhaps, moving to have Mrs. Schmalfeldt appointed his representative. Bill Schmalfeldt was ordered by a Court to follow it rules by ceasing all contact with John Hoge. Bill Schmalfeldt has just argued that he lacks the “capacity” to fully understand and obey the orders of that Court. If Bill Schmalfeldt lacks the capacity to follow the rules of one civil Court, then, the basic presumption ought to be that he can’t follow the rules of another Civil Court. If he lacks the capacity to follow the Courts rules he should be declared incompetent.

  10. He seems to be claiming that the peace order was found invalid?

    Straight skinny. Not guilty. Invalid Peace Order. Set one year. Six months is the limit. Not valid from the moment issued. Also, no intent.

  11. Aaron just tweeted that Brett Kimberlin’s state lawsuit against Home Depot has been transferred to Federal Court. What I’m not sure of is whether that Court in Georgia, Maryland, or elsewhere.
    Anyone know?

    • Yes, but the fact is that he did dodge that bullet. Now, let’s see where this goes.

      My sympathies Mr. H. I realize you are going to have to endure even more before Justice is done.

  12. INAL, but it seems the PO is gone and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Bill is free to contact anybody and everybody. That judge really threw a curve ball with this one. Katy bar the door (or at least update your spam filters).

    Would this include phone calls/messages?

  13. Mr. Hoge, I deeply object to this verdict and lack of sentencing. Hopefully you will see better justice for all of TK in the near future.

    I continue to pray for you and your family and for their good health and for Connie’s recovery. May G-d bless all of you.

    • Intent to contact a the person you’re ordered not to contact is criminal intent, Derpy. The contact was fully intentional and everybody knows it.

  14. Sounds hypertechnical to me. Now, I’m the kinda guy who when someone tells me to leave them alone, I leave them alone. I don’t email them about their wife’s health, Tweet about my questions about the diagnosis… I don’t need a court to tell me how to act. But that’s me. ‘Cause I’m grown up.

    • And, the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt actually had the gall to ask the judge — DURING A TRIAL FOR A CRIMINAL CHARGE DUE TO CONTACTING HIS VICTIM ABOUT HIS WIFE — if he could directly TALK TO HIS VICTIM ABOUT HIS WIFE.

      Really! The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt — RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HER IN HER OWN COURTROOM — clearly demonstrated he has NO intention of leaving the Hoge family alone, and this judge still managed to justify letting him off with a simple warning.

      Un-bleeping-believable! The state of Maryland continues to enable the demented freak by refusing to hold him accountable for his lawless behavior. Again… justice lost big time today.

    • its stupid to say this, as it’s so obvious, but if you had an enemy, any time you referenced their wife’s health would be interpreted poorly. in a case where they have a no contact order, inquiring about a wife’s illness is obviously harassment, and a campaign of harassment is obviously stalking.

      I doubt Hoge will ever really get justice for MD courts. I doubt Aaron will either. I doubt Sandra Delong or the Scyphers family will get their justice. Some of these bad guys are escaping justice in this world. The good guys tend to be happy, with a better class of friends and better relationships and families, but that’s the only real measure of fairness. Bad acts are repeatedly done, outrages are repeatedly allowed, and those who seek nothing but peace are frequently disappointed.

    • “Now, while Bill Schmalfdelt admits to having dementia, and he is pretty dumb, he simply doesn’t meet this legal test. In any case, Judge Jones said that if he was pleading insanity, then the case would be delayed while they let the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene evaluate him. And suddenly he decided he didn’t want to do that.”

    • “I will also say that the judge was pretty horrified by Schmalfeldt’s behavior in general. . . . There were even moments when one bailiff moved sat [sic] in his chair as though he was ready to charge and tackle Schmalfeldt, if necessary.”

      • William, in his infinite Scchmalfedtian stupidity, has turned what should have been a very bad day for us and turned it into a very, VERY good one.

        Not only is he crazy, he’s stupid!

      • Even in the midst of my frustration over the lack of justice handed down today, I’ll agree with you there, NBN. The new blog he created is just precious (and, oh-so-very helpful!) — As are his numerous admissions that he’s doing great! That nothing anyone posts about him bothers him in the least! And his latest-and-greatest admission, in a court of law no less, that he considers himself mentally diminished!

        Even on the heels of a “win” he cannot manage to stop digging holes for himself. Asshat.

  15. That makes 0 sense… he violated the peace order, but gets clemency because he had happy fluffy intentions? How many stalkers have claimed “I just want to her to be happy. I just want to help her. I just love her.”??? Oh ok then go right ahead and stalk away!

    • This is, after all, a guy who very well might have tried to tell a court that he was nuts just this morning. Why should he start acting sane now?

    • Since that first tweet went up, he has posted at least three blog entries about Hoge, and he’s tweeted ten times, all about . . . you guessed it. Hoge. So much for listening to the judge’s admonition to forget all about John Hoge.

      Methinks another PO is in the offing. I can sense it.

    • He’s lying. Due to diabetes I have been getting thinner over the last few years. I used to have something close to a double chin.

      As for the judge’s ruling, I showed how higher courts dispute her. But I guess we’re going to ignore that.

  16. Questions:
    1. Who was in court with BS?
    2. Did he wear PJs, or did he dress up and put on his sweats?

  17. It is official that Bill is admittedly mentally incapacitated.

    That’s a little clunky tho, we need something with more “zip”.

    Admittedly crazy?

  18. Maryland, the consequence-free state!

    If I ever decide to commit a crime, I suppose I’ll do it in Maryland because evidently, you can’t do anything vile enough to actually be found guilty and sentenced.

    Oh, unless you let your kids walk down a public sidewalk alone or something really awful like that.

    I don’t want to EVER cross the state line again into the People’s Republic of Maryland.

  19. Watching William soil his panties over “death threats” is always a joy, particularly since he doesn’t seem to understand what constitutes one.

    Oh, I forgot. “Diminished capacity.”

  20. Well, with all the posturing and strutting (heh), it’s only a matter of time until Bill makes good on his promises. He has to go after John or all this squacking is nothing but lies.

    Actually, I think with the law as murky as it is on this subject (IANAL), there’s no reason for Bill not to. Not that there’s a single thing that can happen to him. With his illness and pathetic comportment, he’s judgement proof. I truly believe, short of physically injuring someone, Bill can get away with anything. The state of Maryland wants NOTHING to do with him.

    • Eh, he’ll choke on his own tongue soon enough. Or his food. Or be taken out by his new office chair. Whatever. But it won’t be quick and he’ll know that the end is upon as he struggles for his last breath.

      And no one will care. No one will mourn.

      It will be to laugh. Oh, yes, there will be laughter.

  21. Little did I know when I created this moniker how prophetic it would be. I coined it in a moment of observation that Bill cannot live without harassing. It’s his raison d’être. He’ll stalk, harass and otherwise make a nuisance of himself until he croaks. And no Bill, you overly dramatic, demented fool, this isn’t a threat. It’s an opinion.
    I’m thoroughly disgusted w/ the justice system in Maryland, and I will continue to pray for the Hoge’s’-et al- deliverance from the tantrums of this evil baby.

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