25 thoughts on “$3.5 Million Judgment Against Roger Shuler

  1. Hmm. In that case, the libel was that certain parties were having an affair. I am aware of a situation in Maryland where an adjudicated harasser has accused a man of fraud, forgery, perjury, being a racketeer, plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, etc. Shocking, really.

  2. “Following a lawsuit which apparently did not come out in Shuler’s favor, the neighbor’s attorney ended up owning part of the blogger’s home.”

  3. Counter suits can potentially bankrupt fools who file false allegations against innocent parties …
    Just saying.

    • people really have no idea who they are messing with, I wonder if anyone reached out to the parties in the Shuler case and informed them that other progressive blog also used shuler to defame them and others

      Statute of limitations can and are extended especially when a party is adjudicated to be liable as well s to be extended to unknown others who were willing participants.

  4. Saaaaaaaaaaay, doesn’t Bunny Boy live in Mama’s basement in Alabama? Doesn’t he still suck the tit as he hasn’t been gainfully employed for quite some time? Makes you wonder what a house full of PhD’s and one moron is worth doesn’t it?

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  6. There ought to be a better way to deal with mentally ill people wreaking havoc with order and the peace of others. Schuler has not been slowly going mad, he’s been disordered for a long time and had already begun causing injury to his own interests as well as the targets of his delusions. He should have had intervention and treatment and restraint years and years ago, before he started his lunatic harassing campaigns.

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