#BillSchmalfeldt Sets Another 1pm Deadline

BotM201503281434ZI remember another 1 pm deadline that the Cabin Boy™ set for something to be taken down from the Internet. When I didn’t, he responded by posting a picture that he himself described as “obscene.”


I suspect that he will do something equally foolish this time.

48 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt Sets Another 1pm Deadline

  1. Of course, I’m referring to the repeatedly adjudicated stalker and harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland, slapped with peace/restraining orders from multiple states, whose own children want nothing to do with him, repeated cuckold, self-humiliating clown, fired from promoting and seeking funding for a national charity, admittedly demented, who is so sick he thinks depicting the rape and molestation of children is “funny” and not pr0n, well known as a lying liar who wouldn’t tell the truth even if he wasn’t too stupid to understand what that is, who looks so much like a walking penis that it’s been surmised that he has tesicle-feet, who has written blog posts about crapping his pants, and who has also notified the world that when a law enforcement officer stopped by his pathetic little tin hovel he literally wet his pants, when I write:

    No matter how many times his feeling that he has some sort of edge over someone blows up in his incredibly ugly and demented face, he’s too stupid to ever figure out that he’s a FAILURE, has always been a FAILURE, and will remain a FAILURE so long as he continues to do the same things in the same ways. IOW – so long as he remains himself, he’ll remain a total LOSER and total FAILURE.

    That he’s a FAILURE is the fault of no one but his demented self. He’s too stupid to understand that, no matter how many times it’s explained, and too much of an evil monster who enjoys being an evil monster to ever change, even if he did understand.

    Documentation of all of the above is available upon request by anyone who is not an evil monster, or too stupid to understand the documentation anyway.

  2. You folks are hilarious. Fooling Bill Schmalfeldt is like playing with a cat using a flashlight. “What’s that? I’m gonna get it!” Poof.

      • So first there was @BloodontheMike, then it seemed like for a few hours today it was @MikeontheBlood, but now its back to the first version.

        Did anyone else see that or am I having a stroke?

      • Perry, you’re right. I, for one, am so grateful that he does things like this! Multiple email accounts, over 100 Twitter handles…why, it would be fruitless for anyone to attempt to permanently block him, and it is generous of him to prove that by his behavior. Jolly good show!

      • Remember, one deleted blog is evidence of wrongdoing, 50 deleted blogs and twice that number of twitter accounts is evidence of………LOOK, SQUIRREL!!!!

  3. This is such a good metaphor of the situation, fill in the names as necessary:

    (It’s a great video anyway)

  4. Because he’s suing both of them in the same lawsuit, and he’s tweeting and blogging publicly?
    “Why are my communications with “Krendler” any of John Hoge’s business? Who died and made HIM hallway monitor? @WhoIsNumberNone”
    6:29pm – 28 Mar 15

    • “Why are my communications with “Krendler” any of John Hoge’s business?”

      Cause they’re so damn funny?

      • Because John Hoge is a journalist chronicling a story of a group of thugs meting out extralegal punishments in an attempt to silence others from telling the truth about them. John Hoge is doing nothing less than than documenting another such act.

        Here is why Bill Schmalfeldt is objecting:

  5. Because (1) WJJHhas already done so, and (2) BS should check his court records, and (3) sending tweets into the ether directed at a man who has a PO against him is not the proper way to request discovery documents.

  6. HOGE lies? What about the post-contempt hearing tweets by BS stating that he refused to touch the letter because he wanted DNA and fingerprint testing?

    • this is why he gets so worked up over the idea that someone somewhere may have a record of all the bullhockey he has spewed.
      it’s difficult for a known liar such as he is, to continue to lie in the face of his own words proving he is in fact, lying.

      suck it up [redacted], tick tock tick tock you sack of [redacted].

  7. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”

  8. Here we are at six hours after the doom clock was supposed to have struck (BTW, why on earth does he seem to think 1pm is a good time for his demands to be met at? It seems to be one of his favorites for some reason.) And not only is TMZ here, but mockery still thrives. Ahhhh! I love the smell of snark in the afternoon!

    • I needed an excuse to point and laugh when I saw more global warming coming down in my front yard today. That’s as good a reason, as any.

      And yes, it was snowing today. No accumulation (or even big flakes – Sorry, Bill!). But the end of March? In Virginia? Sheesh..

      • Lucky you. It started sticking about mid-afternoon here, and we’ve got an inch or so outside. On the plus side, one of the outdoor bunnies loves getting covered in the stuff, and the tarp covering part of the hutch had peeled back, so he was a happy camper today.

  9. Geez, yesterday Willy was ready to put everybody in jail. And now he’s reduced to BEGGING John to do him a favor and let him see an envelope.

    It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so damn odious.

    Bill, FOAD. Izzatsohard?

  10. I take from your request Bill, that you would like someone to contact John Hoge to ask him to send you a copy of the envelope, right?

    Well, consider Mr. Hoge contacted on your behalf.

    I believe that is yet another violation of the restraining order.

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