26 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • I remember hearing a news story about a DJ who, on the morning after Karen Carpenter’s passing, paid tribute to her by playing that song. Except, at a strategic moment just after the post, he shut off the turntable, so it sounded like this:
        “We’ve only just begun, to liiuurrrvvv-”

        The DJ got fired. Wish I could remember his name. Pretty sure it wasn’t Bill Matthews, but I have no problem admitting it if I’m wrong.

  1. Godspeed, WJJH. In addition to daily praying for you and yours, and Team Free Speech, a few hours ago I also gave thanks for God’s role in the RICO victory.

    Good people triumphed over evil. Your victory is inspirational.

  2. Twitter Attorney Smellfart parody question of the week #5:

    “Why did I threaten a woman with the loss of her children if she didn’t tell me what I wanted to know?”

    a) I wanted her to like me.
    b) Don’t they teach that in journalism school?
    c) That same line had worked on me.
    d) Brett assured me that if I used this line I wouldn’t have to answer for it years later. And I still haven’t. See? Brett is such a genius.

  3. Examples of a literary double entendre:

    “There is no bigger dumbass than Bill Schmalfeldt.”
    “As dumbasses go, Bill Schmalfeldt is the biggest.”
    “Bill Schmalfeldt is becoming a bigger dumbass every day.”

    How am I doing?

  4. How many counts were actually dismissed? Do you include each count for every defendant? If so, it has to be a incredible number.

  5. “there’s an excited hush here at the Pro-Se Pan Am open here in Bethesda MD, the gallery is extremely curious to see this exciting newcomer we have all been hearing about who has become the darling of the frivolous scene here in the sunny purple Maryland countryside”

    “That’s right Dewey, I hear he never leaves an opponent standing, that he clears out bars with his BAND of BROTHERS at the slightest insult of his prophet Kimberhommad”

    Ohhh Lou,(off mic chuckle) better not let him hear you bring up Kimberhommad, we don’t want those imaginary brothers tearing into our broadcast booth”

    “Well as Sum reported yesterday – our new darling has had some hiccups, he is a freshman in the true sense as he follows in the footsteps of his Prophet Kimberhommad by extending a string of losing efforts, several, however they have mostly been minor losses for harassing children and their parents, not the spectacular face plants of Kimberhmmad in his latest loss in Federal Court in front of an even bigger crowd, a finger pointing look and laughing national audience.”

    “Howe is standing on the 13th green to interview this renegade, this rascal, the man with the garishly simple Zazzle t shirts that say HEAR ME NOW CAUSE I AM IMPORTANT”

    “So how does it feel to be participating in your first Pro-Se Pam Am Open with your hero Kimberhommad?”

    Account suspended

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  6. With all my F5ing yesterday I forgot to take time out to congratulate you and the others on the Rico dismissal. Sorry you have to endure Rico2 but look forward to seeing the same result.

    Please continue the good Team Free Speech efforts.

    Ram On.

  7. Let me just say that I take great joy is seeing that RICO II has landed on Judge Hazel’s docket.

    Karma is not just a river in Egypt.

  8. Someone is awake this morning, lovin’ his wife as best he can in the time they have left. And it appears that her name is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!

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