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Brett Kimberlin has tried to make a name for himself fighting for clean elections through Velvet Revolution US, the 501(c)4 he cofounded with moonbat broadcaster Brad Friedman.

King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Ass’n v. Blackwell was a voter fraud case in Ohio that accused Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell of conspiring to deprive Ohioans of their right to vote for Democrats. At one point, Kimberlin stuck his nose into the proceeding.

The Blackwell case wound up being dismissed.

Is anyone surprised that Velvet Revolution US has never found any election irregularities implicating Democrats, not even in Chicago?

15 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Brett Kimberlin tells the truth about as good as he sings. In the past 25 years, how many of his legal declarations are complete bullshit lies? The answer sounds like a worthwhile pursuit. Hummmmm………I wonder how someone would go about that kind of research?

  2. Is it just me, or do those “anonymous tipster” quotes sound an awful lot like multi-state fugitive from justice and deadbeat dad Neal Rauhauser?

    • Sounded like stream of consciousness to me; meaning it read as if the puny pedo made it up as he wrote. I wouldn’t doubt that his employee made suggestions, or dictated, if that was during his period of employment.

      • English is my primary language, and I’ve read the document twice. I’m a bit lost. Were the clicks and dot, dots supposed to be sounds? Like, did the tipster (creatively named “the tipster” and known as “he” in this document) leave these messages on an answering machine?
        How in blazes is the fact that Brett Kimberlin, has received anonymous, vague allegations supposed to help anyone?

    • Should add: “And as a convicted perjurer, I Brett Kimberlin know how harsh the penalty for perjury is, because I was convicted of it, as in now being a convicted perjurer.” I’m suggesting that Brett leave off the part about being a narcissist serial bomber with a pedophilic online reputation. Too wordy.

  3. Paragraph 1 should be added and state: I was convicted of perjury in 1973 when he had just 18 years of age.

  4. I can’t help but notice how much Brett Kimberlin’s signature has changed in the past few years.

    Maybe he has Parkinson’s too.

  5. How did he–a convicted bomber and a federal parolee–get into the Rayburn Office Building is the question I want answered.

  6. They don’t like electronic voting because they can’t “unexpectedly” find sacks of uncounted ballots in the trunk of somebody’s car after the polls have closed.

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