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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has told Judge Hazel that he (the judge) found that Kimberlin’s state law claims were viable. He included this line describing his version of the court’s finding in his most recent letter to the court.ECF 274-p1IANAL, so I’m not sure of the correct legal term is for such a statement, but in engineering it would be referred to as bullshit. The court made no such finding. Here’s what Judge Hazel wrote.ECF 263-p34res_judicata_mugsJudge Hazel’s saying that the state law claims were outside of his jurisdiction and that he intended for the federal court to mind its own business is not the same thing as saying those claims are valid. Indeed, he expressed no opinion on the state law claims other than to note that they might be barred by “res judicata and/or collateral estoppel.” Meanwhile, Maryland Rule 2-101(b) allows a 30-day window to file the claims in a state court after the dismissal by a federal court for lack of jurisdiction. Time is up at close of business on Thursday. If TDPK does file something before the window closes, I look forward to using that suit as further evidence of his vexatiousness. Tick, tock.

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  1. TDPK suffers from the delusion that Judge Hazel reviewed and approved his state law claims.

    All Judge Hazel did was to say, “Get out and peddle your fish in state court.”

    • Actually, Brett Kimberlin attempted lawfare to stop the Widow DeLong from collecting her judgment against him. The result was Brett Kimberlin being incarcerated for two years, which was extended for some unknown reason to four years. Team KImberlin doesn’t consider that a loss!

      • I would like people (such as Matt Osborne) who claim to believe Brett’s “double secret exhoneration” lies to explain what they think was going on there.

        It took 4 years for Brett to defeat the secret CIA plot against him! Nevermind that at his bombing trials, he tried to blame one of his drug smuggling colleagues for the bombings, and after Brett’s younger brother died, he tried to blame him too. Well, maybe Brett’s sycophants believe that they were part of a CIA plot too. Maybe they also believe bombing victims are part of the CIA plot and deserve to be thoroughly cheated and harassed and have frivolous suits filed against them.

        Time was when Matt, Karoli, and other Brett sycophants were quick and proud to repeat Brett’s opinions about things. They’ve been pretty quiet since. It’s progress, but there is more progress yet to make.

  2. Kimberlin has apparently made some feints at BS being in some privy council to DOOM, though BS was careful to leave out revenge on marylan (so far) in his bitter reflections on cruel enforcement of laws that shouldn’t apply to shakey people.

    It doesn’t take much imagination to suppose it all pertains to his usual vicarious delight at Kimberlin’s vexy schemes…though BS always fails to comprehend the shortcomings of his favorite midget’s promises.

  3. Kimby was never exonerated of anything to do with his bombings – he’s still banned from voting in Maryland. He’s still on (unsupervised) parole and has never completed restitution or ever willingly attempted to pay the full civil judgment against him.

    (Current law in Maryland, since revision in 2007, still prohibits individuals with a felony conviction from voting until after they have finished parole, probation and paid restitution.)

  4. He registered in 2006, even before the law was revised to allow some restoration of voting rights for non – incarcerated felons. If he’s voted, he’s voted illegally.

  5. There was no “lawsuit” about parole except the near half-dozen he lost. His “political prisoner” complaint went no where. (He was claiming he should have been released in ’89) They threw him back in the pokey in 97 for dishonestly avoiding payment of a judgement against him for the bombing victims, and let out on parole again in 2001. He had five years of supervised parole, but his sentence is not expired.

  6. The members of Team Kimberlin don’t care about truth. The members of Team Kimberlin prefer to hide behind lies. The members of Team Kimberlin become deranged when people point out the truth. The response of members of Team Kimberlin to truth is exactly the same as the response of cockroaches to light.

  7. There is something very odd about that crew (maybe it is something odd about many on the Internet). They lie and repeat lies that they have to know are easily proved to be lies. Are they confident that most people do no checking on what they read, that readers are like that woman in commercial who thought she was going on a date with a French model? Or are they so solipsistic that they think THEIR saying something makes it true?

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