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The Cabin Boy™ routinely sticks his nose into other people’s business, and he acts as if he believes that everyone else does the same.BotM201503282229Z

popcorn4bkThe Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt may have forgotten who he’s suing, but “Paul Krendler” is among the et al. in his Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al. LOLsuit2 that he’s filed in Howard County Circuit Court. That being the case, I have a interest in his communications with my codefendants. It was TDPS who made his communications with “Krendler” my business.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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  1. Wait, weren’t we recently informed that you and Krendler are one and the same? That being the case, the answer seems self evident.

      • And if it were true that Hoge and Krendler were the same person, then wouldn’t contact with Krendler violate the PO?

        “Yes, Your Honor, I did claim that Krendler was Hoge, and that you ordered me not to contact him. But since I contacted Hoge by calling him a different name, that makes it OK. Alternately, it’s OK because I don’t believe the claim even though I attested to that claim in court documents.”

      • Don’t forget, he also claimed in his retaliatory, doomed-to-fail, and abandoned petition for a peace order against Mr. Grady that Mr. Grady is Krendler. So was the freak deliberately violating the Illinois restraining order, or the Maryland peace order, or both, each time he contacted THE Prince of Parody (may FUN be upon him), after the orders were entered?

  2. Twitter Attorney Smellfart parody question of the week #whatever:

    “How many servings can I get out of a 30 fl. oz. jar of mayonnaise?”

    a) 1
    b) 1/2
    c) Fooled you! I get it by the 55 gallon drum.
    d) Brett says he’s getting grossed out by my mayo habit. I tried to quit but it’s just so addictive! I called AA, but they hung up on me. I don’t know what I’ll do if Bretty-Buns dumps me. Whenever I think about that it starts the Schmycle all over again, and I wake up the next morning in a pool of sour mayo… enticing, delicious, aged sour mayo. Yum!

  3. “Blood on the Mike” is a violent handle.
    Does it have to do with any of your pending peace orders?

    • If he was the advice-taking kind, he wouldn’t need it in the first place. He’d learn to shut his gob until things calmed down.

      I don’t think he can, though. I think he’s got this narcissistic drive that impels him to demand attention, even though sane minds might regard the attention drawn as less than ideal. He’s so happy he’s ‘important’ in someone’s life that it completely slips by him that he’s digging himself into a serious hole, legally speaking.

  4. John

    It is not just that you have an interest; you have a legitimate interest, a distinction that Witless Willie is unable to grasp. And of course, as you pointed out, the fact that what legitimated your interest is his own act makes his questioning that legitimacy really funny.

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      Good luck!

    • Just be careful that the link cannot be tracked back to an account with your name on. Because Willy will ad you to the next iteration of his legal wankings.

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