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I thought that Bunny Boy over at Breitbart Unmasked said that I should expect criminal charges to be filed for my alleged perjury last Friday. I thought he said something about them coming last Monday.

I checked the Maryland Judiciary Case Search database at 9:00 pm last night.


popcorn4bkMeanwhile, pushback has already started in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO2 suit against Team Themis, et al., and. later today, I’ll be mailing my motion to dismiss the Cabin Boy’s™ latest Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al. nuisance lawsuit.

What with discovery in Kimberlin v. Frey and other thing that are afoot, there’s lots more legal paperwork headed Team Kimberlin’s way.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Heh. How many trees will the former hippie cause to be cut down and turned into paper for his vexatious lawfare! Would the supporters of GreenCasaMD really continue their support if they knew the scams and deception with which Brett tricked them into building a free home for him, one that is designed to prevent Law Enforcement to easily apprehend criminals inside the bunker-like home? Their money going to a non-profit created by Brett for his own benefit? A scam to have their money support a convicted domestic terrorist with multiple bombings in his past, suspected in at least one murder and an adjudicated pedophile?

  2. He’s like a one-armed paper hanger with half his brain crammed up his tied behind his back.

    Any word on the status of his appeal of the state case?

  3. Twitter Attorney Smellfart parody question of the week #6:

    “At what point in my life did I realize I was a worthless dumbass?”

    a) When the Daily Kos fired me because of my anal fixation.
    b) When Walmart banned me because of my anal fixation.
    c) When my dog ran away because of my anal fixation.
    d) Brett says this is actually a good thing (heh). He said being a productive human is not important when I’m traveling my own road not travelled by anyone. He said he interacted with lots of these kind of people in prison and each of them contributed to the multiculturalism of prison life in their own way, but mostly all in the same way when in the shower. Gosh, I’m really looking forward to that!

  4. Godspeed, Mr. Hoge. We pray daily for you and yours, and I’m sure many others here do as well.

    I admire you for all you’re doing, John, and my respect for you continues to grow.

  5. An outbreak of Slapcheek is scheduled for Maryland in the next few weeks, that and snow days, wondering if Home Dept has the case moved to Minneapolis and demands a 25,000 bond like they may have done to other vexy suerslime.

    Also they may sue him in their own state court for all sorts of things..


    I don’t think they are wondering about his 11 supporters and the fact that Hme Depot doest stock items for Vans, down by the river, decors.

  6. It appears that William made a tactical error in not actually withdrawing his lulzsuit.

    Oopsie poopsie.

  7. Legal paperwork gives BK the opportunity to enter bad things about his opponents to the record. He will be completely non responsive to motions and go into full nut ball spew mode. “Oh yeah they can’t defend themselves they are bad people!”

    On discovery BK will just say no. I am sure that Patterico will be very agressive about it, but in the end if BK says no what happens? The judge might levy a sanction that BK will not pay or when it gets to trial, not allow stuff into evidence resulting in directed verdict. Besides, apparently the reason for allowing shenanigans is to ensure that decisions are appeal proof. So the shenanigans will be allowed.

    • Earl,

      No, one, NO one, but us reads court filing, they are almost impossible to find and almost impossible to decipher, Kimberlin is setting the stage to go back to jail, by his own hand, when a disinterested, somewhat sympathetic Judge, slams him, he will run into one that actually cares – MY OH MY

      • I must disagree with you. BK forged a federal court summons, and has paid NO penalty for it. He will be allowed to continue his harassment of decent folks – the courts are not going to stop him.

      • agile – oh I agree, but he is really stepping into a lions den as well, did we get the justice we want no, but eventually he will get the justice he deserves,

        what he did was to take the “gee I was just a humble Pro-Se Litigant” permanently OFF THE TABLE, and has filed a new RICO action, even more nuttier than the first, against a law firm

    • I’m beginning to believe that part of tort reform should be a bar on pro se filing if there are any unsatisfied judgements against you. That and loser pays would end lawfare, I believe.

    • Earl – I’ve read that under certain circumstances a judge may jail a noncompliant party until they comply with the court’s order(s). If Patterico wants discovery more than he wants a dismissal, for a time anyway, that may be a route he’ll explore.

      • I don’t think Patterico is stupid enough to seriously expect discovery from Kimberlin is realistic. There is absolutely no way he would ever comply in any way that incriminated him (aka was honest). If you think about it, there’s a certain sense to this. Even if a court did sanction him or jail him, that would be less punishment than Kimberlin deserves and could get from sharing the truth. And his experience is that he can roll over the rules and courts will dismiss his suits, mistaking him for a nut or an idiot. The courts are happy to just be rid of him, and feel no need to make anyone whole. So the .0001% chance of being punished for refusing discovery that would bring him real punishment is obviously not going to do the trick.

        Those who have tried to play that game have been burned by it. Walker’s attorney shared things there was absolutely no reason legally to share, in a gambit to look super honest in comparison to Kimberlin who simply refused to comply with discovery. As a result, people were doxxed and harassed and suffered real world consequences, and then the court dismissed the suit and thus felt there was no reason to penalize Kimberlin for the moot issue of his discovery response.

        If you ever wonder why some people who should be allies against Brett do not behave as though they can trust eachother, that’s about 75% of the reason.

      • I don’t think Patterico is stupid. <—- note the period there. To the contrary; I believe Patterico is brighter than most, and certainly much smarter than the best team evil has to offer.

        The folllowing may read in a way it's not meant; I do not intend any harshness, or ill-will toward you at all, Elephant. That said, two things about your observations don't fit my own perceptions:

        1) IF someone was jailed pending compliance, I don’t grasp what’s in it for them to continue to refuse to obey a court order. As you may have read, a guy with what was found to be a defamation-laden blog was ordered to take down defamatory posts on it and was jailed until he complied with that order. Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion, and coincidentally, being incarcerated slowed his criminal activity down quite a bit.

        I’m not sure what punishment the puny plaintiff could expect from complying with discovery that would be worse than being jailed with no clear end date. Then again, I have no idea what such discovery may uncover, or what other avenues may be pursued to obtain it. Perhaps, if a defendant were determined enough, a court could be convinced to order the IRS and any other relevant agency to turn over every scrap of paper they have that’s related to the prevaricating plaintiff and any organization or person connected to him.

        2) I haven’t noticed anyone on Team Free Speech or Team Good Guys exhibiting a lack of trust in each other. I have read team evil suggesting that the good guys are likely to turn on each other at any minute, but I’ve never read anything to even hint that’s possible, much less that it was likely.

        I’m certainly not in any “inner circles” if any exist, and haven’t been able to follow every angle/thread/aspect. In addition, haven’t been around since it all began. So it’s likely I’ve missed many things, including things that led you to make this observation. If so, I am happy to remain in the dark about any such goings on, so as to not make such information available publicly.

  8. And in other news, BS took offense at being directly quoted, having his photo posted EXACTLY the way he has demanded that it be posted. In retaliation, he has photoshopped D. Edgren in a gay-baiting manner, posted photos of Edgren’s son, and is currently screaming, literally screaming a song about Krendler on the radio. Was there a miracle in Elkridge last night? I mean, he was going to spend every moment with his wife, loving her. Except for the four new blogs, internet show, etc., that he has started in the last week.

  9. I’m going to have to take off early, today, as I have a meeting. This has been good week for Team Free Speech, and I’ve been glad to read along, though I haven’t had time to comment.

    Let’s hope that, next week, I can at least take a lunch break every day. Well, not Monday or Tuesday, but maybe by Wednesday.

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