49 thoughts on “A Busy Day

    • Therein lied the problem. The case was probably handled by assistant who realized that he had an open and shut case. Had he, or she, been aware that the Judge was going to create exceptions to the law he, or she, could have addressed that issue by painstakingly documenting Bill Schmalfeldt’s consistent pattern of probing the boundaries of peace order looking for exceptions as well as his apparent insincerity given Schmalfeldt’s subsequent public statements.

  1. Wait by the river of fear pee long enough, and the blobby of your enemy shall bloat past.

    Or something like that.

  2. Jail time is unlikely, but I think there will be more than a verbal scolding from the judge this time around. You can only plead ignorance so many times before authority figures wise up.

  3. And….schmalfeldt skates. Looks like the judiciary hasn’t caught on yet that schmalfeldt was thumbing his nose at the court order and intended to harass and annoy. He doesn’t toe up or over the line by accident. Cruel to schmalfeldt’s victims to give him the benefit of doubt anymore.

  4. It is really disgraceful. What the court will eventually….eventually, will find out is that Schmalfeldt has been violating the order again and again and again and again… And delights in his vicious attacks and in getting away with them.

      • Hey, Frisch’s attacks on public figures were the only thing that got her stopped. No one seemed to care about the threats of actual physical harm that she was making to Jeff Goldstein’s family, and I’m sure others. They just weren’t important enough to bother trying to protect from her.

    • I had the same thought. The problem is that introducing those tweets would have been addressing an issue that simply wasn’t an issue. The Judge simply misinterpreted the law.

    • Or, it would have been answered by noting Schmalfeldt had a sundry of other options for passing on any offer to help For instance, he could have posted it on his website. John Hoge may have read it, or some lickspittle surely would have shared it at Hogewash. Bill Schmalfeldt just say an opportunity to violate the Peace Order and took it.

  5. So many people besides Bill think you are a piece of shit that deserves all of the tragedy in your life, Hoggy. So fuck you.

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