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popcorn4bkSeveral people have pointed out that the lead defendant in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO2 LOLsuit (Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al.) is a law firm with 800 or so lawyers on staff.

The other interesting defendant is Pacific Northwest National Laboratories which is a part of the U. S. Department of Energy. TDPK has filed suit against the federal government.


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    • Don’t reward him. Let the little bug exjuicinate quietly under (counting interns, paralegals, assorted support personnel and a number of large laser copy machines ) about 1000 high quality briefcases and an array of high quality italian leather soles. Plus that runner in stompy boots.

  1. Acme Legal mistake number 176,366. I wonder how many more are on the way?! What’s that Amazon link for the jumbo bag of popcorn? I gotta restock.

      • Do you think those Big Law Firms and Corporate Entities might request a bond be posted for this farce?

      • I hope a whole great big lot of federal agencies take an intense interest in the lawfare and in the puny plaintiff, Neal. You know, “fed to fed”… hahaha

      • That won’t happen until the feral bureaucracy is purged of the Party stalwarts who have been running it. Going after the Dread Pro Se would break the deal that encourages others to attack conservative pols.

        There’s a reason no one has even been arrested for firebombing Palin’s church, you know.

  2. PNNL’s prime contract is held by Battelle. They manage several other national labs, as well as a DHS lab. They’re ruthless weasels to their own staff, and worse to people who sue them. The labs attract nutcases that file suit accusing them of UFO conspiracies, chemtrails, you name it. If Brett thinks PNNL is going to settle without going to discovery, he’s a compete moron. Good luck with the Battelle lawyers, much less DOJ. He couldn’t have screwed himself more if he tried.

    Scratch that, he sued an 800 person law firm. Is there a trifecta of poor victim selection he can win?

  3. Guess he already got his Prius tax break so he no longer has a need for DoE?

    WHEN these people get sanctions awarded, they won’t be dragging their feet on the collection.

    Be careful: a cornered and rat fucked bomber is a dangerous bomber.

  4. Is there any evidence that he has served any of them? I mean, could this be a huge time-waster for Hoge, with his co defendants never being served, never hearing about this suit, until BK decides he’s wasted enough of Hoge’s time and dismisses the suit?

    • Or he’s hoping to get the defendants deemed served again. Or he has a stack of poorly forged return receipts.

      The courts haven’t exactly made him stick to the requirements of service.

    • Dr_Mike, you’re jumping the gun.

      In the first RICO suit he did not serve Stacy McCain for over a year, yet Stacy was not dropped from the suit until the final decision.

      With the onset of judge Hazel, there has been no consideration whatsoever about requirements of service.

    • I doubt he will serve the majority of defendants. The only purpose of this “suit” is his desperation at no longer being the darling of the loony left conspiracy theory set.

      Obviously donations have disappeared.

  5. Proving once again you can’t cure stupid.

    This is raising the “stupid factor” by several orders of magnitude.

    It is akin to shooting yourself in the foot, reloading, and handing your weapon to the enemy.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    I am buying shares in Orville Redenbacher first thin Monday morning.

  6. The federal government gets a lot of ridiculous lawsuits from kooks. I suspect the DoE lawyers will file a motion soon claiming sovereign immunity, and I suspect that it will be granted right away.

    The DoE won’t waste time on a substantive response, especially for the monstrosity that is this lawsuit.

    • Agreed. There appear to be absolutely no consequences for any of this multitude of obviously nonsensical suits other than to harass the defendants. Even when the plaintiff is caught with out-and-out falsehoods and altering court documents.

      This entire exercise calls into question the very possibility of justice in the People’s Republic of Maryland.

  7. We should certainly hope that Kimberlin can show waiver of sovereign immunity under the Tucker Act. Watching Kimberlin argue pro se in the Court of Claims will be hootastic

  8. If Kimberlin follows form, he should be filing bar complaints against all the individual lawyers at the DOJ any day now.

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