43 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. Remarkable, he thinks that Judge Hazel found that he had viable state law claims. Um, no, in fact he strongly suggested that most of them would be barred by res judicata.

    And smart move on Brett’s part, declaring that he is not a vexatious litigant while promising to sue us more.

    There is more wrong here, but I would caution everyone against educating the midget.

  2. The judge will assess any truthiness in Kimberlin’s statement, which should prove entertaining for the popcorn gallery. “Fail, fail, epic fail…”

  3. Interesting that the letter is dated April 1 but was NOT filed until April 6. Granted there was a weekend in the mix, so why not file it on April 2nd or 3rd?

    • Hmm. Well, the 3rd was Good Friday; I know I was off that day, and many official institutions close that day as well. Your guess is as good as mine why he didn’t send it on the 2nd, though.

  4. The best part was Brett asked “Do you want to settle this case”–that I loss–“before I refile it in state court? ” and the counter offer was pay us $25,000 and we will not file for sanctions and attorney’s fees.

  5. Kimberlin must have taken intentional-dumbass lessons from Schmalfeldt, not that he’s ever cared about truth anyway.

    • And speaking of Schmalfeldt… He’s BACK!

      He didn’t have me blocked on his new account. When I commented, it wasn’t 15 minutes before he called me troll and blocked me.

      But WE are the obsessed ones, eh?

  6. Notice how whatever this guy’s opponents file is always “without merit”? Every. Single. Time. Kinda like it’s a marker for something…
    Can’t figure out what though. /sarc

  7. This wasn’t seriously filed with the court, was it? I sure hope this was an April Fools Day prank.

    Even Acme Legal couldn’t be this stupid.

    …or could they?

    • It’s par for the course. I seem to somewhat recall a previous episode, perhaps during the Norton peace order trial, in which Brett Kimberlin responded to what seemed to me to be a judicial bitch slapping in a previous case by saying that the Judge merely said that he, Kimberlin, should have filed in another Court.

      • Per Aaron’s comment above, I don’t want to educate the midget, but there is a lot more going on with this letter than misinterpreting the judge’s comments.

  8. “they used those malicious suits to do something unprecedented -launch a website and raise tens of thousands of dollars based on the false narrative that I swatted conservative bloggers. ”

    Liars gotta lie.

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