In Re RICO Madness

Judge Hazel has denied The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for reconsideration of dismissal of the Ku Klux Klan Act claims against all defendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.


UPDATE—The money quote—

Kimberlin is mistaken.

UPDATE 2—FIFY:Explain_the_lawUPDATE 3—Aaron Walker compares Kimberlin’s RICO Madness to Generalissimo Franco.


76 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

    • Am I the only one who read the 4th footnote as huge letters made of blinking lights essentially indicating: “Dare Ya’ “

  1. Now, does Brett have it in him to march his tiny feet to Richmond with this albatross?

    They could use the laugh, I suppose.

  2. Another win for Free Speech. While college campuses and workplaces may be anti-free speech zones, much of the internet will continue to be rowdy, untamed and occasionally rude places. In other words, just as the Founders imagined free speech.

    Kimberlin is mistaken. — US District Judge George Hazel

    • I’m not so sure about that. Had the judge not advised him about the statute of limitation hold, Kimberlin could have filed an appeal on due process grounds.

      It wouldn’t work, but it could drag things out. Hazel seems to have kicked him back down to the state courts, where res judica and collsateral estoppel apply.

      I think Brett was just cut off at the fucking knees.

    • BSB – I saw the last footnote as exactly the opposite of your interpretation. The further into the paragraph I read, the more I “heard” the court daring the puny plaintiff to re-file. There may have even been an implied “double dog” in there somewhere, maybe in the final parenthetical.

      • Upon further consideration, I realize I totally misread the opinion. It’s clear to me that the court has bent over backward to be fair to the plaintiff, giving as much deference as is appropriate under the circumstances. Please ignore (or delete! WJJH) my embarrassing mischaracterization.

      • I now see Aaron’s and Neal’s comments, and thoroughly agree with both. Again, I did a search and the word “dare” isn’t actually in the order. 😉

      • Jane, with an ability to admit mistakes like this, you’ll never make it as a partner at Acme.

  3. On an even happier note. we know move on to sanctions.

    Judge Hazel’s last two decisions seem to indicate that his indulgence of Kimberlin has come to an end.

  4. Ouch.

    Interesting that the judge didn’t deal with the request for sanctions, which came in around the same time. I’d tentatively say that’s a good omen, but we’ll see.

    Spouse: “What in the world are you laughing about?”
    Me: Adjudicated Bomber Vexatious Litigant Kimberlin denied AGAIN!!!
    Spouse: “He needs to get a life, and you need to get off the internet.”


    • Speaking from personal experience, it’s difficult to explain to a spouse the entire Kimberlin Saga without a long discourse.

      • I’ve given up trying.

        Spouse: “What are you reading on the computer?”
        Me: “About the pedophile who sues the universe.”
        Spouse: “That thing is still going on?”
        Me: “Yep. He lost and is not suing even more people.”
        Spouse: “Oh.”

      • Her: “What are you laughing at?”
        Me: “Remember the lawsuit fest?”
        Her: “Yes.”
        Me: “Team Evil is being stupid again.”

      • Triplets.

        (And youse guys don’t have to explain the extra bits I have to explain.)

  6. When someone’s money and most importantly freedom is on the line with a parade of sanction motions that are coming, now would not be the time to vex the judge with continued frivolous motions, including those that don’t exist

    asking for a friend

  7. It has to be getting hard to support Brett.

    Even if he does provide you with rides from time to time.

    • Gee, I thought the envelope and letter were in the hands of the MD court system, undergoing “Forensic analysis”

      On a related note, my LULZ have healed from yesterday, and rereading the Opp to the MTD (aka yesterday’s LULZ a pa loser) today is very different. It’s even funnier.

      Seriously. Try it again. Follow his train of thought (hint: it’s still boarding at the station) and then when he touches the same point later, listen closely. You can hear the Looney Toons music…

      • Unredacted copies of the letter and envelope were served on the Cabin Boy as an exhibit to my opposition to his motion to dismiss the contempt petition.

        The word processor typed return street address has the same form as all of the hand addressed envelopes he has sent me.

      • One does rather wonder how the great legal mind of O W Jones managed to forget that he had already recieved something.

        And on second thought, it’s no wonder at all.

      • Colvictorparker –

        He has consistently admitted to sending an email, for which he faces a hearing on April 16.

        He denies sending the letter, saying the signature is too close to his own to be his own. I think that’s supposed to make sense, but it doesn’t sound any better when Bill says it.

    • My favorite, is his (rare) realization of defeat phase. In this phase Shaky becomes very depressed and whines how for the first time(even though he’s said this before) in his life he feels defeated and doesn’t want to fight anymore. He then chastises his imaginary army for their lack of support and starts asking where they are. After that he lectures his fellow leftists on their fear of fighting and inability to stick together and help each other, along with other stuff that they should do in order to win the war against the right. When that still doesn’t get any responses, he climbs onto his cross and cries how his entire life has been spent fighting this war and what all it has cost him (health, family, income, all the usual crap), only to now be abandoned in his time of need. The only responses he gets from any of this are Lickspittles making fun of him, as usual everyone on TK just ignores him. The next day he scrubs his twitter timeline, acts like nothing happened, and is back trying to be a tough guy.

  8. Bill- its time to hire a lawyer. Seriously. You are in so deep that this cannot result in an end that isn’t horrible for you. Find somebody that knows what he or she is doing. You could end up in jail, man. Your pride could literally put you behind bars while your wife dies in a hospital (assuming you aren’t lying about the severity of her condition, which, considering the considerable record you’ve left behind, no one should take at face value.)

    You remind me of the scene where Marcellus Wallace tells Butch Coolidge to ignore pride. In that movie, Butch ignores the advice, and in the end it all works out (after some seriously messed-up situations.)

    Here is the difference- Bill, you are no Butch Coolidge. You are an even LESS cool version of Vincent Vega.

    You are a fat loser that screws up everything you touch. You are the moron that would accidentally shoot Marvin in the face. You are the idiot that would nearly kill Mia by bringing heroin into the house. You are the total retard that would leave his Uzi in the kitchen when taking a dump.

    Now here’s the thing- that lawyer you are going to hire? That lawyer is going to tell you to shut your (highly entertaining) online warfare down. That lawyer is going to tell you that the LOLsuit is doomed, and you should dismiss it. That lawyer is going to defend you the best way that lawyer can in the criminal case. And that lawyer COULD obtain a probation resolution, or even a deferred entry of judgement that would result in a dismissal.

    But everybody reading this knows- you ain’t gonna do that. And “[T]hat’s pride, F***ing with you.” Just know that everything that happens to you (and Gail,) from here on out, is all your fault.

    • You’re giving good, solid advice where it’s desperately needed, Colonel, but to someone who doesn’t deserve any help. He’s worked tirelessly to achieve his FAILURE, and deserves the most severe consequences the law provides. Your efforts are no doubt for naught because his abject stupidity will prevent him from even understanding your words, much less taking your well-intentioned advice.

      • That SOB will never take advice because he just knows he’s right, and even if he isn’t, he thinks he should be, and if he just acts like it enough, the world will bend to his will

        It won’t.

      • LibraryGryffon – I dunno… I’m a bit conflicted here… what you wrote is absolutely true afaik, but still… we should try to not speak ill of the dead. I’d sure hate it if anyone I cared about were accused of being that demented monster’s mother. 😉

  9. Purposeful lying is purposeful. The letter is not the subject of any legal action. So why is he huffing and puffing so much about it?

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