Martin O’Malley, Liberal Impersonator

That’s the message of this piece over at Slate. It points out that O’Malley, who is trying position himself to the left of Hillary Clinton for the coming primaries, is actually somewhat closer to the political center than she is.

However, O’Malley’s big problem isn’t his lack of leftism. It’s his record as Governor of Maryland. His eight years in Annapolis resulted in one of the bluest states electing a Republican as his successor. To overcome that, he’ll have to impersonate a competent leader, and those of us who suffered under his misrule in Maryland are unlikely to let him get away with it.

6 thoughts on “Martin O’Malley, Liberal Impersonator

  1. From an Operation Chaos perspective, O’Malley is a good addition to the race. He is taking on Hillary for her dynastic line. And he is the whitest of white males and seems quite eager to show off his masculinity. So let’s see that party have that fight for a while.

    • Batchelor was better before he went full RINO. But he is the best interviewer on radio. He mentions who he is talking to and why that person is interesting several times in the discussion so if you came in in the middle you know who it is if you don’t recognize the voice.

      And Larry OConnor is a Breitbartian on the morning show with Brian Wilson formerly of Fox News. Before THEY went full RINO.

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