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Yesterday afternoon, I mailed my motion to dismiss The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s latest nuisance LOLsuit to the Circuit Court for Howard County. I also served a copy on the Cabin Boy™ by mail.

Almost everything the Cabin Boy™ says has an expiration date, but, if he he really wants to drop this LOLsuit, all he has to do is nothing. If he doesn’t file an opposition to my motion, the court will grant it as unopposed, and the suit will be dismissed. Of course, his mind is quite changeable, so he may want to go forward with the suit. If it survives the motion to dismiss, I guarantee that discovery will be … ummm … interesting. Yep, that’s the right word. Interesting.

The motion speaks for itself, so I do not intend to make any further substantive comments until after the court has ruled on it.

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  1. Does Velvet Revolution pay for filing fees and court costs for personal lawsuits?

    Who pay Cabin Boys’ filing fees?

  2. Dropping this suit would be the smart thing to do.

    So it isn’t likely to happen.

    Bill will attempt to go down swinging, doing as much damage as he can in the next 25 days. Then, when “You’re killing me” Bill shows up in court, he’ll be meek and contrite as can be, right up to the point when he goes back to killing the springs on Brett’s Prius.

    Here’s hoping the judge gives him a nice stay in the Greybar Inn, or better yet they fit him out for one of those jackets with the long sleeves that let you hug yourself all day long.

    • That’s a tough call.

      On one hand, William doesn’t have brains to file anything that could survive a motion to dismiss. On the other hand, he doesn’t have the balls to face anyone in court who isn’t forcing him to be there.

      Let’s review his filings since just last May, shall we?

      1) Federal Lulzsuit the First – Abandoned after just two days because Gail and Dr. Bombay told him to.

      2) The Famous “Paragraph 83” Federal Copyright Counterclaim – Settled after William repeatedly insisted that he would do no such thing and would collect $3 million from Messers Hoge and “Krendler.”

      3) The Peace Order Appeal – Said to abandoned, but dismissed due to the hysterical nonsense that posed as pleadings.

      4) The Grady Peace Order – Abandoned as soon as it became clear that Mr. Grady would be travelling to Maryland to defend against it. I’ll leave it with you to decide that this was evidence of vexation or cowardice.

      5) Federal Lulzsuit the Second – Dismissed because it seemed to have been written by a delusional toddler.

      6) The Current State Lulsuit – Dishonestly claimed to be abandoned. Soon to be dismissed due it being further vexatious and incomprehensible nonsense. Improperly served on one of the named defendants because of laziness and stupidity.

      And now William is “leaning toward” ….

      7) Federal Lulzsuit the Third – The likely outcome of which will be identical to 1-6.

  3. In the past week, he has twice posted the photos of parent’s children, albeit with little bars over their eyes, because the parents … they what? Made fun of BS? Criticized BS? Those two people did not go after BS’s family. In one case, BS was outraged because David posted an unaltered photo of BS that BS has tweeted dozens of times, and put one of BS’s direct quotes under it. This is further proof that BS goes after families first, then claims victimhood.

    • This goes to the root of why everyone despises him.
      He loves and desires the flame war but is completely incapable of acquitting himself with any reasonable skill. When he inevitably fails, he reaches for his favored weapons of slur and curse and trying to damage people IRL.

      Everyone recognizes exactly what he is and he can’t deny his own nature and that’s the trap he’s stuck in.

      • All of that, and the fact that he’s an incredibly vile, repugnant, malignant narcissist, who foists himself upon others who’ve made it clear they want nothing to do with him.

      • That’s a trait that’s fairly common among flaming leftists. Their rhetoric has been debunked by minor incidents like the starvation of tens of millions of people, so they have to resort to ad hominem and dirty tricks.

        If you persist in keeping after these sorts of folks in venues where they can’t squelch or block you, eventually they will BEG you to quit harshing their buzz.

        Well, they don’t call it “begging”, but that’s what the impotent threats and demands amount to.

      • Jane said, “[Schmalfeldt’s] an incredibly vile, repugnant, malignant narcissist, who foists himself upon others who’ve made it clear they want nothing to do with him.”

        Yep. And those are his FINER qualities.

    • And he really needs to start posting larger bars, since I can assure you not only could I recognize my child, I would have no trouble recognizing Mr. Edgren’s son from that “obscured” photo either.

      However, unlike children, guinea pigs don’t care if their identity is obvious, especially when they’ve beed dead for a while. (My whole family still snickers over that bit of idiocy.)

  4. I must’ve missed the original complaint somehow.

    Can I get a link to the post with the original complaint for this motion, by any chance?

    Thanks, D.

  5. *boom* Nice way to lay it out, Mr. Hoge! All of that was a nice way of saying, “It makes less sense than my cat does when she’s in heat!” Okay, so that sounded better in my head. 🙂

    Still, nice job!

    Now, for BS to get the results he deserves next month. I feel for everyone that BS has injured with his craziness.

    Since I’ve started back to finishing my degree, I’ve had to take a moral philosophy course. Reading through Kant’s Categorical Imperative, it’s sunk home just how evil and immoral Mr. Schmalfeldt really is. He doesn’t view humans (even himself!) as reasoning beings worthy of respect. Everybody, again including himself, is just means to an end. What makes it worse is the fact that the end that he seeks appears to be his own self-destruction (again, something Kant makes a point of decrying as immoral). If his actions weren’t so destructive towards others, I’d almost pity him. As it is, he’s a sick animal, [redacted].

  6. Well done, Mr. Hoge.

    If Schmalfeldt had the capacity to be embarrassed, or feel shame. he would surely feel it after reading your motion to dismiss.

    If he files an opposition, it will be a laughable goat screw, much as his suit.

  7. Very nicely done. But, then again — I would expect nothing less from our Gentle Host. And, looky! Perfectly legible exhibits.

    Whoda thunk?

    • Without argument, and a disclaimer that comments were redacted. In other words, no lying by omission.

  8. A simple question of morbid curiosity for our Gentle Host:

    Has it ever seriously crossed your mind to respond to these monstrously awful complaints by proceeding to discovery and trial , and visiting glorious humiliations upon him in front of a jury?

    I mean, I understand the risks, and I would never recommend such a tactic, but do you ever think of it?

    • My first purpose in all of the Team Kimberlin lawfare has been to win. The Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. went through discovery and to trial on 2 of the 7 counts, and Kimberlin gave up, unintentionally, I’m sure, some useful information during discovery. I also had to go to trial on the recent peace order.

      We didn’t get into discovery in the recently dismissed RICO Madness. While that might have been a useful means to gather more evidence, I’ll take my win, thank you.

      Who knows what will happen with RICO2 or the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit?

      • It would be worth it just to hear the jury instructions.

        “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please allow me to thank you again for your service and attention through this challenging matter.

        I’d like to begin by addressing the elephant in the room. This is a civil action, therefore you cannot give the plaintiff the death penalty. I’ve been pondering that with some regret throughout this entire mess of a trial. I suggest that you write your representatives in Annapolis. God knows that I intend to.”

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