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Here’s another interesting Kimberlin connection.

One of the early donors to Velvet Revolution was Harriet Crosby. Ms. Crosby, who is not actually Kimberlin’s aunt in spite of the rumor to the contrary, has been active in leftwing causes. In 1983, she cofounded the Institute for Soviet American Relations which has now been renamed the Institute for Social Action and Renewal. She is on the board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a not-for-profit engaged in the study and promotion of pseudoscience such as psychic abilities, psychokinesis, and alternative healing. She is on the board of Friends of the Earth, and spent five years working on environmental issue on the Clinton White House staff.

The Justice Through Music Project/Velvet Revolution office space is in a bungalow that Ms. Crosby owned and subsequently transferred to the HMC Trust. The Green Casa Maryland demonstration house is being built on a lot two doors up the street from the JMTP office. The lot is owned by the HMC Trust.

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    • There are two interesting questions the article raises. The first is why the article states Brett Kimberlin is Harriot Crosby’s nephew when he is not. That is an odd conjecture for a reporter to falsely publish. The second is how Brett Kimberlin could have possibly obtained an injunction. He is not a Maryland lawyer, and, he had no standing whatsoever. There is one explanation that accounts for both: Brett Kimberlin presented himself to the Court as the nephew of the Harriot Crosby, perhaps presenting her as incapacitated.

      That is a possibility I suggest ought to be investigated. It raises both the question of perjury, and, of the unlawful practice of law.

      • The simplest explanation would of course be they have some family connection or ties that make her “auntish” For example, she could be some sort of cousin,r be a partner or former partner of some relation where the legal tie was dissolved or couldn’t be official. Aunt might be close enough, then,for simplicity’s sake, OTOH for any mere friendship or affinity based relationship to be labeled that way in a news piece strikes me as weird.

      • Since not pursuing a civil action was a condition of her plea, Would anyone be very surprised to discover Kimberlin had made some contact, perhaps memorable or even preserved, that brought the subject up? The injunction sought, I suppose, would still have records related to it that the public could review.

      • Of course, it could be that the puny pedo tipped off the reporter and provided all of the information. Lying liars gotta lie, and all that, so there may be no familial relationship, and there may be no injunction that was too late.

    • Probably the answer is no, but could Harriett M. Crosby be related to Louise Crosby? Louise is Sandy Barton’s sister whom Brett tried to frame as a suspect for the Julia Scyphers murder. Brett buried the murder weapon and some of his remaining bomb parts in her yard, and then Brett lied to federal law enforcement, saying he believed Louise had something to do with Julia’s murder.

      • “Crosby” was a pseudonym Singer gave the Straits to protect their privacy.

        I had the impression that Singer would shuffle names in the Kimberlin connection Rolodex a little when assigning changed names. The selection of “Crosby” might not have been pulled out of thin air, However, even if not pulled out of thin air, it might not be connected to the Bartons or Straits.

    • you forgot your sarc tag. This is BK we’re talking about. The man ATE the presidential seal fer crissakes.

  1. The article is worth reading if only to roll eyes at the littlest not-lawyers excercise on her behalf, and his apparent disappointment in HCs plea agreement, which barred lawsuits.

  2. Communism is great, and simple to achieve. Just look the other way while 10’s of millions of your fellow countrymen are murdered for the workers paradise. Easy peasy.

  3. ” ‘[I]t would have been nice for her to seek some redress for the wrong that occurred here.’ ”

    It seems like, for some people, that it’s all about the redress….

  4. The song acutally seems like it might have been re-purposed, though the animation is clearly in the Obama camp.

  5. This seems like the psuedo-legitimate style of non profit that would be greatly damaged by the public knowledge of the facts of the association with a violent criminal.

  6. I wonder if Harriet Crosby would be interested in the passages in Brett Kimberlin’s authorized biolography discussing the disappearance of pets in Kimberlin’s neighborhood.

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